Detectives investigating with hidden cameras.

Detectives investigating with hidden cameras.

Detectives Madrid Center. Detectives investigating with hidden cameras.

Today's private detectives have little to do with those of us who watched children in the continuous session of the movies in our neighborhood, on Saturday afternoons. 
They no longer spend the day getting cops from the police,  or handing out bills to the confidantes, who, as if to compensate, also beat up occasional glances. 
Also his methods of investigation, like his tools, have been changing with the passage of the years. It could be said that they have changed the magnifying glass for the laptop, and although direct observation remains a method to the order, the truth is that many of the investigations of the private detectives rely on the hidden camera. 
Although in the case of hidden cameras, the truth is that the law leaves no doubt, and if they are located in unauthorized places, the truth is that the images that are obtained with them will not only serve nothing, but also creditor to the "director of the film", at least to a heavy fine.
Another thing is for a private detective, who knows when, where and how to mount a hidden camera so that what this film can, for example, be presented as evidence for a trial. 
If you are thinking about what I imagine, look on the web Detectives Madrid Asociados.
 They will be able to advise you, and most likely work for you with a hidden camera.

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