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Private detectives 24h

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Private Detectives in Marbella



Do you need a detective in Marbella?

The best detectives are part of Grupo Arga Detectives. Our private detectives in Marbella, are authorized to perform all types of private investigations with Official License 2464.

Our private investigators in Marbella are characterized by working with transparency at the time of investigating any situation that our clients demand from us and thus provide them with an unparalleled work.

Our Detectives in Marbella are characterized by discretion, experience, duty and effectiveness, essential pillars to offer our future users positive results. This set of actions contributes to effective resolutions and results in your company or at a personal level. Always in a confidential manner.

All the data obtained in the investigations will be reflected in writing in a report and ratified in court if necessary. A private detective in Marbella is a professional who, under legal standards, will carry out in-depth investigations that the client requires for personal or legal gain.

Arga Group: The Best Private Detectives in Marbella

Grupo Arga is a recognized private detective agency in Marbella, specialized in offering investigation and security services for both individuals and companies. With extensive experience and a highly qualified team, Grupo Arga stands out for its professionalism, confidentiality and efficiency in each case. Whether you need to investigate infidelity, perform electronic sweeps or protect your company’s cybersecurity, Grupo Arga is ready to help. Their transparent prices and rates will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are getting a quality and reliable service. Contact them now to find out how they can help you with your research in Marbella.

Contact Grupo Arga in Marbella for your researches

If you are looking for highly skilled professionals to conduct investigations in Marbella, look no further. Grupo Arga is the perfect choice for your research needs. With years of experience in the private detective field, Grupo Arga has a team of experts dedicated to providing a reliable and effective service.

When you contact Grupo Arga in Marbella, you can be sure that you will receive a professional and personalized treatment. Their team of private detectives is available to answer your questions and discuss the details of your case. Whether you need to investigate an infidelity, perform an electronic sweep or require the services of computer experts, Grupo Arga has the experience and resources necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.

In addition to its experience and knowledge in the field of research, Grupo Arga stands out for its transparency in terms of prices and rates. There will be no unpleasant surprises at the end of the process, as you will be provided with a clear and detailed quotation from the beginning.

Don’t waste any more time looking for private detectives in Marbella. Contact Grupo Arga today and let their experts help you solve your problems. Whether personal or corporate, their team is ready to provide you with the peace of mind and security you need.

Transparent prices and rates Marbella detectives for your peace of mind

When it comes to hiring a private detective, one of the main concerns of clients is the cost of the service. At Grupo Arga, we understand the importance of offering transparent prices and rates to provide peace of mind to our customers. For this reason, we make sure to establish clear and detailed agreements with our clients before starting any investigation. This means that there will be no surprises in terms of additional costs or hidden charges.

Furthermore, at Grupo Arga we believe that transparency in our pricing is fundamental to building long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our clients rely on us to conduct important and confidential investigations, so we want to make sure they feel comfortable and confident working with us.

We offer competitive and fair prices for all our investigative services, from infidelity investigations to electronic sweeps. We also offer customized payment plans to suit each client’s individual needs and budgets.


In short, at Grupo Arga we are committed to providing transparent prices and rates to guarantee our clients’ peace of mind. We strive to establish clear and detailed agreements prior to commencing any investigation and offer customized payment plans to suit each client’s individual needs.

Infidelity investigation in Marbella: How can Grupo Arga help you?

When you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, it is normal to feel confused and vulnerable. In these cases, the help of a private detective can be essential to obtain concrete evidence and put an end to the uncertainty. Grupo Arga is a private detective agency in Marbella that has extensive experience in the investigation of infidelities. Their detectives are highly trained to conduct discreet and effective investigations using tracking, surveillance, audio and video recording techniques.

Grupo Arga works with total confidentiality and transparency, providing the client with a detailed report on the results obtained. In addition, prices and rates are transparent from the outset, so that the customer can rest assured at all times.

It is important to note that the evidence obtained by a private detective is legal and can be presented before a judge if you wish to initiate legal proceedings. Therefore, having Grupo Arga’s help can be key to obtain irrefutable evidence and make informed decisions.

In conclusion, if you suspect infidelity in Marbella, Grupo Arga is an excellent option to carry out a rigorous and reliable investigation. With their experience and professionalism, they will be able to provide concrete evidence and help the client make the right decisions for his or her personal situation.

Investigation of sick leave in Marbella: Why is it important to hire a private detective?

The investigation of sick leave is a sensitive issue that can directly affect companies. That is why it is important to have the services of a private detective specialized in this area. Grupo Arga in Marbella offers this service, guaranteeing transparency and professionalism in every investigation. Hiring a private detective to investigate a suspicious sick leave can help companies save money and time, as they can determine whether or not the sick leave is justified. In addition, it can help prevent future fraud and malpractice by employees. Private detectives can conduct interviews with the employee in question, collect relevant information and conduct surveillance to gather conclusive evidence. It is important to keep in mind that private detectives work within the legal and ethical framework, guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of the information collected. In conclusion, hiring a private detective specialized in sick leave investigations can be a smart investment for companies looking to protect their interests and avoid future legal or economic problems.


Electronic sweeps Marbella: Protect your privacy and security in Marbella

Nowadays, it is common for many individuals and companies to be victims of spying or unauthorized surveillance through electronic devices. To protect the privacy and security of its clients, Grupo Arga offers electronic sweeping services in Marbella. An electronic sweep consists of a thorough and systematic search for eavesdropping devices, hidden cameras and other spying equipment installed without authorization on a property. Private detectives specialized in this type of investigation use high-tech equipment to detect any device that could be capturing confidential information. Electronic sweeps are especially important for businessmen, politicians and public persons who may be subject to surveillance by competitors, criminal groups or government agencies. In addition, electronic sweeps are also useful for individuals who suspect that their privacy is being violated for some reason. By hiring Grupo Arga to perform an electronic sweep, customers can rest assured that their privacy is being protected and that any spying devices will be discovered and removed. In conclusion, if you want to protect your privacy and security in Marbella, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga to request an electronic sweeping service.

Detectives for companies in Marbella: Discover how Grupo Arga can help your business

Grupo Arga is a private detective agency in Marbella that offers specialized services for companies. With extensive experience and a highly trained team, Grupo Arga can help your business in several areas. From internal investigations to detect fraud or theft, to employee or competitor background checks, your private detectives are prepared to meet any challenge.

One of the advantages of hiring Grupo Arga is its personalized approach. They understand that each company is unique and requires solutions tailored to its specific needs. Working closely with you, Grupo Arga detectives will design an efficient and confidential investigation strategy.

In addition, Grupo Arga stands out for its professionalism and ethics in the handling of your sensitive business information. All reports and evidence collected are presented in a clear and concise manner, complying with legal and ethical standards.

Hiring private detectives for your company can be a smart investment. In addition to preventing financial losses, you can also protect the reputation and image of your business. Grupo Arga’s services can help you uncover any suspicious activity within your company, such as leaks of confidential information or fraudulent activities.

In short, if you are looking for professional and reliable private detectives for your company in Marbella, Grupo Arga is the ideal choice. Their experience, expertise and personalized approach will provide you with the peace of mind and security you need to protect your business interests.

Request a free quote from a detective in Marbella

Computer experts in Marbella: The importance of cyber security for your data

Data security has become a critical issue in our increasingly digitized society. In Marbella, having trained computer experts is crucial to protect personal and business information from potential cyber-attacks. Grupo Arga offers computer expertise services in this city, providing a comprehensive solution to ensure the cybersecurity of your data.

Grupo Arga’s computer experts have extensive knowledge in technology and digital security, which allows them to identify and analyze any possible vulnerability in your computer systems. These experts use advanced techniques to detect intrusions, malware or any other suspicious activity that could compromise the integrity of your data.

In addition, Grupo Arga’s computer experts can also carry out digital forensic investigations in case of cybercrime incidents. This includes recovering deleted data, analyzing electronic devices and obtaining digital evidence that can be used in legal proceedings.


Hiring computer experts in Marbella is especially relevant for companies, as it allows them to safeguard the confidentiality of their sensitive information and protect themselves against possible external or internal attacks. In addition, these experts can also advise on preventive measures and appropriate security policies to ensure continued data protection.

In short, having professional IT experts in Marbella is essential to ensure cybersecurity and protect your data against potential threats. Grupo Arga offers specialized services in this field, providing peace of mind and confidence to its customers in terms of digital security.

In short, Grupo Arga stands out as a reliable and professional private detective agency in Marbella. With a wide range of services, from infidelity investigations to computer forensics, they offer customized solutions to meet each client’s needs. Their transparency in prices and rates provides peace of mind to those who require their services, while their experience and knowledge guarantee effective results. In addition, their commitment to privacy and security is reflected in the electronic sweeps they provide to protect confidential information. If you are a company in Marbella, Grupo Arga can also help you to solve problems related to your business. However, when considering hiring a private detective or computer expert, it is important to reflect on the ethics and legal implications of these practices. What is the right balance between privacy protection and the need to obtain information?

Why hire detectives in Marbella?

It is not easy to decide on which private detective trust when you are the victim of injustice or you have the feeling that your partner is betraying you or a member of your work team is selling information to the competition and you get stressed because you don’t know how to get out of the situation.

A quality detective agency , when advising you on the case, will first guide you with the support of a certified private detective, assessing what would be the outcome that fits your request.

It is of importance to look at the reputation of the detective company, this can be done in several ways: through its home page, observing the receptivity among the sector, its social networks, client comments, etc. This way you will know if the office takes its work seriously, and if it is legally certified by the Ministry of the Interior and has professionals suitable for the service you are requesting.


Detectives in Marbella experts in evidence collection

Grupo Arga Detectives is a company that has always aimed to provide the best of the best to its customers, that means that through the activities we deploy daily we get the ultimate goal of the greatest satisfaction of our customers, a matter that places us as an agency that will always be focused on a field of evidence and resolution of each case at the service of the client.

Our private detective in Marbella is an element that has a high level of training and can also guarantee the best conditions to deploy various strategies and actions of importance in each investigation in order to get to the heart of the facts.

Additionally, our investigative detectives are a staff that think day by day on how to provide the best of evidence and sufficient elements of conviction towards the management of the concerns of our clients.

From Grupo Arga detectives the reason why we get up every day to meet the detective exercise is to satisfy our customers, because their smile and satisfaction to have the advantage over any fact is our main reason for being.




















Detectives in Marbella experts in surveillance and tracking

Through our private detective services in Marbella we will provide you with the surveillance and monitoring service you need. Our private detectives in Marbella offer you the best quality of service.

The best investigative services in terms of the deployment of surveillance and monitoring strategies are available to all those who are able to hire private agents with the objective of obtaining the required data and information in a timely manner.

From Grupo Arga detectives we have maintained since our inception a highly professional expertise criteria, able to provide the best answers to the different types of customers who come to our agency, with the aim of satisfying their concerns and needs, for this, our research firm has managed to play a whole program that is able to focus on customer management as a fundamental element.

Managing the needs of our clients in the field of private investigations is not something that is achieved overnight, this has led mainly to generate a set of strategies that have allowed us to improve over time.


The best we have been able to achieve from Grupo Arga detectives, is to adapt to the changes and demands of our customers, this implies having been agile enough to provide the best response at the right time.


Private Investigation Strategies by private detectives in Marbella

Being agile when developing an investigation has implied, on our part, the deployment of new research techniques. surveillance and monitoring, and requires the implementation of different elements that can identify our “timing” of response to customer requirements, as this is the only guarantee to be able to manage these processes properly.

Satisfactory client management, from the point of view of private investigation, is not only able to generate the answer to each case, but also to be seen as the coverage of a questionIt is also very necessary to keep in mind that new elements can be developed to establish what findings can lead to better post-case decision making by the client, thus our researchers have a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

The generation of positive strategies towards the construction of a research case is also about the possibility of establishing a status of improvement on the services that we are able to structure for our clients in the short, medium and long term.

Efficient solution with our detective in Marbella

The best investigative detectives able to establish the policies and procedures for surveillance and monitoring The most optimal solutions are available to our customers in order to establish a sense of timely response at all times, this is the guarantee of excellence of our organization and also means the possibility of being successful in the development of our activities.

Grupo Arga Detectives is a detective agency in Marbella that has set out to generate various elements that allow us to establish a strategic action towards the short, medium and long term. The consolidation of our objectives as well as the construction of various cases allow us to build the best response.

The construction of a solid research case, is undoubtedly the guarantee for the optimal development of all operations of Grupo Arga, with the objective of providing the best of the best to our customers, it also means that from our agency is in effect the commitment to the entire community, with the objective of determining the better condition of excellence in quality of a pioneering research service.

At Grupo Arga Detectives we have trained our agents according to success parameters, which allow them to develop their professional career to the fullest. Grupo Arga Detectives is an organization that has undoubtedly generated the best training elements in its investigators so that they can meet the demands of a changing consumer segment.

Grupo Arga detectives is an organization of detective investigation that has more than 10 years in all Spain and that undoubtedly proposes the generation of diverse elements that can be the indicated ones towards satisfaction of our clients. Establishing monitoring and follow-up parameters for all the cases in which we work is something that fills us with satisfaction and excellence in our work.

Do not be confused in the choice of detectives in Marbella.

The best detectives in Marbella are at the disposal of our clients with the objective of providing the best of the answers at the moment in which the investigation services are required, this undoubtedly ends up generating a propitious framework towards the resolution of cases within our organization.

A private detective is a professional who does not allow himself to fail and thanks to a high level of training and experience, he has enough knowledge and expertise to perform different tasks that can lead him to success in every activity he performs on a daily basis.

In Grupo Arga, we have thought of our detectives in Marbella, as a factor of union and change towards the development of detective work, as they are a clear example of how partnership schemes can be generated. Together in parallel they constitute the possibility of executing a successful case.

The professions and activities that support all the requirements emanating from the detective in the field are directed towards the management of various elements where it is required a highly specialized judgmentThis generates the need to implement in every investigation process agents with laboratory operation areas, standing out for their development of studies in the determination of DNA evidence and also through the matching of fingerprints.


In addition, our investigation agents are a staff that think day by day on how to provide the best of evidence and sufficient elements of conviction towards the management of our clients’ concerns.


Highly qualified private detective in Marbella

One of the most requested services that we have in our detective agency, is the stipulation of private detective work in family investigations, where we will also offer our services with adequate costs adapted to each of our clients.

Our detective agency Grupo Arga Detectives, offers any kind of service that the law allows us to provide, any occasion and situation that you deserve without any doubt, with all the legality that is merited in the situation.

Among the properties that an agency must have are the following private investigation in Marbella The most relevant is the staff that works in it, and it happens that the detectives that render their services in our agency have to be highly qualified detectives and have certification endorsed by the Ministry of the Interior.

The tasks that Grupo Arga detectives has proposed to carry out are related to the execution of investigation and justification activities in the field of private investigation by means of the management of a specialized workThis represents a sufficient guarantee to express to third parties that our researchers are resources that will always be conducted in a transparent and transparent manner. code of ethics The aim is to provide our customers with the answers they need.

Our Arga Group Detectives are high-level resourcesthat will not stop their modernizing zeal, this implies the need to always maintain an optimal investigative criteria that is able to provide an adequate response framework capable of responding to the changing needs of our investigators. From Grupo Arga detectives the reason why we get up every day to meet the detective exercise is to satisfy our customers, because their smile and satisfaction to have the advantage over any fact is our main reason for being.

Contact a detective in Marbella with Guarantees

A private investigation agency in Marbella must have some properties that make it the best private investigation agency in the region where it is located. In Marbella the investigation agencies that provide their services have the possibility of being agencies with prominent prestige or some that do not have so much, but if we are talking about the best private investigation agency we must mention Grupo Arga Detectives. Our agency has particular properties that make it the best choice in Marbella.

A Marbella private detective who has been trained in an institution that offers a detective career and has spent numerous years learning to become an investigative professional is of utmost consideration to achieve superior results quickly. The moment you hire our services you will be closer to solve any case through private investigation.

And it happens that sometimes there are people who call themselves “private detectives” but they do not have any kind of accreditation that verifies that they are expert private detectives of investigation who legally practice their profession in the territory of Marbella.

That is why at the moment of hiring research services you should be very careful and investigate which is the best alternative before resorting to a hasty decision and hiring anyone who claims to be a professional researcher.

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