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Private Detective for fake sick leave


How are fraudulent sick leaves detected?

Fraudulent sick leave is often extremely difficult for a company to detect, so they choose to carry out this investigation with the help of an experienced private detective.

The importance of early detection of these faked sick leaves lies in reducing the amount of loss to the company. For all these reasons, it is important that companies are responsible for reviewing and investigating those sick leaves that seem suspicious, taking into account different aspects such as the duration of the sick leave, the pathology suffered, medical records, among others.

In view of the above, companies should have the contact of a detective who can assist them in carrying out such an investigation.

Fraud is unfortunately a common situation nowadays, this has moved to the work environment, because people seek to take advantage, obtaining higher remuneration without fulfilling their duties. In order to combat fraudulent sick leave, it is best to place this problem in the hands of experts, because it will be possible to obtain indications of the reality. Private detectives have the right expertise to cover this kind of situations, there is no doubt that it is the best alternative.

Private Detective for fake sick leave

The sick leave is contemplated in the Spanish laws as a right that the worker has, however many do not make an ethical management of it, they believe that everything is a game and prefer to lie with subtlety to engage in another activity or simply rest at home while having a vacancy occupied in a job, thus ignoring that the business entity is affected in terms of operability and costs.

That is why from Grupo Arga Detectives, we have always proposed the task of generating a solid investigation at the level of sick leave to generate an accurate scheme that provides the company the opportunity to clarify doubts and make decisions in the short term, because for companies money is time. At Grupo Arga we are committed to our customers!

Grupo Arga: Private Detectives Specializing in Investigation of False Labor Dismissals

Grupo Arga is a private detective agency specialized in the investigation of fake sick leave and labor fraud. The objective of this company is to provide professional investigation services to companies and individuals who suspect possible fraud in the labor field. The fight against labor fraud is a constant challenge, so having highly trained professionals and effective tools is crucial to detect these illegal practices. In this article, we will explore the importance of combating fake sick leave, the techniques used by Grupo Arga to detect it and some emblematic cases solved by this market-leading agency.

Private Detective for fake sick leave

The importance of combating fake sick leave

Fake sick leave is a problem that affects both companies and workers. For companies, these absences can generate significant economic losses due to the decrease in productivity and the need to hire temporary personnel to cover the absent worker’s position. On the other hand, honest workers are harmed by those who feign illness in order to obtain leave and enjoy paid time off without having any real justification for it.

It is important to combat this type of labor fraud, as it is not only a crime but also undermines trust between employees and employers. Mistrust can lead to a tense and unproductive work environment, which in turn can negatively affect the quality of work performed. In addition, the fact that some workers simulate illnesses to obtain sick leave affects the credibility of the social security system and jeopardizes its financial stability.

For this reason, it is necessary to take measures to detect and prevent false sick leave. It is important to foster a corporate culture based on transparency and mutual respect, in which the rights and duties of all employees are valued. In addition, it is essential to have professionals specialized in investigating labor fraud, such as Grupo Arga’s private detectives, who use advanced tools and techniques to detect possible cases of fraudulent sick leave and ensure the integrity of the labor system.

Grupo Arga: Leaders in labor fraud investigation

Grupo Arga has positioned itself as a leader in the investigation of labor fraud thanks to its extensive experience and professionalism in the field of private detectives specialized in this area. With a highly trained and dedicated team, Grupo Arga has managed to stand out for its efficiency and proven results in the detection and resolution of false sick leave cases.

The key to Grupo Arga’s success lies in its meticulous and thorough approach to investigating each case. Using advanced investigation techniques and the latest technological tools, Grupo Arga’s private detectives gather solid and verifiable evidence to unmask labor fraud.

In addition, Grupo Arga has an extensive network of contacts and collaborators, which gives them access to privileged information and allows them to conduct thorough investigations. Its commitment to confidentiality and respect for the law ensures that all evidence obtained is legal and can be presented to the competent authorities.

Grupo Arga’s reputation has been consolidated over the years thanks to the successful resolution of numerous emblematic cases related to labor fraud. Their tireless work, combined with their experience and expertise, has earned them the trust of both companies and individuals who require their services.

In conclusion, Grupo Arga stands out as the undisputed leader in the investigation of labor fraud. Their commitment to excellence, professionalism and ability to resolve complex cases make them the ideal choice for those seeking to combat this type of fraud and protect their labor interests.

The tireless work of private detectives investigating bogus sick leaves

Grupo Arga’s private detectives work tirelessly to unmask those who fake illnesses to obtain fraudulent sick leave. His work begins with a thorough investigation of the individual’s medical history, as well as the work and social environment in which he or she operates. To do so, they use advanced tools and techniques, such as unobtrusive surveillance and social network analysis, among others.

Once all the necessary information has been gathered, Grupo Arga detectives present a detailed and rigorous report that supports their findings. This report can be used by companies to take disciplinary or legal action against employees who have committed labor fraud.

The work of Grupo Arga’s private detectives is not limited to the investigation of individual cases, but also focuses on the prevention of labor fraud. To this end, they offer advice and training to companies on how to detect and prevent this type of fraud. In addition, they collaborate with the competent authorities in the fight against labor fraud.


In short, the tireless work of Grupo Arga’s private detectives is essential to ensure integrity and honesty in the workplace. Their experience and professionalism allow them to carry out rigorous and effective investigations that contribute to the fight against labor fraud.

Tools and techniques used in the detection of fraudulent sick leaves

The detection of fraudulent sick leave is a complex task that requires specialized tools and techniques to be carried out successfully. At Grupo Arga, private detectives use various technological tools, such as hidden cameras, audio and video recorders, GPS devices, social network analysis software and public and private databases to gather information about the worker under investigation. In addition, a thorough investigation is carried out on the person in question, verifying his or her medical and employment history, activities outside of work and behavior in the workplace.

Techniques used by private detectives include discreet observation of the investigated worker in his or her work and personal environment, interviewing co-workers, supervisors and family members to obtain additional information, as well as analyzing behavioral patterns and habits of the worker. Specific tests are also performed to detect if the worker is simulating an injury or illness.

In conclusion, the detection of fraudulent sick leave requires a combination of advanced technological tools and specialized techniques on the part of private detectives. The experience and knowledge of Grupo Arga’s team allows them to carry out efficient and effective investigations to protect companies and ensure that workers are complying with their labor obligations.


Emblematic cases solved by Grupo Arga unmasking fake sick leaves

Throughout its history, Grupo Arga has been able to resolve numerous emblematic cases related to false sick leave. These cases represent significant challenges that require a thorough and professional investigation to uncover the truth behind the fraudulent claims. One of the most prominent cases involved an employee of a major company who had been on sick leave for months due to an alleged on-the-job injury. However, suspicions arose when it was discovered that the individual was leading an active life on social networks, participating in intense physical activities that contradicted his declared state of disability. Grupo Arga’s private detectives used various investigative techniques, such as undercover surveillance and gathering documentary evidence, to prove that the employee was faking his injury and improperly receiving disability benefits. Thanks to the thorough work of the detectives, enough irrefutable evidence was gathered to enable the company to take legal action against the fraudulent employee. This case exemplifies Grupo Arga’s commitment and dedication in the fight against fake sick leave, ensuring that those who attempt to cheat the system are exposed and face the appropriate legal consequences.

The fight against labor fraud: A constant challenge

The fight against labor fraud is a constant challenge for companies and organizations around the world. Labor fraud can take many forms, from the submission of false medical leaves to the manipulation of time records. These fraudulent practices not only affect companies and the economy in general, but also employees who work honestly and can be harmed by loss of productivity and lack of trust in their co-workers.

In this sense, Grupo Arga has become a leader in the investigation of labor fraud, providing specialized services in the detection and prevention of false sick leave. Grupo Arga’s private detectives use advanced tools and techniques to identify cases of labor fraud and provide irrefutable evidence that can be used in court.

Despite technological advances and preventive measures taken by companies, labor fraud continues to be a significant problem. Therefore, the importance of hiring professionals such as Grupo Arga to investigate these cases cannot be underestimated. Their experience and expertise are crucial to ensure a thorough and accurate investigation.

In conclusion, the fight against labor fraud is a constant challenge that requires proactive measures on the part of companies and organizations. Hiring specialized professionals such as Grupo Arga is an effective way to prevent, detect and resolve cases of labor fraud, which in turn helps protect honest employees and promotes an ethical culture in the workplace.

The importance of employing professionals in the investigation of occupational fatalities

The importance of hiring professionals in the investigation of sick leave lies in the need to approach this problem with the seriousness and thoroughness it deserves. In a scenario where fake sick leave is a growing concern for companies, having experts in the field of research becomes essential. Private detectives specialized in this type of labor fraud, such as the professionals of Grupo Arga, are trained to carry out exhaustive and objective investigations to uncover possible cases of fraud.

These professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze medical records in detail and assess the veracity of the health conditions that justify a sick leave. In addition, they use advanced tools and techniques to gather solid evidence to support their conclusions.

The hiring of professionals in the investigation of sick leave guarantees that a thorough and ethical work is carried out, avoiding unfounded accusations or invasions of employees’ privacy. In addition, their expertise enables them to identify patterns and trends that may indicate the existence of larger-scale fraud within the company.

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In short, relying on experts in the investigation of workplace fatalities is essential to protect the interests of companies and to ensure an honest and fair work environment. The fight against labor fraud requires the joint work of trained professionals committed to the truth, capable of offering effective solutions to this increasingly frequent problem.

In summary, Grupo Arga has become a reference in the investigation of false sick leave, demonstrating its efficiency and experience in the detection and resolution of labor fraud. Their tireless dedication, combined with the specialized tools and techniques they use, has enabled them to resolve numerous emblematic cases and contribute to the fight against labor fraud. However, this challenge remains constant and requires the commitment of all stakeholders. The importance of hiring professionals in the investigation of sick leave cannot be underestimated, as their experience and knowledge are essential to combat this type of fraud. In a world where fake sick leave continues to affect companies and workers, it is essential to continue to reflect on how to improve detection and prevention strategies.


Methodology for Investigation of Fraudulent Employee Dismissals

The methodology used by private detectives to uncover fraudulent sick leave is quite similar to that used in other types of investigation, as they are responsible for confirming information provided by clients and collecting evidence. For this purpose, the company must provide the private detective with all the information provided by the person on leave.

In this way, the detective will be in charge of confirming the information provided by the employee to the company. In this second phase, the detective will be in charge of checking the behavior of the employee on leave, in order to confirm or deny the pathology he/she is suffering from, taking care of gathering all the necessary video or image evidence and then sharing it with the client.

It is important to note that the private detectives who carry out these investigations of fraudulent sick leave are in charge of preparing a report with all the details of the investigation, which will be delivered together with the evidence and can be presented later in court.

Obtain judicial proof of false medical leaves

A defense mechanism against any attempt of fraud by an employee is to collect evidence of fraudulent sick leave that will help you to legally proceed against this kind of actions that directly damage the company’s assets, besides affecting the credibility of the company before other employees.

When faced with these types of doubts or needs, it is best to hire a private detective from Grupo Arga Detectives, who knows how to investigate these types of situations safely. For this area, we have specialists who are in charge of covering this enormous demand for services, because fraud is combated with professional actions.


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Best labor detectives

The construction of elements and the determination of findings by means of an investigation of fraudulent sick leave is a task that we perform perfectly, with the objective of showing the different elements that may be in favor of the companies to argue with solid bases the sanction and possible dismissal of these employees who do not act with an ethical standard in acting professionally.

That is why from Grupo Arga Detectives, we have always proposed the task of generating a solid investigation of sick leave to generate an accurate scheme that provides the company the opportunity to clarify doubts and make decisions in the short term, because for companies money is time. At Grupo Arga we are committed to our customers!


Why hire a detective on sick leave?

Our expert detectives in investigation of fraudulent discharges have a large number of years of service in this sector, adopting techniques and pertinent actions for the resolution of each case, we comply with a discreet work that identifies us as special professionals for this type of causes to provide integral results.

The best thing about our investigations is that they rely on technological methods to know all the movements of your employees, because in the face of possible scams we must cover any sector of vulnerability that exists.

We have affordable rates to provide a significant level of peace of mind in this regard. It is imperative that you take action against fraudulent sick leave, so that it does not gain space or relevance within your company. Instead of taking risks and trusting blindly, leave everything in the hands of our experts who seek the truth for you, so you don’t have to go through the bitter taste of suffering losses.

Each and every piece of evidence collected is convenient to bring to light everything that is going on inside your company. At the slightest possibility of deception we act, we seek to unmask those employees who believe they can take advantage of the job opportunity to obtain remuneration without working. Get peace of mind by trusting our private detectives, we will always seek to establish a path of specialized attention for your comfort, protecting you from any scam, espionage or other action of this nature.

Extensive experience in sick leave

Given the frequency of fraudulent sick leave in Spain, Grupo Arga Detectives should be called upon to expose those employees who seek to escape their job responsibilities based on lies.

We take care of corroborating if they are really suffering from any impairment.

As experts, we have vital knowledge that allows us to act effectively in this type of situation.

By contacting our agency you will be able to receive an interview to understand what is really happening and get to work immediately, we extend the best advice in this kind of situations and any other.

There is no reason to worry about sick leave, we take care to show what is really going on, we always look for ways to connect with the signs. Protecting your company from these unscrupulous attempts is simple through the actions of Grupo Arga Detectives services, because we adhere to the law to collect the necessary evidence, and in the shortest time you can imagine, you can have amazing results to put an end to the deception.

There is no greater detriment to a company than the disloyalty of its own personnel, especially when there is a lack of compliance with their work duties and this leads to a delay in internal operations. When there are suspicions about an employee, before initiating any kind of decision what you need is evidence, which only a real professional like a private detective can guarantee, but not just any one, but a qualified one, like the ones we have at Arga Detectives Group.


Prices and fees for investigating a false sick leave

The prices that are handled for a job consisting of demonstrating whether a medical leave is fraudulent or not, vary depending on the type of investigation we are dealing with, the type of leave it is, what we have to interact with the investigated, the area, days, hours, etc.

But the best thing to do is to come to us, contact us or visit us. The first consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

Contact expert detectives in fraudulent sick leave. If you need private detectives with expertise in fraudulent sick leave, contact us.

Our professional team will help you throughout the whole process, from the moment of free information to the moment of contracting. Do not hesitate and contact expert detectives in fraudulent sick leave, your problem has a solution and we can help you, call us.

Contact with expert detectives in fake sick leave cases

Investigating an employment termination process for an entrepreneur and business owner can sometimes be complex and highly conflictive, which is why by hiring this type of services, you can implement a process that is capable of raising a sufficiently expert investigation action towards the determination of facts in the short, medium and long term.

The construction of elements and the determination of findings by means of an investigation of fraudulent sick leave is a job that can be done well by the members of Grupo Arga Private detectivesThe objective is to show the different elements that may be in favor of the companies to argue with solid bases the sanction and possible dismissal of these employees who do not behave with an ethical standard in their professional actions.

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