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Contacting our private detective agency is very easy. You can do it in different ways according to your convenience.

After explaining your case to us, we will provide you with a closed and non-binding quotation. During the process we will value your particular situation with empathy and we will provide you with a personalized and completely free price. You can do it by any of these ways:

We offer maximum confidentiality and security

Do not gamble by hiring fake detectives. Go only to a legally accredited private investigator.

It is overwhelming to be pressured with the deceptions and frauds that are being presented today, this kind of rush can lead to make wrong decisions, and even trust who should not, so when it comes to require a private detective can not dispose their cause on anyone, but only on a true detective.

Hiring a private detective in Spain is being a more frequent action than you imagine, because its role has expanded in recent years to treat and explore more areas of care, from the personal, business, financial and even technological, is a special discipline to clarify all kinds of questions.

There are a number of things to consider when hiring a private detective that you should be aware of. It is likely that at this point you need the services of a private investigator, either as a company or as an individual, but you do not know how to be sure. You feel confused, logically, this situation is much more common than you think, plus the fear of being scammed.

Therefore, we tell you everything you need to know about how to hire a real detective, giving you a professional vision and supporting you with our extensive experience in the sector.

Every detective must have an official license (TIP), issued by the General Directorate of Police, which contains the identification data of the professional. It indicates that the person is legalized to exercise all the functions foreseen by the private security law as a private detective. This is the only sure way not to make a mistake when hiring a private detective.

In order for the private detective to perform his work, he must be endorsed and supervised by the Ministry of the Interior and the General Directorate of the Police. This is included in the Private Security Law. As well as there are clear benefits of this hiring, it is necessary to dedicate attention to choose the professional that suits your needs, that way you can guarantee that you are in the right hands.

Through Grupo Arga you get a whole area of services with total security and guarantee so that you can resort to any investigation process with the certainty that you are dealing with qualified professionals.

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