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Infidelities are conceptualized according to the Dictionary of the Royal Academy with three key elements:

  • Lack of fidelity
  • Lack of Catholic faith and
  • How the group of faithful who do not accept the Catholic faith.

However, when we refer to the concept of infidelity from a detective perspective, we make mention of the plot related to sexuality or adultery, that is, when the relationship ceases to be monogamous and sexual relations with third parties are maintained.

In the society in which we currently live, unfortunately, infidelity is something that is the order of the day.

Arga, Detective Agency is aware of this problem. This is why she treats her with a team of highly qualified professionals who are specialized in investigating the behavior of spouses.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Do you think that your partner is not totally honest with you? If so, we can help you solve your problem. Having the doubt if your spouse is not faithful to you can produce such a high degree of anxiety that it can affect your health. If this continues over time it can cause a disorder in your personality.

As a person, you have the right to know the truth and all the circumstances surrounding your marriage or your relationship if you are not married. Sometimes it can happen that your partner is with you for some type of financial interest or for some reason that you do not know. Finding out this truth is something you should know, because you should find a solution to this type of interest-motivated bonding.

Arga Detectives will treat your problem with total discretion and only you and the private detective handling your case will know about the investigation. A professional will attend you with total delicacy and understanding of your pain and will guide you at all times how to approach your case.

Our detectives in Madrid will provide you with all the necessary photographic and videographic evidence to remain proof of reality and thus prevent your partner from continuing to deny infidelity.

Only you and we will know about the research carried out, so anonymity will be one of the basic pillars that will support all the research. For more information on infidelity investigation services, call us and set up an interview.

If you think your partner is being unfaithful to you, go to professionals like those in our detective agency who are experts in marital problems. We will help you solve them.

If what you are looking for is to solve your problem, with our private detectives in Madrid, you can do It.

Our first consultation is free and without obligation. It is important to know all the circumstances surrounding a marital infidelity, for this, Arga Detectives will explain the possible reasons for an infidelity that we have established thanks to statistics as well as our own experience during the last 10 years of our professional career.

Another important aspect to know in this process are those samples that indicate that an infidelity may be taking place.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

We thank you for visiting our page of Detectives of infidelities, private investigators experts in marital infidelities of couples. We work throughout the Spanish Territory carrying out tasks on child custody, separation and divorces as well as infidelities and in general terms all those behaviors that come from the family nucleus.

Our mission is to clarify the facts surrounding the doubts of conjugal conflicts to channel the state of nervousness, anxiety and uncertainty that infidelity conducts.

Thanks to our intervention, reality will be made available to you, making you aware of all the facts. You can get out of doubts, you can be sure of yourself and no one will ever say that you make things up. Thanks to our intervention you will be able to make the appropriate decisions about your future regarding the continuity or cessation of your romantic relationship.

Arga Detectives is highly experienced in the investigation of infidelities with magnificent results. Our legal advice is key in relations with our clients, since from the beginning we guide you on the best way to legally guide this entire process.

Any relationship with our clients will be based on maximum confidentiality on our part. The client will receive impeccable treatment at all times and will be treated with sensitivity and respect.

Thanks to the intervention of Arga Detectives, many infidelities of all kinds have been resolved. We have become a detective agency in Madrid expert in infidelities that operates throughout Spain as well as in other countries. Unmasking deception has become one of our premises. We collaborate with other private investigative offices to clarify infidelities nationwide. We also carry out these tasks in the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as on the peninsular coast, as they often become a destination chosen by lovers.

Arga Detectives has an Official License 2464 that authorizes it to investigate infidelities throughout Spain within the law. We also ratify all our investigations in the Courts of Justice if required. All our work is reflected in a detailed and meticulous report that contains all the evidence and indications obtained.

Arga Collaborates with external companies for the polygraph test, so if you and your partner want to undergo the polygraph test, you can ask us about the ways and prices for it.

Arga Detectives constantly publishes news about the world of marital infidelities through our blog through interesting articles. Lastly, our office provides outside help to take your case if you need it, giving you the opportunity to contact professionals such as lawyers, psychologists and educators to take your case in the best possible way.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

There are many reasons why infidelity occurs. In many cases there are deficits in one of the spouses that are not covered by the other spouse. For example, therefore, low self-esteem, depression, lack of sexual stimulation, affection, sharing hobbies together, emotional distancing, lack of understanding, etc.

The unfaithful spouse makes up for this lack through sexual intercourse with a third person in such a way that their anxiety decreases. For his part, the betrayed spouse after discovering infidelity awakens a whole range of feelings of pain, a mistrust seizes and a feeling of permanent unease and restlessness.

Rarely things go back to the way they were before infidelity within of the couple. There are many studies in Spain on infidelity in all its aspects such as flirting, cybersex and other types of concepts that have recently emerged facilitated by the emergence of technology. These statistics reflect a slight position with respect to men with respect to women. Thus the figures indicate that infidelities occur in men around 59% compared to 41% in women.

Previous studies seemed to show that lathes were just the opposite, in favor of women infidelity, but the latest statistical data indicate otherwise. Of course, women seem to show an increase compared to men in the passionate sphere; women when they are unfaithful are more passionate. Not that it does not seem very clear regarding women and men is that there is an increase regarding the variable of marriage.

Not that it does not seem to be very clear is the value that both men and women place on cybersex or flirting. Many They think that this behavior, either flirting or cybersex, does not represent infidelity, visualizing it as perfectly valid behavior within the couple. An interesting variable in these studies is the concept of OPPORTUNISM. It seems that there is a clear superiority in men when the opportunity to be unfaithful arises, while women seem to resist more, so 2/3 parts of women resist infidelity while 2/3 parts of men succumb.

Studies on infidelity in Spain reveal a curious fact. A feeling of revenge seems to predominate in men when infidelity is carried out because of the feeling of contempt that he feels of being a victim on the part of the woman, while on the part of the woman a feeling of sadness prevails because he feels undervalued by part of the male.

Modern statistics on infidelity show that there is more criticism of infidelity in young couples than in middle-aged couples. It also seems to point to a clear difference in the feelings of each other regarding an infidelity regarding their feelings.

Men seem to be more upset that their spouses have sex with other men, while women seem to be more upset that men fall in love.

To conclude we can clearly observe a difference on the part of sex on the vision of infidelity in all its aspects. When talking about the reasons for infidelity, our experience as well as different published university studies, we can say that the reasons for an infidelity are different according to the man or the woman.

In men the most important factors are flirtation, passion , the ignorance, the flow, the different crises of age, the tedium, the envy, the being taken advantage of, his profession, the fashion and the traumas.

Fashion seems to reflect that it is modern to be unfaithful, it is a symbol of social inclusion. Sometimes Traumas with other couples cause an infidelity to be committed for revenge and thus a feeling of well-being is born.

Work as we have mentioned can be an important factor. There are many professions that due to the more imperative nature of contact with women there is a high rate of infidelity, for example, medical and pharmaceutical professions, dressmakers, decorators, window dressers, etc. stand out.

Women are seven more attracted to this group because of the time they stay together and in the end they start with a simple flirting, trust, etc. until leading to a sexual relationship. Regarding the element of “taken advantage of” that we mentioned earlier, many men take advantage of single women, women who are going through certain crises and make them feel loved by a false affection.

About the envy element, many men see friends and colleagues with unofficial relationships, they see how they boast of them in public and how they boast, in this position, the man He feels discomfort for not being so supposedly happy for not having those moments of pleasure and decides to jump into the dark side.

Tedium is an important element, when there is no energy in the relationship, lack of motivation that makes the man look for an incentive outside. The different crises that a man is going through, such as the crisis of the 40s or 50s, make them try to get the most out of this period, strengthening their masculinity.

Many men believe that passion is a necessary element to be happy, so when they stop experiencing it they go looking for it eagerly. Men seem to get carried away more than women thinking they are in control and this leads to infidelity.

Sometimes the ignorance of man is an element, because many presume after being caught red-handed that they were not aware of it. Finally, flirting is very typical in men, it seems to be a behavior that they love, and whenever they have the opportunity they do it.

Now we are going to talk about the reasons that lead a woman to commit an act of infidelity. We can say emphatically that there has been an increase in infidelity by women in recent years compared to 10 or 15 years ago. Women now seem to love to flirt like men, socially this behavior begins to be well seen. Also, many say they don’t realize what has happened, they just happened quickly without looking for it or wanting it and they have not been aware of it. Sometimes the leisure element is important, they get bored in the day to day and decide to fill your leisure time.

Another interesting factor seems to be revenge, is a way to make them pay their contempt. The weak character of some seems to point in this direction also because of their lack of personality.

Other women are undecided and this indecision makes them have a sexual relationship. Emotional instability sometimes plays a big role in these deceptions, even fashion, since it seems that today it is “cool” to have lovers among women.

Compassion seems to be another element. Many women are ambitious and as such this ambition makes them be with different men. In women, there are also age crises, in them it seems to occur somewhat earlier than in men, and to establish themselves and feel desired, they have sexual relations with other men. Sometimes compassion takes over many women who, through pain, certain men sleep with them.

The loneliness of the couple is usually a triggering element. To end the affinity that many women feel for certain men is also often a trigger for infidelity.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

There is a different response between men and women when an infidelity of their spouse occurs. Men are usually more forceful in response, cut and it will be seen. The man usually has more difficulty to forgive, however he can forget but not the above.

Men, traditionally believed or thought, do not tend to have aggressive responses to women. Another issue is the legal aspect, they will fight to the death to get all the rights in the visitation regime of their children and other rights in this regard.

The man usually hires the services of a private investigation firm regularly after his breakup, they usually control certain aspects such as the income of his former partner and similar aspects in order to act in the modification of the regulatory agreement, the use and enjoyment of the housing, etc.

Women, on the other hand, tend to react very differently to men. Many women forgive infidelity and manage to forget it. What happens is that a feeling of suspicion and mistrust is born, and in the face of this fear, they often hire a detective again to investigate her husband to find out if an infidelity is reoccurring. Women become obsessive about the smallest details, they become controlling before the arrival times and the movements of their husband.


Many people seem to be unclear about the concept of infidelity, and they often relate it to carnal behavior, when in reality it has more to do with the breakdown of the acquired commitment. In this context, different types of deception can occur that have nothing to do with the sexual area but can be just as harmful and just as damnable.

Arga Detectives knows very well how to detect these tricks and collect them video graphically. We list some of these tricks.

  • Emotional deception. Its Is a internal deceit, without manifestations to the outside of carnal type. An example of them are relationships through social networks, mere flirting, complicity. This deception highlights an emotional desire to know the other person, to see them, to think about them constantly, etc.
  • Sexual Deception. As its name indicates, there is physical deception on a carnal level. The role of the private detective, the material and the tangible cousin, comes into play mainly in this plot and we are tasked with the mission of obtaining evidence. It is possible to allude to paradoxical investigations such as the case of investigating the lover of the infidel, contracting this service from the infidel himself. In this second great category we can distinguish two subcategories according to the type of deception, punctual deception and commitment deception. The first is mere isolated sexual contacts while the second is the emergence of a collateral relationship to the main one that involves much more effort in its dissimulation and that has many more implications.


It is a type of infidelity investigation that is in vogue, consisting of investigating one of the spouses because it is assumed that it hides heritage. It is a type of investigation requested when there are community assets to verify that there is nothing hidden.

This type of investigation is usually requested at a time close to a separation or divorce in order to be well advised by the other party on the real economic situation of the same.


In recent times, companies have arisen whose benefit is the infidels. They are alibi and deception companies. These companies serve as a lure so that the couple does not suspect anything about the behavior of the unfaithful. They invent alibis, stories, send false documentation, even answer the phone and help the infidel at all times. Its proliferation occurs more frequently among the upper strata of the Company due to its high price for hiring of their services.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

There are many ways that can make us think about the fact that an infidelity is taking place. They arise in questions such as if they are producing internal changes in the family nucleus, if the working hours begin to lengthen, there is more interest in getting well dressed, etc. Before taking any steps, in order not to arouse suspicion, it is necessary to maintain some precautions, otherwise the hare can be lifted.

The infidel will always reject the accusations. The best thing to do is to contact an agency with private Detectives with experience as Arga. Here the infidelity detective comes into play as a clarifying element. All private investigation carried out by Arga maintains the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Unfortunately, the Clients who come to our office have more than reasonable suspicions, and around 70% of contracted private infidelity investigations are positive.

By contracting with Arga you will be able to know the full reality of an infidelity situation, you will be able to make all the appropriate decisions in this regard and act with your head. Only the tests will be able to remove doubts in a situation like this so delicate and that requires absolute certainty. Arga’s working method is based on the contribution of videographic evidence.

Our infidelity detectives can shed light on your issue. Here are some signs that your partner is unfaithful to you. These signs are not enough by themselves to accuse your partner, but they are enough to hire our infidelity investigation services in Madrid. Appearance is a key factor. A care for the physical appearance occurs abruptly without possible explanation. From starting to play sports to start perfuming, buy new clothes, etc. Change of routines over time. The person’s schedules change abruptly, he starts coming later, surprise meetings, etc.

  • Distance. A psychological level distancing occurs between the spouses without apparent explanation.
  • The phone becomes a prized asset worth keeping constantly in custody, silenced, something mystical happens, and visual access to the spouse’s phone ceases. Messages, calls and WhatsApp at odd hours with vague excuses. The phone starts to remain silent whenever they are together and hidden.
  • Angry. There is constant anger from the unfaithful spouse to the other person as soon as he feels attacked or tries to get some kind of information.
  • Decreased libido. The unfaithful spouse ceases to be sexually interested in his partner, a gradual distancing from sexual relations takes place. Mileage. Increase commuting, gas expenses. Apparently it is the same route but these factors change.
  • Showers and sudden changes of clothes. The unfaithful person when he gets home goes directly to the shower and to change his underwear.
  • Passwords. The infidel begins to shield everything related to emails and other computer applications on social networks.
  • Surprise hobbies. The infidel begins to be interested in new tastes in his free time. The unfaithful begins to make sudden exits from home alleging silly and unreasonable reasons.
  • Major Ego. The infidel begins to feel strong, energetic, with a high self-evaluation. Receipts from strange places start appearing on clothes and in the car, and others like credit cards disappear.
  • Invoices. The phone bills disappear.
  • The infidel begins to feel like when he was a young man or young woman
  • Meeting with friends. Start hanging out with friends you didn’t before remained.
  • Duplication in mobile telephony. It happens to have several mobile devices and even several SIM cards.
  • Appearance of motel advertising. Roadside motels become a frequent gathering place for infidels, this is due to the anonymity it represents and ease of access as well as its prices. Advertising elements of these appear such as matches, almanacs, a pamphlet, etc.
  • Websites visited. Dating sites appear in the browsing history of the unfaithful. These sites are highly frequented by infidels where they use it to get to know each other.


Our private detectives can be the best option to expose any infidelity. We can provide you with the evidence you need. We work with photography and video as a form of proof. Our reports are irrefutable. We recommend that you do not spend money on spy systems that you will find online as well as being illegal They can scam you.

The best way to get out of doubts is through an infidelity detective from Arga. You are not losing reality! Perhaps your unfaithful partner has branded you as a crazy person and who invents things. This is normal. Do not be alarmed. Unbelievers often make impressive alibis and always deny all deceptive conduct. So we begin to question our own sanity. You are correctly. Hire an infidelity detective and answer your questions.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Years ago Infidelity could be considered a crime of adultery and be punished by the penal code as a crime, in addition to its corresponding civil and canonical responsibilities. In the event that the spouse proves infidelity would produce the opening of a whole series of legal elements to defend the betrayed person.

In modern years the crime of adultery has disappeared and only its vague memory remains. Many people come desperately to us alluding to it, and we have to explain to them that it no longer exists and they cannot appeal to any canon law.

In the separation today the truth is that there is no longer even the need to justify an infidelity, things have evolved tremendously and now even new concepts such as the Divorce Express are emerging. Paradoxically to the aforementioned lines regarding the disappearance of adultery and even the need not to justify an infidelity to carry out a separation or divorce, private investigation services regarding infidelities are more in demand than ever. You get a right that is far above the legal, it is the RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. This causes a psychological tranquility that is priceless.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

There is a clear reason that hiring a private detective entails, and that is knowing the TRUTH. Loss of trust in a partner is a very painful situation, and sometimes only the services of an infidelity detective can clarify this. Many of our clients think they are going crazy over the constant denials of the infidels. Much farther from reality, knowledge of the truth will allow doubts to emerge.

With our intervention as detectives of infidelity you will be able to make the infidel see and give them time that they were not founded jealousy, it was a very real situation.

What a person can gain by knowing the truth about their partner’s emotional situation is priceless. Anxiety and anguish are echoed in every relationship of infidelity, and through our actions you will be able to neutralize these unpleasant feelings that are so negative for your well-being.

Overcome fear. Many people are afraid to tell them to other people for the answers they may have, through certainty, reflected in a report, everything will change and fear will disappear. Another positive factor of knowing the truth is increasing mental stability. Thoughts are released and take shape, decision making becomes successful. Improve self-esteem. Improving this feeling towards yourself is essential, thanks to discovering this truth, you will be able to improve your self-esteem. Preparation of an action plan for divorce and separation.

From the knowledge of the truth you will be able to make decisions in these important aspects.

Psychological help. You can ask for help from professionals who will help you throughout the process of discovering infidelity and separation. We can refer you to good professionals.


Arga Detectives offers an exclusive service for detecting infidelities in Spain. The best service of Infidelity can only be achieved with professional detectives with experience in unmasking these behaviors as well as extensive training. Our Private Detective Agency in Madrid is aware of the sensitive issue that the issue of infidelity represents, working for its resolution as much as in Madrid and the rest of Spain.

To carry out our investigations we use the most modern technology applied to private investigation. We also ratify all our reports if necessary before the Courts if necessary.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

The first step we do it is always to have an interview with the person where he exposes us all the details about it. We will analyze your case and answer all the doubts of our clients. Once known We will draw up all the details for a budget and show it to our client so that they can give us the go-ahead.

In future interviews with our client, if for reasons of discretion you decide to move us, we will gladly go where we are. We will make our action plan known to our client so that they give us the go-ahead and then we will sign the professional order form where the legality, legitimacy and confidentiality of the investigation will be reflected.

To investigate an infidelity you need some basic information that will be reflected in the order sheet. We need the identification data of the client as well as the person to investigate. Some photograph of the person to investigate, the cars if they had next to their registration, starting point, etc. It is important that you provide us with all the information in this regard, such as the reasons why you suspect it and everything that is transcendent. Don’t be afraid to tell us everything, we are protected by professional secrecy and maximum secrecy in our actions.

On the order sheet we will provide a provision of funds that is normally 70%. We will launch the action plan and keep our client informed throughout the course of the investigation. After the completion of the investigation we will meet again with the client and we will send him a detailed report containing all the tests and videographic evidence.

Finally, if it were necessary to go to trial we will ratify along with our report. To this end, we highlight the consideration of the Supreme Court to the figure of the Private Detective, considering him as a PRIVILEGED WITNESS.

After our intervention you will be able to know the whole truth about the possible infidelity of your partner. Everything will be reflected in a report and you will be in doubt.

Some infidelities related to infidelity investigated by our infidelity office in Madrid are investigations pre-marriages, the economic infidelity already mentioned above and the investigation of infidelity through social networks.


According to the legislation in Spain, only a legally authorized private detective is authorized to investigate an infidelity. For this it is necessary that they have a license from the Ministry of the interior and authorized by the National Police Force.

The legislation of the infidelity detective in Madrid is governed by Law 5/2014 of April 4 as well as by Development Regulation 2364/1994 of December 9.

Arga Detectives is licensed to investigate infidelities 2464. It is clear, then, that no individual will be able to investigate an infidelity, being committing an intrusion crime in the event that they perform the role of infidelity detective.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

A widely asked question is: what does an infidelity detective charge? Are infidelity detectives expensive or cheap? Can I afford the cost of hiring an infidelity detective? Are there global fees to hire an infidelity detective?

Arga Detectives are going to answer these very demanding questions about the prices and rates of detective infidelities in Madrid. The truth is that there is no global infidelity detective fee for Spain. It is also not that expensive to hire an infidelity detective. The prices and rates of infidelity detectives are indicated by the different Detective schools and associations in the different regions of Spain such as the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, which is the Pricing system by which our Madrid detective agency relies to establish its infidelity detective prices.

Typically infidelity detective fees are established by hours of a detective in Madrid. There is usually a minimum number of hours to investigate ranging from three to four. The prices usually fluctuate depending on whether it is a week or a weekend, during the day or at night.

Other aspects to take into account are those derived from the complexity of the research itself. As you can see, there are many factors that come into play to be able to give prices and rates for detecting infidelities in Madrid. You can see our rates in the prices section of our website.


The best detectives of infidelities in Madrid are without a doubt in Arga Detectives. We offer a wide range of infidelity detectives. To carry out our investigations on infidelity we have the latest technological means as well as the best-trained and highly experienced team of infidelity detectives.

To contact our agency of infidelity detectives in Madrid can fill out our form, send an email to or call our 24-hour telephone number +34 913 866 294.

What are you waiting for? Get rid of doubts calling us now.

Divorces and couple separations


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

We are Detectives in Madrid experts in divorces and pensions

The use of the services of a detective in a divorce process where spouses do not get up and running has spread widely in Spain.

The private divorce detective’s mission is to prove that the former couple is lying by providing evidence about it.

The situation can become very delicate when there are children involved as well as real estate.

When you think the real situation is different from the apparent one but you don’t know how to prove it is when you should go to a divorce detective. We do know how to prove it.

Our presence in the Courts of Justice in relation to divorce proceedings in the amendment of alimony is becoming increasingly apparent.




Arga Group can help you throughout this process in different ways:

  • We can demonstrate whether or not the other party is qualified to care for your children.
  • We can find out the solvency of the other party if it is real or invented.
  • If precautionary measures ordered by the judicial authority are being complied with.
  • The other spouse’s actual income to check if the alimony calculation is correct

True qualified professionals like Arga Detectives Group can help you try all these points.

To do this, go to our office and tell us the details about it. We will conduct a result investigation and you will win.

The alimony after the breakup can become a nightmare if you don’t have the right professionals.

We will issue a detailed report where all the ends of the investigation will be collected with all the evidence and information obtained.

All our reports have full legal validity being fully accepted in a court of law.

Arga Detectives conducts divorce and pension investigations throughout Spain.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

The separation and divorce process can be very tough. Sometimes it is necessary to use qualified professionals to uncover a reality and show it to the judge in order for the process to be fair.

In this context, the role of the private detective as a key element of decision-making by Judge enters the role of the private detective.

Our intervention can be a clear savings because thanks to our action we can make the amounts in alimony and compensatory pensions tilt in favor of our client.

There can be a variety of cases where a divorce and separation detective is hired. In some cases for example we have to show that the researcher shares the housing, others prove the true income that is obtained, other times that the older children are working.

We know how important and decisive our action can be throughout the process and act with the greatest professionalism and tact.



Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

If you are going through a separation or divorce, in Arga, Detective Agency we know that such a situation can be dramatic. Even more so when your partner doesn’t want to take care of your obligations.

It may happen that they are already divorced and that their former partner has previously lied not to pay what would be legally due to him or that once established in the regulatory agreement, his financial obligations, this person is trying to lie to reduce his financial burden.

Whatever cause described above, you will be vulnerable to such a situation, and unfortunately not always justice, out of ignorance of the truth, can issue a judgment in favor of that person who really deserves it for the use of surreptitious techniques of the other person.

If you talk to your lawyer, he will tell you, that the only professionals to attest to reality are private detectives.

Only we can provide the necessary evidence to be able to issue a modification to the regulatory agreement.

Arga, Detective Agency can prove that your partner is lying and really has more purchasing power than it claims to have.

Usually these people have a second job for experience that provides a significant amount of money.

This extra contribution is often not declared so she cannot prove to the judge that she has more income than she claims to have.

We can provide the necessary evidence to prove to the judge that this person is lying and that it does not leave you unprotected with your lie.

All our evidence provided has full legal validity. If an agreement is not reached after the evidence is presented, the Detectives  of the Arga Agency, we can go and ratify the trial.

Contact our  Private detectives if you have the slightest suspicion that your partner is unfaithful to you. We can help you come up with a strategy for the regulatory agreement. Come and meet us and we will give you more information without obligation.


  • Prove that children work. Often proving a situation such as children being working can be the ability to recover the address that was given to the other spouse for child custody and custody. In the face of this new situation, it may also be possible to be able to sell the home or even stop paying the mortgage.
  • Prove that third parties live in the home. If it is proven that other people live in the house everything could change for our client in your favor.
  • Economic research. We can prove that your partner has an undeclared job and therefore has assets to survive without the need for the high amount you receive today. We can also prove that you have goods hidden both in Spain and abroad. It is feasible to prove that your ex-partner maintains a standard of living above what should correspond. Our performance will serve to reveal the real economic situation of your ex-partner so that you can act on it by requesting a modification of your alimony.
  • False complaints. In recent years the abuse of false allegations by the couple has spread, alleging all kinds of facts such as drug or alcohol, sexual abuse, threats, harassment, assault, etc. All this with the intention of establishing a court order to remove the child as well as the domicile of the family. In addition, these false allegations can have serious criminal repercussions. Our intervention can clarify in this type of behaviors more and more widespread every day.
  • Detection of spy devices. It is very common to place microphones, recorders and other hidden devices such as cameras and voice recorders, GPS, etc. This is due to the simplicity today of getting these spy devices. The ex-partner can take advantage of entry and exit moments to install them without raising suspicions. The ex-partner tries to obtain information to later use it in the judicial process on their behalf. Such used spy objects can be placed in the most rocky places mimicked as one more element of the house. It could even be the case of devices permanently connected to the electricity system and that do not stop emitting outside. Arga Detectives Group are experts in electronic Scan, we are in possession of sophisticated devices capable of finding any spy element. We have been working with complex Contra electronic measures equipment capable of performing complete electronic scans in the detection of hidden microphones as well as any other device that threatens privacy for more than 10 years. We carry out the inspection of your home with different electronic Scanning techniques using state-of-the-art technology. Among the methodology used by our detectives in Madrid for electronic sweeps we can mention:
    • Radio Frequency Analysis.
    • Analysis of electronic elements.
    • Thermal analysis.
    • Eye inspection with specialized devices such as endoscopes.


Arga Group are a Private Detective Agency in Madrid expert in all kinds of private investigations around the divorce and pensions process.

On many occasions the process of separation and pension can become a terrible odyssey since one of the parties does not collaborate and what it intends is to even distort reality to produce in its favor an inclination of the balance.

The role of the private detective is imperative in this context as bringing the truth to the judge for a fair sentence to take place.

And he’s the private detective, the only professional who can prove the facts by providing the truth.

Alimony becomes an element of struggle and conquest where one of the spouses refuses to spend it on the grounds of a whole series of lies.

In this situation the most disadvantaged are undoubtedly children.

Arga Detectives Group specializes in testing the truth in these cases counting on the effect with a lot of experience.

In most cases it is alleged that he has had his working day reduced or even that he has been fired.


Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Infidelity Private Detectives in Spain | Infidelity Investigation in Spain.

Do you Want to know the prices of divorce detectives in Madrid? This issue is widely sued to citizens on what are the tariffs of our detectives in Madrid to investigate in a divorce proceeding.

The truth is that there are no global tariffs set for this purpose, since we will have to see what it is about trying all its details.

The normal thing in this type of family research is to conduct a private investigation of about three days, to prove the repeated behavior of the ex-spouse.

We usually arrange an interview with our client to give us all the details about it and then after your assessment by our team of divorce detectives in Madrid we bring a quote to our client.

A three-day investigation, for example, can range from 1000 to 1500 euros to get an idea. It will depend on the complexity of it to assess your up or down fork.

We are based on the guideline prices sponsored by the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain, the same, you can see them published in our rates section on our website.


If you are looking for a divorce detective, our private detectives can help you get the evidence you need quickly and effectively.

We have a large team of divorce investigators in Madrid who have extensive experience in this matter such as private research in the divorce process.

We know how sensitive the matter is and we will treat you with great tact throughout the divorce investigation process, from the first phone call to its conclusion.

Throughout the process our divorce detectives will maintain maximum discretion and confidentiality at all times.

Contact us via our email or call us at our 24-hour phone +34 913 866 294 and a divorce detective will assist you.

Hire the best private divorce detectives in Madrid and the whole Spain.

Get the evidence you need to make alimony fair.



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