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Cybersecurity and digital risks

Computer forensics: applications in private investigation, what does it consist of?
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Detection of microphones and spy cameras

Electronic sweeps in the detection of spy devices

We are computer forensic experts

We are private detectives with expertise in specialized forensic investigations. Computer forensic investigations are those that deal with attacks or hacks to computers or networks on the Internet. Obviously, these attacks are carried out by individuals and the objective of such investigations is to determine who was responsible for such action.

Nowadays, technology and the Internet are a daily part of our lives. And technological inquiries involving private computer detectives are becoming more and more frequent, as criminals keep up with the pace at which technology is evolving.

Grupo Arga: Experts in Computer and Technological Investigations

Today, technology has become a fundamental element in our daily lives. However, their misuse can cause legal and security problems for companies and individuals. That is why it is increasingly common to hire experts in computer and technology investigations, who are in charge of solving cases related to computer crimes, information theft and other similar matters. In this context, Grupo Arga has positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of computer and technological research, offering a wide range of services and solutions to its clients with guaranteed confidentiality and privacy. In this article, we will explore the importance of computer forensics today, as well as the services offered by Grupo Arga and why it is an excellent choice for those who need to solve technology and computer related problems.

The importance of computer forensics today

The importance of computer forensics today lies in its ability to analyze and collect digital evidence in court cases and cybercrime. With the advancement of technology, more and more crimes are being committed through electronic devices, making it necessary to have experts in computer investigations to solve these cases. Computer forensics is the examination and recovery of information from computers, networks and mobile devices in order to obtain valid and admissible evidence in court. In addition, this discipline makes it possible to identify those responsible for cybercrime and to protect the integrity of digital evidence during the investigation process. Computer forensics is also crucial to prevent and detect electronic fraud, cyber attacks and information theft. In an increasingly connected world, it is essential to have specialized professionals who can meet the challenges posed by cybercrime. Computer forensics has therefore become an essential tool for law enforcement agencies and for ensuring digital security in both the judicial and corporate spheres.

Grupo Arga: Pioneers in computer and technology research

Grupo Arga is a pioneer in the field of computer and technological research. Founded in 2004, its team of experts has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in solving complex cases using advanced digital analysis techniques. The company has a multidisciplinary team of computer detectives, computer engineers, lawyers and cybersecurity experts who work together to provide customized solutions to businesses and individuals.

Grupo Arga’s services are highly valued for their ability to collect and analyze digital data in complex environments. The company has the ability to recover deleted information, uncover fraud and illegal online activities, and provide solid digital evidence in court. In addition, Grupo Arga keeps up to date on the latest trends in technology and cybersecurity, which allows them to stay at the forefront of the field.

The company is known for its professionalism and work ethic. All team members are bound by a strict code of conduct that guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of their clients. The services offered by Grupo Arga are reliable, efficient and highly effective, making them a popular choice among companies and individuals seeking solutions to technology-related problems.

In short, Grupo Arga is a pioneer in the field of computer and technological research. Its team of highly trained experts uses advanced digital analysis techniques to solve complex cases and provide customized solutions to companies and individuals. With a strong commitment to work ethics and client privacy, Grupo Arga is a reliable and effective option for those seeking technology research services.

How computer detectives help in case resolution

Computer detectives play a key role in solving cases, as their experience and knowledge of technology allows them to efficiently collect and analyze digital evidence. These experts use specialized techniques to investigate cybercrime, electronic fraud, data theft, online harassment and other digital-related crimes. Thanks to their training in computer forensics, they are able to identify and preserve digital evidence that may be crucial to solving a case.

Computer detectives use specialized tools and software to track online activity, recover deleted data, analyze electronic devices and discover the identity of perpetrators. In addition, they are able to track financial transactions and trace the origin of suspicious emails or messages. Their expertise in computer security allows them to protect the integrity of digital evidence, ensuring that it is not altered or deleted.

Collaboration with law enforcement is critical for computer detectives, as they can provide valuable information to support a police investigation. Their work can help identify those responsible for a crime, provide solid evidence for a prosecution and contribute to the prevention of future cybercrime.

In short, computer detectives are essential in solving cases related to the digital world. Their specialized knowledge of computer forensics and their ability to collect and analyze digital evidence are critical to unraveling cybercrime and protecting victims. With your help, greater digital justice can be achieved.


Technological research: a field in constant evolution

Technological research is a constantly evolving field due to the rapid advancement of technology and its impact on society. The growing dependence on electronic devices and communication networks has led to an increase in the number of cases related to cybercrime, electronic fraud, cyberbullying, among others. Therefore, computer investigation experts are required to be up to date with the latest technological advances and forensic analysis techniques in order to successfully solve these cases.

The evolution of technology has also led to the emergence of new forms of crime, such as digital identity theft, hacking, ransomware and cyber espionage. Researchers must be prepared to face these new challenges and adapt quickly to the new techniques and tools needed to solve them.

In addition, globalization has allowed cybercrime to be committed from anywhere in the world, making investigations more complex and requiring greater collaboration between international agencies. Therefore, experts in computer investigations must have cross-cultural skills and be familiar with international laws and regulations in order to work effectively in global environments.

In summary, technology investigations are a dynamic and constantly evolving field that requires specialized skills and up-to-date knowledge to solve computer crime cases. Computer research experts must keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques in order to provide effective solutions to their clients.

Computer Forensic Service: A wide range of solutions for businesses and individuals

The services offered by Grupo Arga cover a wide range of solutions for both companies and individuals in the field of IT and technological research. For companies, Grupo Arga offers computer security analysis services, intrusion detection and prevention, as well as internal or external fraud investigation. In addition, they provide advice on the implementation of cybersecurity policies and procedures to ensure the protection of digital assets and confidential information.

For individuals, Grupo Arga offers digital investigation services in cases such as cyberbullying, identity theft or recovery of lost data. Grupo Arga’s computer detectives have the necessary tools and knowledge to track and collect digital evidence that can be used in legal cases.

In addition, Grupo Arga offers IT auditing and consulting services, providing companies with recommendations to improve the security and efficiency of their IT systems. They also provide digital forensic analysis services, which allow reconstructing events that occurred in electronic devices and retrieving relevant information for legal investigations.

In summary, the services offered by Grupo Arga are highly specialized and adapted to the needs of both companies and individuals. Its team of computer and technology research experts is dedicated to solving complex cases using the latest techniques and tools available in the field. Whether to prevent cyber attacks, resolve legal cases or improve IT security, Grupo Arga offers reliable and effective solutions.

Ensuring confidentiality and privacy in computer forensic investigations

Ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of research is a top priority for Grupo Arga. As experts in computer and technology research, we understand the sensitivity of the information handled during these processes and are committed to protecting it rigorously.

Our team of highly trained professionals strictly adheres to the highest ethical and legal standards regarding the handling of confidential information. We have robust security measures in place to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data collected during investigations.

In addition, Grupo Arga is committed to respecting the privacy of our customers. We understand that unauthorized disclosure of information can have serious consequences for both the individuals and companies involved. For this reason, we work with total discretion and ensure that any data or evidence obtained during our investigations is kept strictly confidential.

To further reinforce our guarantee of confidentiality and privacy, Grupo Arga has clear internal policies and procedures in place for the secure handling of information. In addition, our investigators sign confidentiality agreements to further protect our clients’ interests.

In summary, at Grupo Arga we understand the critical importance of maintaining confidentiality and privacy in computer and technological research. Our commitment is to ensure that all information handled during the process is kept safe and secure, providing peace of mind to our customers at all times.

Why choose Grupo Arga for your IT and technological research?

Why choose Grupo Arga for your IT and technological research? Grupo Arga stands out as a leading company in the field of IT and technological research, offering specialized solutions for companies and individuals. With years of experience and a highly trained team, Grupo Arga has earned a solid reputation in the industry.

One of the main reasons for choosing Grupo Arga is its expertise in the area of computer forensics. Its experts have advanced skills in digital data retrieval and analysis, enabling them to obtain solid evidence in legal cases and solve cybercrimes.

In addition, Grupo Arga is distinguished for being at the forefront of the latest technologies and research techniques. The field of technological research is constantly evolving, so having a team that keeps up to date is crucial for effective results. Grupo Arga’s computer detectives are trained in the latest tools and methodologies, allowing them to tackle any challenge efficiently.

Another key aspect that makes Grupo Arga a reliable choice is its commitment to confidentiality and privacy. They understand the importance of protecting sensitive data during an investigation and ensure maximum security at all times.

In summary, if you are looking for a reliable company specialized in computer and technological research, Grupo Arga is the ideal choice. Their experience, up-to-date knowledge and commitment to confidentiality make them the preferred choice for both companies and individuals who need to resolve technology-related cases.

In short, Grupo Arga has established itself as a leading company in the field of computer and technological research thanks to its experience, professionalism and commitment to its customers. The importance of computer forensics and technological investigations today is undeniable, and having a team of specialized computer detectives can be decisive in the resolution of complex cases. In addition, the services offered by Grupo Arga are extensive and adapted to the needs of companies and individuals, always guaranteeing the confidentiality and privacy of your investigations. However, it is worth reflecting on the role of such research in today’s society and its impact on personal data protection and privacy. How can we ensure that this research is conducted within the appropriate legal and ethical framework? It is important to continue to debate and reflect on this issue in order to find a balance between security and privacy in the digital world.


What is computer forensics?

The computer forensics basically consists of the deep knowledge and investigation of information systems, damaged or not, with the sole purpose of finding evidence that may determine that there may have been a violation in a system or computer with a clearly malicious purpose, which may eventually be considered as a computer crime, the idea is that this evidence can be brought before the law as evidence of the criminal actions of a person or a group engaged in these activities.

This method of investigation complies with a series of specific steps in order to be carried out successfully and to provide useful results in order to expose the criminals who may have carried out their actions.

How does computer forensics help us?

The computer forensics helps us to detect computer attacks, information theft, conversations or clues from emails and chats. We must know that computer forensics does not have a preventive purpose, by this we mean that computer forensics does not have the objective of preventing crimes, as this is the responsibility of computer security.

Since 1984, the FBI and other law enforcement-based agencies have begun creating programs to examine computer evidence.

Phases of computer expertise



To begin with, conducting the analysis is first necessary to know what the background is, the current situation and the process that needs to be followed in order to make the best decision regarding the searches and the subsequent research strategy.

These may include the use that has been made of it in the network, in addition to verifying its integrity and whether it has been properly managed, then the review of its legal environment, which will provide the necessary support to make a decision regarding the next step, once the results have been reviewed.



This refers to the review and generation of forensic images of the evidence, in order to be able to carry out the corresponding analysis. To this end, technology will be used to maintain the integrity of the possible evidence and its chain of custody.

A forensic image of the evidence consists of generating a bit-by-bit copy of the entire disk to be analyzed, which will allow the recovery of all the information, both that which has been contained and that which has been erased from it, for which it is necessary to avoid contamination with hardware write blocks.



It consists of the application of scientific and analytical techniques to duplicate disks, using the forensic process to find evidence of certain behaviors.

For this purpose, various search methods can be used, such as searching for character strings and user-specific actions on the system under investigation, such as device usage, file search, most frequently visited sites, etc.



After the analysis has been carried out, it is possible to obtain a compilation indicating the activities carried out in the system under investigation.

Subsequently, a report is prepared, which will be presented to the lawyers, and if necessary, an expert report will be generated from the interpretation of the same with a common language, free of any technicality that may confuse or be used to hinder the veracity of the evidence found during the investigation.


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What can digital forensics do for you?

It is the science that deals with the recovery, collection, study and preservation of digital data that can serve as plausible evidence in the scope of a legal, civil or criminal case through a series of specific and extremely thorough procedures, forensic methodologies include the secure capture of data that may come from different media and / or digital devices that can serve as digital evidence, without altering the original information.
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What is computer forensics?

Digital forensic investigation is an investigative method that implements a set of techniques, by means of which information can be recovered from a computer device. The main purpose of this type of investigation generally has to do with a legal scope, that is to say, the information recovery techniques used by this branch of investigation are used to obtain evidence of some type of crime, either perpetrated on the device or because it has been the victim of hackers.
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Digital evidence

The digital evidence has become today an invisible evidence for many, this has made the figure of the computer expert has become a transcendental entity in a large number of legal proceedings.

Computer forensics involves studies and investigations aimed at obtaining computer evidence that can be used in a judicial matter to find the truth.

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What is the purpose of computer expertise?

Computer expertise is usually required in a wide variety of situations that demand the collection of evidence whose recovery process, as mentioned above, must meet certain expectations in order to be acceptable to a judge. To this end, specialists in this field use state-of-the-art technology to obtain the requested information in a clean and legal manner.

Computer experts specialized in computer crimes

It is the science that deals with the recovery, collection, study and preservation of digital data that can serve as plausible evidence in the scope of a legal, civil or criminal case through a series of specific and extremely thorough procedures, forensic methodologies include the secure capture of data that may come from different media and / or digital devices that can serve as digital evidence, without altering the original information.

The role of the computer expert

Computer forensic experts are people who have specialized in the area of web crimes and technological crimes of any kind. These people come from different university careers, such as Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science, Systems Engineering in any of its branches.

Its main objective is to carry out a rigorous investigation of harassment, attacks, scams, espionage, data manipulation, fraud, conspiracies, criminal associations, child pornography, embezzlement, identity theft, defamation, interception of telecommunications, privacy violations, plagiarism, among others.

The computer expert performs the work of any expert, but in the area of current technologies. Countries have needed to develop new professionals in the area due to the increase in misdemeanors and transgressions by these uncommon means. The expert gathers the necessary information that will serve to clarify the facts before the judge. This professional must write the report with all the data collected and present it to the court, which will contribute to the court’s final decision.

The problems of the digital world

Security in the digital world is very relative; as in the physical world, in virtual reality criminals are usually one step ahead because they do not follow any rules or specific code of behavior, however, there are ways to be combated, all thanks to scientific processes carried out with extreme thoroughness; a criminal will always leave some trace, precisely because their nature pushes them to refuse to repeat procedures and follow any rules, this makes computer criminals unpredictable people who often make mistakes.

Like many traditional criminals, specifically serial killers, each hacker has his own “signature” which, if the relevant investigations are carried out and with the appropriate methodology, can be discovered; this “signature” is one of the first clues to determine who is responsible for each crime, but at all these, traditional crime investigators, that is, crimes in the physical world, are not trained to detect the clues left in cybercrime, for this a new science is applied which is the computer forensic investigation.

The most common mistakes in cybersecurity

Security is a subject that stands out for its peculiar dynamism, and it is practically impossible to be completely safe, that is to say, with every dawn comes new threats that are launched to the network and also new ways to defend ourselves.

The number of cybercrime attacks as a sector alerts many companies and governments as they have been investigating weaknesses in their own systems for years.

Most network users ignore many of the contracts and rules of network use and end up being victims of their own ignorance and then of the bad intentions of a cybercriminal, who may have indirectly attacked a sensitive cybersecurity element.

Avoiding reading contracts, clauses, security protocols and safeguarding your own digital integrity, can turn you into a potential victim for a cybercriminal in the not too distant future, since these people are often trained very often on how to detect any weakness in the network to attack.


Digital security

Establishing security parameters and protocols is paramount for the security of your physical and digital interests, in the short, medium or long term. This is why those who specialize in the field, the first thing they consider in the security scheme and the in-depth study, is to be sure that they are doing it the right way, because a single detail that is overlooked can generate a loss of materials or information.

Protecting your information prevents you from having a bad time when you are enjoying technology in the best possible way.

The use of security and protocols imposed to follow the digital footprints of cybercriminals can contemplate breaking the security of any platform, network or personnel involved in cybercrime, and then repairing what was damaged in the process and improving the platform, so that any cybercriminal cannot break in again because of the same flaws or carelessness in the design of the applications.

What is expert evidence and who conducts it?

In the field of computer science, a branch called computer forensics has emerged, which, as mentioned above, is based on the recovery, collection and analysis of data that can be found in a device or computer system. The experts are in charge of analyzing this data to determine which of these cases corresponds to the aforementioned. The evidence obtained by the experts is called expert evidence.
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What is IT security and how can it be applied?

It should be noted that the competencies of computer forensics do not include the prevention of crimes that may occur through these media; this is a task that falls specifically to the branch of computer security, which, as its name indicates, is related to the protection of computer infrastructures and the information existing in computers and/or networks between them, highlighting the difference between information security and computer security, which refers exclusively to this type of media.

One of the things that is the exclusive competence of IT security is the establishment of rules that are able to minimize the risks to the equipment and information stored on them and that in turn have little impact on the good performance of workers; among these rules the most common are usually the use of fixed schedules, restrictions and / or permissions for entry to certain sites on the web and the creation of more than one emergency plan applicable to various contingencies that may compromise the IT security of the company.

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Some simple recommendations to protect our equipment and information from hackers

The most frequent advice and one that should always be followed out of common sense is to secure your passwords, it is one of the most recommended things to do when it comes to protecting both your bank and social network accounts. To secure your passwords the best thing you can do is to change them regularly, but be careful, always doubt the emails from your bank that ask you to change your password saying “change your password by clicking on the following link”, generally this is nothing more than a trap to get your current password, because a bank will not send you by email something as important as that.

One of the most useful tips is to avoid dubious links, one way to do this is to check where a link will direct you, to do this place the cursor of your mouse over it without clicking, by doing this you should see a box with the address to where this link will redirect you.

What is a timeline and how does it help in a computer forensic investigation?

When we talk about the timeline in the field of computer forensics we are referring precisely to the digital mark that we leave behind us when we perform any action involving any of these media and we are often unaware that we are being increasingly monitored.

The timeline is fundamental, not only in computer forensics but in any type of investigation, as it allows establishing an increasingly clear where and when for investigators, who are also increasingly dependent on the expertise of computer forensic experts to gather valid evidence in a hyper-connected world.

What are the most demanded forensic experts?

  • Industrial espionage and discovery of mysteries of the company or person mentioned.
  • Analysis and verification of messages via SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, for example communities.
  • Investigation of electronic fraud or Internet scams, sale of illegal or second-hand copies, etc.
  • Analysis and verification of probable unauthorized entries or activity to telematic or computer systems.
  • Investigation of cyber harassment, threats, slander, fraud or deception through the Internet, etc.
  • Investigation of plagiarism, imitations and copies of programs used and owned by the company, institution or person.
  • Analysis and technical verification.
  • Preparation and certification of computer expert reports.
  • Advice and consultations on custody procedures and prevention of malware, theft and robbery within the company, etc.
  • Patenting of computer systems or programs used in the company for intellectual and industrial use.

What are the objectives of a computer forensic scientist?

Forensic experts are a substantial part of today’s investigation, computer crimes are more and more recurrent, prevention and prosecution are more and more requested. The objectives of computer forensics are:

  • Seek evidence of harm caused by digital criminals.
  • Seek to prosecute and punish those responsible for these crimes.
  • To create the right measures to prevent the recurrence of these crimes, the most relevant measure is the collection of evidence.
  • Prevent crimes and prosecute criminals, enforcing the respective punishment, intervening in crimes that are often not related to IT, such as fraud, swindles, murders, sale of substances, tax evasion, etc.

They also intervene in cases of discrimination, harassment, divorce, insurance investigation, business issues such as sexual harassment, theft, internal clarifications, industrial espionage and we fall short for all the opportunities where it is used as an accompaniment in all kinds of cases.

Forensic computer forensic expert as a helpful professional

Hiring a forensic computer scientist is of utmost importance when you are going through a judicial process, being a professional who is responsible for providing various services and advice in relation to cyber situations.

Similarly, hiring a forensic computer scientist can be of great benefit to anyone, as they are professionals who are in constant training and have a wide field of knowledge in different areas beyond computer science.

In Arga Detectives Group we take care of this whole process quickly to restore your peace of mind and prevent this intrusion of privacy to go to higher instances, always counting with responsibility and professionalism.

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