Arga international private detectives

Arga international private detectives

Arga detectives Madrid offers an integral service internationally.

We have opted for the international market as pioneers in research international detective agency.
Our detectives carried out research at the international level for more than one decade in a fast, effective and unobtrusive way.
Arga international private detectives

Arga international private detectives

We have various offices spread throughout all Spain allowing us to have exceptional communication within the national territory.

We are also a member of various international associations of detectives private as well as the Professional Association of Spain, being member number 782 private detectives.
We have licenses granted by the Ministry of the Interior 2313 and 2464 officers.
Our directors are Martos Pagán and Alicia Lerma, private investigators of recognized prestige at national and international level.
If you want more information send us an email to or call our telephone number 913866294 or the 608767979 (available 24 hours)
Our headquarters is located in the Centre of the city of Madrid, Capital of Spain, in the Barrio de Salamanca, the most prestigious neighborhood of Madrid.



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