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At Arga Detectives, we are leaders in private detectives. in Spain. Our highly trained and experienced detectives offer confidential and efficient services throughout Spain. We solve cases of infidelity, frauds, locating people and more. Rely on us for accurate and discreet results. Contact us now and hire our service of detectives in Spain!



Detective Agency in Spain

At Detectives Privados Arga, we are the leading detective agency in Spain. Our team of experts is committed to solve any case that comes our way. We are motivated by your success and committed to meet your goals through a professional and efficient private investigation. With a national and international presence, we have positioned ourselves as the best private investigators in Madrid and throughout the country. Trust us and get results.

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Looking for a private detective in Spain?

Grupo Arga Detectives is a firm specialized in private investigation that covers all areas of investigation. We carry out all types of private investigations in accordance with the legal system.

Couple infidelities, divorces and separations, search and location of persons, electronic sweeps, labor investigations, computer investigations, hidden cameras, personal and economic reports, fingerprint matching, etc.

Our mission at all times consists of discovering the truth, looking after the interests of our clients and obtaining information on the matters entrusted to us, translating it into a report that may or may not be ratified in court.

The information provided by our firm is very important, since it will reflect the reality as it occurs on the outside. Our intervention in a case can mean an important change in the way our client has been facing the problem up to now. With our intervention you can know the truth and therefore, you can make the right decisions about it.

One of the basic characteristics of our private detective agency in Spain is the expertise in all areas of private investigation. As a necessary element, the concept of confidentiality. The detective must act with maximum professional secrecy and go unnoticed in all kinds of contexts. In Grupo Arga Detectives the client will be well advised from the beginning and communication with the client will be a key element in the client – office relationship.

Positive results within your reach

The prestige of our private investigation company lies in the positive results that our clients receive, whether they are business, financial, personal or computer investigations, our impetus to reach an end resolved and in line with what our client requests is the engine that drives us to successfully carry out all our work.

For us, technology plays a very important role in the successful completion of almost every investigation. While there are works such as a follow-up that require the professional skill of our investigator, it is always improvable with the use of devices that can help, for example, to obtain a sharper image from a more distant distance.

The compatibility between the investigator and the tools on which it is based, promotes a tandem that unquestionably generates the best results and in Arga Detectives we know it and that is why we encourage our investigators to know, use and rely on all the possible material.

Arga Detectives Group represents a group of private investigators, deployed throughout the extensive Spanish territory. We are specialized in different types of investigations ranging from the «basic» as could be tracking and surveillance of people, to other more sophisticated where technological elements and highly specialized knowledge enter. We are located in all regions of Spain. Through our website you can get to know us and learn a little more about us. Do not hesitate to ask for a quotation. We will provide you with the best advice and the budget that best suits your personal needs.

Grupo Arga: Best bet when hiring a private detective in Spain

In Spain, private detectives are a tool increasingly used by individuals and companies to solve legal and personal problems. From infidelity investigations to business fraud, these highly trained professionals can provide valuable information to help their clients make informed decisions. In this article, we will explore the importance of private detectives in Spain, the services they offer, the rates they charge and how to hire them effectively. If you are considering hiring a private detective in Spain, read on to discover everything you need to know.


How much is a private detective in Spain? Discover the rates

How much is a private detective in Spain? Discover the rates

One of the key issues when hiring a private detective in Spain is the cost of their services. Understandably, many people wonder how much a private detective in Spain charges and whether they can afford to hire their services. The rates of private detectives in Spain vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the case, the length of the investigation and the experience of the detective.

In general, private detectives in Spain charge per hour or per day of work. Rates can range from 50 to 150 euros per hour, although some more complex cases may have higher rates. It is important to keep in mind that these prices are only a reference and may vary depending on the agency or the specific private detective.

In addition to the hourly or workday rates, you may be required to pay for other expenses related to the investigation, such as travel, photographs, detailed reports, and any specialized equipment necessary to conduct the investigation.

It is essential that when hiring a private detective in Spain, the rates and fees are clearly established before starting any investigation. This will avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure a transparent professional relationship.

In summary, the cost of hiring a private detective in Spain can vary according to different factors, but it is important to consider that the professional and specialized services offered by these experts can be invaluable when it comes to solving personal or business problems.

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The importance of private detectives in Spain

The importance of private detectives in Spain lies in their fundamental role in solving legal cases and obtaining evidence for various purposes. These highly trained and specialized professionals play a crucial role in the judicial system and in society in general.

Private detectives in Spain are experts in investigations and surveillance, which allows them to gather reliable and objective information to support legal investigations. Their work can be decisive in cases of marital infidelity, search for missing persons, location of hidden assets or wealth, business fraud, among others.

In addition, private detectives in Spain work discreetly and confidentially, guaranteeing the privacy of their clients and avoiding any unnecessary exposure. This is especially valuable in sensitive situations where a thorough investigation is required without arousing suspicion.

Another important contribution of private detectives in Spain is their ability to gather valid and legal evidence that can be presented in court. Their knowledge of current laws and regulations allows them to act within the legal framework, ensuring that the evidence obtained is admissible and useful to their clients.

In short, private detectives in Spain play a vital role in society by providing professional and reliable investigative services. Their experience and training enable them to conduct thorough investigations, gather solid evidence and help solve legal cases. Their contribution is essential to ensure justice and protect the interests of their clients.

Services offered by our private detectives in Spain

Private detectives in Spain offer a wide variety of services to help individuals and companies in their investigations. Among the most common services are the investigation of infidelity, locating missing persons, employee monitoring, background checks and fraud, among others. In addition, they can also conduct investigations for domestic violence and workplace harassment cases.

Our private detectives in Spain have extensive experience and training in the field of investigation, which allows them to offer a quality service and confidentiality to their clients. In addition, they work with the latest technologies and investigation tools to guarantee the best results.

One of the main benefits of hiring a private detective in Spain is their ability to gather legal and reliable evidence that can be used in a trial. Private detectives can also provide detailed and accurate reports on their findings, which can help their clients make informed decisions.

In summary, the services offered by our private detectives in Spain are very varied and can help individuals and companies in a wide range of situations. From family investigations to business cases, our detectives are able to carry out any type of investigation with great discretion and professionalism. If you need help in an investigation, do not hesitate to contact our private detectives in Spain.

What can a private detective in Spain investigate?

Private detectives in Spain can investigate a wide variety of cases, from matrimonial matters to business problems. In the matrimonial field, detectives can investigate cases of infidelity, child custody, alimony and divorce. In the business field, detectives can investigate cases of unfair competition, intellectual property theft, labor fraud and locating missing persons. In addition, detectives can also conduct financial and property investigations to gather information about a person’s or company’s financial background. In terms of technology investigation, private detectives are trained to recover deleted data from electronic devices and to identify if someone has been the victim of a computer crime. They can also perform electronic sweeps to detect hidden cameras or microphones installed in a home or business. It is important to note that any investigation carried out by a private detective must be legal and backed by solid evidence in order to be presented in court. Private detectives in Spain are highly trained and discreet professionals who can help individuals and businesses solve their legal and personal problems effectively and confidentially.

Highly trained and discreet private detectives in Spain

Highly trained and discreet private detectives in Spain are highly skilled professionals who play a key role in solving cases and obtaining reliable information. Their specialized training allows them to conduct thorough and meticulous investigations, guaranteeing accurate and confidential results.

These private detectives in Spain undergo rigorous training that covers areas such as criminal investigation, evidence collection, forensic analysis and applicable legislation. In addition, they are updated on the latest techniques and technologies used in the field of private investigation.

Discretion is another key aspect in the work of private detectives in Spain. They understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of cases and respecting the privacy of their clients. They act professionally and ethically, ensuring that all information obtained is handled securely and confidentially.

These private detectives in Spain can assist in a wide range of cases, from family to business investigations. They can conduct surveillance, obtain photographic or video evidence, gather financial information, conduct background checks, investigate fraud and many other activities related to private investigation.

In short, highly trained and discreet private detectives in Spain are highly skilled professionals who play an essential role in obtaining reliable information and solving cases. Their specialized training, combined with their commitment to confidentiality, makes them valuable resources for those seeking answers and solutions through private investigation.

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What can our detectives in Spain do for you?

Our private detectives in Spain can perform a wide variety of investigations to help you with your personal and business problems. If you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, our detectives can help you gather evidence to confirm or disprove your suspicions. Also, if you need to locate a missing relative or friend, our detectives can discreetly and efficiently track their whereabouts.

On the other hand, if you need to protect your company against fraud, our detectives can investigate suspicious employees and obtain evidence for legal action. They can also investigate cases of intellectual property theft or financial fraud.

In the legal field, our private detectives in Spain can provide evidence to support your case in court. Whether it is for a divorce case, child custody or labor lawsuit, our detectives can gather important information and present it in a professional manner before the judge.

In addition, our private detectives in Spain are highly trained and experienced in the investigation and resolution of complex cases. They work with the utmost discretion and confidentiality to guarantee the privacy of their clients.

In short, our private detectives in Spain can be very useful in a wide variety of personal and business situations. With their training, experience and discretion, they can help you solve complex problems and provide you with the peace of mind you need.


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How to hire a private detective in Spain: useful tips

When hiring a private detective in Spain, it is important to keep in mind some useful tips that can guarantee a wise choice. First of all, it is essential to verify that the detective is duly licensed and registered with the Ministry of the Interior. This ensures that he/she meets the legal requirements to practice the profession. In addition, it is advisable to seek references and opinions from previous clients, as this provides information about the quality and reliability of the detective. Another important consideration is the detective’s experience and expertise in the specific area of investigation required. For example, if you need to investigate a case of infidelity, it is preferable to hire a detective with experience in that field. Likewise, it is necessary to establish clear and transparent communication with the detective before hiring his services. This involves discussing the details of the case, the rates and the deadlines for the delivery of the reports. It is advisable to request a written estimate to avoid surprises or misunderstandings regarding costs. Finally, a detailed contract should be signed that specifies the terms of service and the responsibilities of both the client and the private detective. Following these tips will help ensure a successful engagement and obtain the desired results in the investigation. Translated with (free version)

In summary, private detectives in Spain play a fundamental role in society, offering investigation and security services with great professionalism and discretion. Their rates vary depending on the type of case and the client’s needs, but they always provide a quality service worth considering. From investigating infidelity to searching for missing persons, these experts are trained to address a wide range of situations. However, beyond their individual work, it is important to reflect on the collective impact they can have on society. How could they collaborate with authorities to solve more complex cases? In what ways could they help prevent and combat crime? Hiring a private detective can be a valuable option, but it is also crucial to explore how their experience and expertise can contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Translated with (free version)

Efficiency and speed of response

There are many characteristics that a private detective must possess, some of the most outstanding being discretion, up-to-date knowledge and, above all, the ability to search for and find the best possible answers to the client’s needs without losing functionality, quality and efficiency in the process.

The efficiency and speed with which a private detective seeks answers is paramount for the client, mainly because in this kind of services people require quick and agile evidence of the possibility of being victims of fraud, infidelity, information theft, eavesdropping, etc.

Private detectives in Spain have acquired in recent years a huge popularity, more and more citizens realize that a private investigator can help solve a problem in their daily lives.

In spite of this circumstance, there are many cases of labor intrusion. People who, without a license, enter a world that should be reserved for true professionals.

In Grupo Arga Detectives we have a group of experts specialized in the different fields of private investigation. You will have the guarantee that you are hiring the best investigators. We offer efficiency proven by our years of results in the professional world of investigation, objective results, discretion and of course, we work from the individual needs of each client. We offer particular answers to specific problems.

Detectives privados especializados

Servicios de detectives privados en investigación privada


Cualquier tipo de empresa, desde la más pequeña hasta la más grande, son un blanco jugoso para cualquier tipo de acto vandálico o ilegal. Nuestro equipo de detectives privados están altamente cualificados para resolver cualquier asunto que intrigue a tu empresa. Actuamos en los siguientes ámbitos:

Investigación de Bajas Laborales.
Investigaciones corporativas
Informes de Solvencia
Investigación de patentes y Marcas
Mystery shopping
Seguridad en Hoteles
Informes económicos
Detectives laborales
Vigilancia no uniformada
Seguimiento a Comerciales.
Fuga de Información
Hurtos internos

Más información


Las investigaciones privadas relacionadas dentro de un ámbito personal o familiar son mucho más delicadas y las abordamos de forma más especial. Al tratarse de personas cercanas, ya sean familiares o grupo de amigos, este tipo de situaciones conllevan una connotación emocional que hay que tratar de abordar con sensibilidad. Realizamos investigaciones para:

Modificación convenio regulador
Demostración de convivencia
Pruebas de Paternidad.
Control de Menores.
Investigación de estafas
Análisis de ADN
Investigación de Adicciones
Sectas y fanatismos
Dudas sobre el servicio doméstico
Cumplimiento de órdenes de alojamiento

Más información


Los avances en la información y tecnología han ofrecido un sin fin de oportunidades a este mundo contemporáneo, pero ha traído consigo otro tipo de acciones que pueden resultar maliciosas e ilegales. Arga Detectives se encarga de solventar los siguientes problemas tecnológicos:

Barridos electrónicos.
Análisis de Teléfonos Móviles.
Investigación de WhatsApp
Recuperación de mensajes borrados
Investigación de Redes Sociales.
Peritajes informáticos
Auditorias informáticas
Certificación de Autenticidad.
Investigación de hackers
Análisis informático de ordenadores
Detección de programas espía
Instalación de Cámaras Ocultas.
Análisis Forenses de Imágenes.

Más información


Ofrecemos ciertos servicios especializados para solventar situaciones especiales que requieren de detectives privados altamente cualificados:

Localización de Personas.
Arrendamiento renta antigua
Barridos electrónicos
Toma de huellas dactilares
Peritaciones caligráficas
Investigación de fraudes
Informes de conducta
Vigilancias y seguimientos
Instalación de cámaras
Cámaras ocultas
Vigilancia no uniformada
Análisis de teléfonos móviles
Mutuas y aseguradoras
Recuperación de whatsapp
Arrendamientos Urbanos.
Informes sobre Conducta.

Más información


Encontrar un Detective especializado en aportar pruebas a abogados de confianza y que resulte eficaz a la hora de enfrentarse al juicio, puede ser una tarea difícil.

En Detectives privados Grupo Arga, ofrecemos el mejor servicio de asistencia a abogados, con una alta capacidad profesional, expertos en aportar pruebas judiciales y la mejor asesoría en el sector judicial.

Más información


Nuestros servicios de calidad de investigación privada llegan más allá del territorio español, por lo que si tiene algún problema fuera de nuestras fronteras, no dude en contar con Arga Detectives, profesionales dentro y fuera de España. Actuamos a nivel internacional.

No importa el tipo de problema o situación comprometida en la que se encuentre, en Arga Detectives tenemos un grupo de profesionales de investigadores privados capacitados para solucionar con la mayor confidencialidad y discreción cualquier asunto privado. No dude en contactar con nosotros.

Ofrecemos servicios en la mayoría de países, como EEUU, Portugal, Andorra, Francia, Alemania, Gran Bretaña, Canadá, etc.

Más información

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Is there a difference between hiring one detective firm or another?

The truth is that there can be tremendous price differences between hiring a particular detective firm or another. The amount does not have to be a fundamental element, but it is common sense to charge a minimum for the viability of the investigation.

For example, private investigation hours in Spain range from 60 to 90 euros the base price. If a firm charges you much less, be suspicious. We strongly advise against hiring cheap detectives in Spain. This is due to the fact that the decrease in money will probably lead to a decrease in different aspects such as:

Inexperience of the professionals in charge of the investigation.

Lack of qualified personnel to carry out specific research.

Lack of necessary technical means, etc.

Given this, we recommend spending a little more and ensure success in private investigation with true professionals such as Grupo Arga Detectives that give you a fair price according to the market.

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The security of having true professionals

Grupo Arga Detectives offers its services to companies, individuals and/or specialists in certain professional fields, such as law firms.

Our investigations and subsequent reports are conducted under the legal parameters established by law for private investigation. And of course, we maintain the discretion that all our clients demand. Effectiveness is the hallmark of our private detective agency.

We have a team of professionals who will keep you up to date on the research being carried out, informing you at all times of any new circumstance that is of importance.

Afterwards, you will receive a dossier with all the information gathered following a timeline and the conclusions reached. Arga Detectives Group wants to offer all the possibilities offered by private investigation to be able to respond to all the diversity of existing situations catalog, susceptible to be investigated.


The investigation services that are put into practice end up being of high strategic relevance by ensuring the best evidence determination process, which focuses on providing specialized information based on stealth and operational efficiency parameters, it also represents the opportunity for our client to look forward to the process of gathering all the necessary information to then make the best possible decision.

Valid evidence in court

One thing you should consider when hiring an agency of private investigations in Spain, is that it is legal and authorized, it is a guarantee that you must have at the time of deciding on one agency or another. Our detective agency in Spain provides all kinds of investigation services at the best costs and with the best experts, qualified and legal, you should only consult us.

Arga Detectives Group has a huge multidisciplinary team formed with the ability to cover all areas of private investigation in a competent manner, providing you with the best in technology, and the greatest work experience of all our detectives, and of course, the best training that you have the possibility of having.

It will always be a good idea to hire detectives in Spain as those who belong to our agency, because it is the only way to save money without losing quality. We provide an adjusted budget lower than the rest of experts in the area of private investigation, so you can contact us for whatever you require. This way, you can ask us for an approximate budget of your case, and then compare it with the rest of the detective agencies in Spain.

To all the above, add that we are a legally constituted and well trained agency with extensive experience, so if you also require that the evidence we have obtained be considered as expert evidence in court, whether photographic or video, and we come to ratify them, you only have to ask us.

Our detectives in Spain will go to court or to the courts of justice as necessary so that the report we have given you will gain even more strength and more weight, and the objective purposes of our users will be fulfilled.

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Win the bet with our detectives in Spain

Our Arga detective agency in Spain is always ready and able to solve cases. within the wide range that can provide the world of private investigation. From infidelities, frauds, disappearances, extortions, network problems, custody to the proof of paternity, etc.

The right to privacy is a fundamental right enshrined in our laws and constitutes a crime in case of illegitimate use by another. Any private investigator knows this and must be consistent with his actions.

Aware of the thin red line that separates the public and the private, all our detectives at Grupo Arga constantly review and update all the information that has to do with this subject to know how far they can go with any type of investigation.

It is of enormous consideration to emphasize that the detectives of Grupo Arga, are trained to work in projects of judicial action if needed, that is, our investigators are prepared and accustomed to speak in front of the judicial authority to ratify what is described in the dossier delivered to the client. Doing this type of actions with conviction, from an objective point of view and demonstrating professionalism, is essential for the judge to take seriously the evidence presented by our client as true and truthful.

The private detectives integrated in the Arga Detectives Group provide their services to all citizens regardless of their place of residence or the place where the company, person or situation under investigation is located. We travel to any corner of the country, covering the extensive map of regions that make up our country.

Transparent prices at your disposal

The main objective when hiring a private investigator is to know a truth that escapes us and whose ability to manage is impossible for us. In Grupo Arga, we take into account the different needs presented by our clients and we attend and budget each case according to the needs and pretensions of each client.

When hiring a private detective, it is necessary to take into account that it is very possible that he/she may require the assistance of a third person to solve the situation, this circumstance is more common when surveillance or follow-ups are made, which will make the value vary indisputably.

The private investigator will always contribute, not only to achieve the result that the client needs, but also to improve and expand the information that he can provide to the client.

A person without competence in the professional field of private investigation can never consider carrying out an investigation. The economic, administrative and/or criminal penalties may be of considerable relevance.

Undoubtedly, hiring the services of a private detective will make the situation you want to find out about can be solved and even more when we talk about a professional from Grupo Arga Detectives, who have the knowledge and skills to clarify the most complex situations.

Contact our detectives in Spain

We will provide you with a detective with a lot of experience in the private investigation sector, specialized for the area you want to investigate and with the total guarantee that who provides it is Grupo Arga Detectives; all the detectives that make up our detective agency are licensed. We have detectives distributed in all the cities of Spain that offer us a maximum coverage in any point of the Spanish territory.

Although our main offices are in Madrid and Barcelona, we are expanding progressively more and more opening new offices in the different cities that encompass the national territory so that we can offer our services with the maximum guarantees of success. Our staff has been working for countless years as part of our professional team and with a percentage in their investigations practically 100%. If you need a private detective in Spain do not hesitate to contact our detective agency. Thanks to the fact that we are members of the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, being member number 782, allows us to have contact with other colleagues in the national territory. We have been carrying out investigations for many years throughout the national territory with magnificent results.

If you have a problem that you want to solve anywhere in Spain, come to us and we will gladly assist you. If you are looking for a qualified professional, contact our detectives. We are a professional agency with optimal results for the client. We work all over Spain, our private detectives move all over the Spanish territory. Do not hesitate and consult us about your case.

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