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Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Do you need a private detective agency in Spain?

Contact our Arga Group detective agency that offers full coverage nationwide.

Do you need a private detective agency in Spain?

We will provide you with a detective with a lot of experience in the private  investigation sector, specialized for the area you want to investigate and with the full guarantee that who contributes it is Arga Detectives Group; all the detectives who make up our staff have been working for countless years as part of our professional team and with a percentage in their investigations of almost 100%.

If you need a private detective in Spain do not hesitate to contact our detective agency.

We have detectives spread across all the cities of Spain that offer us maximum coverage anywhere in the Spanish territory. Although our main headquarters are in Madrid and Barcelona, we are progressively expanding more and more by opening new offices in the different cities that encompass the national territory so that we can offer you our services with the maximum guarantees of success.

Thanks to the professional association of Private Detectives of Spain, being members number 782, it allows us to have contact with other colleagues of the national territory. We have been conducting research throughout the country for many years with excellent results.

If you have a problem that you want to solve anywhere in Spain come to any of our offices in Madrid or Barcelona and we will gladly assist you. If you are looking for a cheap and qualified professional, contact our detectives in Madrid. We are a professional agency with optimal results for the client. We work all over Spain, our private detectives from Madrid move throughout the Spanish territory. Do not hesitate and ask us for your case.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

We know without a doubt that the private detective profession is fully vocational, there are many people who are attracted to this work, but it is when you know this path from within, that is, when you start working, to travel, to have to give up something for having to work overtime, among other things, that is when the person values this race above all , and is no longer able to give it up.

In addition to Private Research Spain, right now the private detective sector in Spain, is constantly evolving, this sector is finding new ways to develop its work through technology, as it is in constant training and that the constant entry of new researchers has become a trade, gives it a good prospect of the future. Being a detective is a profession like any other, it requires vocation as in all and above all training.

we provide our services throughout the Spanish territory, with professionalism, rigor and absolute confidentiality, and we work with all kinds of investigations, but we must highlight the following: investigation of infidelities, locations of people, business knowledge.

If you want truthful information contact us,  Arga Detectives Group, our team is serious and effective, we will attend it in a personal way.



Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

We find that the private detective is the only professional who is legally authorized to investigate facts, that is why our team is backed by the 10 years of experience that confirm our investigations, we are experts in private  Investigation, in probating, our discipline allows our management to be highly effective and prove the facts investigated.

Arga Detectives, has been awarded in 2017 as the best detective company, for its business trajectory, with the resounding success in private investigations carried out in Spain, the satisfaction of our customers is our greatest achievement, transparency with our customers has been the pillar of our company, and our unimpeachable code of ethics also led us to be the best company in Spain.

Our surveillance and monitoring company in Spain, and the team of private researchers represent the best guarantee of success, since we have knowledge, experience, and commitment to our consumers, ask for your budget, we guarantee discretion and confidentiality, this service is  both for individuals and companies.


Our researchers accredit to customers their official license, which identify them by means of a license number that has been granted by the Ministry of the Interior, and which is reflected in the reports. As for the client, the client must also prove legitimate interest before the detective, who obliges the client to demonstrate that the fact he requests affects his interests, economic or personal, once those two points have been verified, the contracting is carried out under the legality and full legal effects.

We  are a registered national company, that mixes youth and enthusiasm, all the staff that form our team, has degrees, have a university diploma of 3 years, as well as the corresponding license. Our staff provides us with success in all investigations because they have: private research graduates, criminology graduates, security directors, security chiefs and judicial experts.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Our agency provides research services, both for private clients and for companies, for this reason,

we have accumulated experience, therefore we can guarantee that our investigations have the rigor and meticulousness necessary to offer a quality service, at the same time you are facilitated to search for data information, facts, tests, among others, so that you make the right decision.

We advise impartially, we, surveillance and follow-up in Spain, we suggest you the best options for the development of research, and always with the aim of obtaining the information that our clients want, this data and evidence can be legally provided in a trial, deposit your trust in us, you will have at your side a team of private detectives enabled with official license , who will advise you, from day one, to find a solution, all properly planned.

We offer our clients in Private  Investigation in Spain, the most appropriate tools to answer their questions, or concerns unequivocally that is, with truthful information. But this information is obtained by our detectives whose experience is beyond doubt, who have years in the market, and stand out over others, but those who do this work without means, or professionalism, without experience, will be an incomplete investigation.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Firstly in Private Investigations Spain, according to a high percentage private detectives are hired in this country, to show that something is happening, or that it has already happened, and that this must be proven, when talking about family investigations, or couples, where there are suspicions of infidelity, it is clear that the evidence is private, a detective what he does is provide his clients with evidence that he needs to present to justice , either in the conduct of a trial, for the judge to verify and issue the sentence.

Consequently Arga Detectives Group, here our detectives serve as qualified witnesses, as they read, because they ratify the evidence obtained in court, and raising this testimony, even more so as irrefutable, because they explain with what circumstances such data or evidence was obtained, if you need qualified detectives, accustomed to ratifications in the courts, you have nothing more than calling us , we are the best in all of Spain.



In principle in Detectives in Spain, we know that hiring a detective is not usual, we believe that we will never need his services, but when the day unexpectedly arrives, a cliff of insecurities opens before us, the first thing we do is look on the internet. And there we find numerous advertisements, of detectives offering their most varied investigative services, examples; monitoring, information, and others.

Therefore some of the most important points, that you should know when resorting to our service, and that we cover them all are:

  • First; entrust your investigation to a licensed private detective, that is, with an official license.
  • Second; have a background to perform their profession, to hold university degrees, in the field of private research.
  • Third; We formalize the contract in writing, the necessary data are collected in it to identify the contractors, nothing of a personal nature.

Also, we provide you that we inform the client about everything that is happening with their case, we write a report, with the assigned service, data of the person, the means used and the results, our detectives are obliged to keep reservation of the investigations they carry out and should never provide data to third people. We have a great experience so we can help you solve your doubts about how to hire a detective, contact us, we will help you.


We offer these services available to natural or legal persons, and the functions that our company can develop are: obtaining information about private behaviors or facts; that is, we clarify that they are the ones that affect the labor, commercial, economic, financial and in general, social, personal and family life. Also crime investigation, and business surveillance at fairs, hotels, etc.

We know that it is a practice that must be carried out by accredited professionals in this field, we can offer services in multiple fields: i

  • In the field of work: absenteeism, dismissals, pre-contract reports, resume verification, duplication of employment, unfair competition, employee reports, job performance, diversions of orders, thefts, among others.
  • In the industrial field; we investigate patents and trademarks, plagiarism and counterfeiting, espionage, sabotage, claims investigations, disability assessment, expertise and brand reporting, among others.

We focus on the personal field: we perform personal and family history, slander, damage to individuals, reports on people, paternity tests, loyalty of the couple, pensions used are contracting, telephony, forensic information, polygraphic service, tracking and GPS. Anyway, our detectives collaborate with the security forces of the Spanish state, if you are looking for a private detective agency, contact us now, tell us your case and we contact you to offer you a better service and budget, do not hesitate, discover the truth.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Arga Detectives Group will deal with the issue of prices and fees of private detectives in Spain as it is a subject much demanded by many.

Given the question of many of what private detectives in Spain charge the answer is that there is no fixed fee from a private detective to carry out their private research work in Spain, this is because each professional freely puts their rates according to the type of work they do, the place, the hours, the complexity, the technical and human means necessary to carry it out, the type of private detective, etc.

However, the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain establishes ostentatious guidelines or prices and we can see them we have them published in the rates section of the Arga website, you can go to it and look at it.

There are different Associations and Private Detective Colleges in Spain so prices may vary slightly by one or the other. Arga Detectives takes as a scale the guideline prices exposed by the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain to which we belong, however we will have to evaluate each particular case to see the specific problem that we face as well as the number of detectives necessary, the type of technology necessary to carry it correctly, the specific point where the private investigation is carried out.

It also varies according to the type of private research, such as whether it is business, work, family, computer, technological, etc. Having said that, we can therefore say that we need to value an endless element in order to provide an adequate budget. A key element to consider to give the prices of a private detective in Spain is to assess the necessary preparation of private detectives to carry it out successfully.

In our private detective company in Spain, we are very clear and above all transparent when budgeting our services, the advice and the initial cost of the case is made free of charge and is confidential, once obtained the information and details, always taking into account the needs of each client, which are different for each person, we make a budget to suit their needs , and you can pay in comfortable installments.

We want to facilitate the whole process, always giving you the best attention, guaranteeing you an impeccable investigation, and at the most economical price, for this we have at your disposal, our private detective rates throughout Spain, in this way you can always count a budget adapted to what you are really looking for. We recommend that you never forget this the person who charges cheap for your services is because it does not always give a good development. In short we advise you as a company to get out of doubt now and rest we take care of your problem, contact us right now through our website, we will help you.

We do not talk about price but profitability and this is a balance on whose sides is the price and on another the result, when these elements are the same, not all professionals have the same title. Although we advise you to move to our offices and do everything personally.  We have services throughout Spain, to confirm their suspicions, there is nothing more valuable than their tranquility and the truth is the best answer always.


Many will wonder who are the cheapest private detectives? Well, probably the last wave that fewer clients have, although it is not always so, there are decent people who prefer to change professions to lower their prices and not always the reason is for being bad professionals, another would be to reduce costs, but we can not be fooled to reduce costs, in a world of free trades is like hiring the cheap and spending less time, it is quite the opposite , the idea is to have a personal and professional treatment with the client based on trust.

At Arga Detectives, we fully know that despite the above and that the prices of private detectives in Spain are governed by the Official College of Professional Private Detectives, there are many agencies that offer cheaper prices than the rest of the other companies. We have efficiency, speed, discretion and honesty , and above all the cheapest prices are us.


We offer you two alternatives to contact our agency, the first by means of a form and the second by phone, which is more direct.  The easiest is to call us, we attend 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, look how quickly with a call you can explain your problem and ready we guide and advise you quickly and effectively.

And the second and not least, in Arga Detectives, you contact us via email, send us your name, email, contact phone, the subject, and your message specifying your doubts, take note do not answer the email if all these fields are not full, For all these delicate issues and problems that burden you, we put in your hands our years of experience in situations that are probably completely new to you or your company. So log in immediately and request our service, our advisors will assist you immediately.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

The truth is that there can be tremendous price differences between hiring in one particular detective office or another.

The amount does not have to be a fundamental element, but it is common sense to charge a minimum for the feasibility of research.

For example, the hours of private research in Spain range from 60 to 100 Euros the base price. If an office charges you well below, let’s take the example of 20 euros I distrusted.

We strongly discourage the hiring of cheap detectives in Spain.

This is because the decrease in money is likely to lead to a decrease in different aspects such as:

  • Inexperience of the professionals in charge of research.
  • Do not have qualified personnel to develop a specific research.
  • Lack of necessary technical means, etc.

In the face of this we recommend spending a little more and ensure success in private research with real professionals such as Arga Detectives who give it a fair price according to the market.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

The truth is that sometimes it is better to pay a little more for something and make sure that your production is correct and not take unnecessary risks. An operational deployment for example carries minimal costs that must be supplemented to perform a successful run.

Arga Detectives gives an individualized budget to each client according to the interests of the same as well as the commitment on their part to carry out the matter quickly. It is important to ensure that legally qualified private detectives are hired as the client would not otherwise be able to present the report issued by them to the Courts of Justice.

It is necessary to have a great deal of experience on the part of the professional appointed in this regard who knows how to carry out a proper investigation and to collect evidence legitimately since they could subsequently be presented to the Courts of Justice.

Our work will have a major impact on the future of the matter concerning our client and will be a key element in making a decision on the matter.


Undoubtedly, all work carried out by a private detective can be presented in the courts with total value as long as it is done in accordance with the legal order.

Under the Private Security Act, any private detective’s actions in his private investigation work shall be governed by 3 principles:

  • Proportionality.
  • Fitness.
  • Need.

Under these three premises all performance of the private detective will move and all his performances must be adhered to. If the judge or court sees the slightest indication that any right to investigate has been violated, it will immediately throw away all the private detective’s work and will not be taken into consideration under any circumstances. In addition, the detective may be involved in any criminal offence with the corresponding civil liability and the security measure of separation of his duties.

That is why, when paying for a private detective in Spain, it is extremely important to hire a professional who knows the legal system in a complete way and knows how to act within the law at all times. This is because the private detective is always in his private research work on the border with the right to privacy of the investigated.

There is sometimes a bad view of the private detective, as this one is sometimes classified as a kind of spy. The vary from reality, since the concept of spying has nothing to do with research. Private detectives have an apparent and clear social function by developing a function of social interest such as the discovery of truth.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

The private detective’s work ends only after judicial ratification of the private investigation and not after the completion of the private investigation as such. Otherwise, it could be said that the private investigation does not end until ratification occurs.

The investigation process would therefore be only one more phase of the entire private detective’s work phase during his duties.

Therefore, the judicial ratification phase is as important as any other phase of the investigation process. It is extremely important to have experience in ratification before the courts.

This element is well known by  Arga Detectives so it lectures all its professionals in the field to develop impeccable work.

That said, it’s clear that the work of a private detective is not only based on wearing a trench coat and a hat and conducting surveillance and follow-ups.

A private detective must have a comprehensive background in all his work of having professionals.

The private detective must be a scholar of the word, able to convey to the judge the correct idea of everything that has been done in the private investigation.

The importance in the drafting of the report is extremely important, hence the Arga Group making all the reports thoroughly.

Hence, there is a need for high training in the writing of reports by the private detective’s work and we should not downplay this phase of embodying the evidence and development of research.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

As we have said on countless occasions, we fully discourage the hiring of cheap private detectives.

This is expandable to all professions in every society, whether you hire a doctor, a psychologist, a teacher, a waiter or any other professional.

It is therefore common sense to say this, and prefer to spend the average price on any professional that guarantees results.

If you want to continue the search in hiring cheap private detectives, from this point you will be aware of the possible consequences in this regard.

Arga Detectives Group will provide you with a budget according to the economy of each pocket after studying the details of your case and all the circumstances surrounding it



After the phone call to our private detective office in Madrid the first thing we usually do is make an appointment for the client to be personified in any of our units throughout the Spanish territory. We need to know what their concerns and interests are and what problem we are facing.

We have to get an idea of different points to be able to emit some prices according. We need to assess issues of complexity and specialization such as:

  • Duration of the investigation. It’s not the same, a three-hour private investigation as a 35-hour investigation. The time in the longer investigation will be charged more economically.
  • Time slot of the same and day. We need to distinguish whether the investigation takes place day or night and whether it takes place during the week or weekend or public holiday.
  • Place of realization. You have to assess the kilometers necessary to carry it out.
  • Type of research according to complexity. There is more complex research than others such as a follow-up at a large airport like Madrid that there are many people.
  • Necessary preparation of the private detective to carry it out. There is research that requires great preparation on the part of the professional.
  • Use of necessary technical means. There are for example traces that a large displacement motorcycle is required.


Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

Private Detectives in Spain | Private investigators in Spain Arga detectives Group.

We often know when an investigation begins, but we don’t know when it’s going to be completed. So it can be the case that we follow someone who is driving or goes by train and leaves their city and goes to the least thoughtful place.

The private detective’s work is unpredictable at times and we can’t always know a priori all the details in every investigation. However, in the face of such events, the private detective agency will call the client and ask him what his decision is.

At no time can the customer take a surprise about the hours he is intended to check in by our office. Before we continue we will contact it and communicate the reality that is being given to give us the approval of whether we continue or terminate the service.

Transparency is a crucial factor between Dispatch – Client, and being informed at all times of the course of the investigation is part of it.



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