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International Private Investigations


International Private Investigations

Do you need to conduct any international research? Are you looking for an international detective and don’t know where to go? Don’t know where to address your problem? Grupo Arga Detectives is an international private detective agency that covers any part of the world.

We provide national and international coverage. This is because we have partnership agreements with leading private detective agencies around the world.

We have a large portfolio of international clients who are not only individuals but also large multinationals that have been with us for many years trusting our international private detective agency due to the very satisfactory results that are produced.

Grupo Arga Detectives knows perfectly all the legal regulations in each country it investigates in order to produce evidence with absolute validity to be presented in court.

We conduct a very high percentage of international research annually, both from Europe and other continents.


Arga Group: The Best Choice for International Research

Grupo Arga is the best option for international research. With extensive experience and professionalism, this group excels in the field of international criminal investigation. Its services range from fraud and corruption investigations to human tracing and international tracking. In addition, Grupo Arga has state-of-the-art technology that supports its research and guarantees accurate results. Confidentiality and discretion are fundamental values for this group, which is distinguished by its ethics and commitment to its clients. If you are looking to hire the best international detectives, do not hesitate to choose Grupo Arga.

Why choose Grupo Arga for international research?

If you need to conduct international research, choosing Grupo Arga is the best option. Why? First of all, Grupo Arga has more than 10 years of experience in international research. Its professionals have worked on complex cases and have achieved successful results in different parts of the world. Secondly, the key to Grupo Arga’s success is its professionalism. All of its detectives are highly trained and have the necessary skills to conduct rigorous and thorough investigations. In addition, their team is made up of experts in different areas, which allows them to approach each case in a comprehensive manner and find effective solutions for their clients.

As for the services offered by Grupo Arga in international investigations, these are varied and adapted to the specific needs of each case. From the location of missing persons to the investigation of corporate or financial fraud, from the tracking and surveillance of suspicious persons to the investigation of criminal conduct in the corporate environment.

Another aspect that distinguishes Grupo Arga is its state-of-the-art technology, which allows them to carry out more efficient and accurate investigations. In addition, confidentiality and discretion are fundamental values in their work, which allows them to protect the privacy of their clients and guarantee the security of the information they handle.

In summary, choosing Grupo Arga for international investigations is a wise decision due to its extensive experience, professionalism, variety of services, advanced technology, confidentiality and discretion. If you need to hire the best international detectives, do not hesitate to contact them.


Experience and Professionalism: The key of Grupo Arga Internacional

Experience and Professionalism: The key of Grupo Arga

Experience and professionalism are two fundamental aspects that distinguish Grupo Arga as the best option for international investigations. With more than 15 years in the market, this group of private detectives has accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of international investigations. Each member of the team is highly trained and has an outstanding track record in the field of criminal investigation.

The key to Grupo Arga’s success lies in its rigorous selection and training process for its professionals. All detectives who are part of this group are thoroughly screened before being hired, ensuring that only the best experts join their ranks. In addition, the team is constantly updated on the latest techniques and research tools, which allows them to offer an efficient and accurate service.

Professionalism is another distinctive value of Grupo Arga. Each case is treated with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality, ensuring that all legal and ethical regulations are respected. Grupo Arga detectives understand the importance of maintaining the privacy and protection of sensitive information, so they work with discretion and confidentiality at all times.

In summary, experience and professionalism are fundamental aspects that make Grupo Arga the best choice for international investigations. Its highly trained team, its rigorous selection and training process, as well as its commitment to confidentiality and discretion, ensure successful and satisfactory results for its clients.

International Investigations: What services does Grupo Arga offer?

Grupo Arga offers a wide range of international research services to meet the needs of its clients. With years of experience in the field, Grupo Arga has established itself as a benchmark in the international criminal investigation industry. Their services include fraud investigations, locating individuals, background checks, financial investigations and much more. Grupo Arga’s team of expert international detectives is highly trained and has extensive experience in handling complex international cases. They use advanced methods and techniques to gather information and obtain solid evidence that can be used in legal proceedings. In addition, Grupo Arga stands out for its commitment to confidentiality and discretion in all its investigations. Clients can be confident that their matters will be handled in a professional and confidential manner. Whether it is a personal or corporate case, Grupo Arga has the resources and experience necessary to resolve any situation and provide effective results. By choosing Grupo Arga for international investigations, clients can have the peace of mind of having a professional and dedicated team that strives to provide the best possible service and achieve the desired objectives.

Grupo Arga: International Research Experts

Grupo Arga is a private investigation agency with extensive experience in the field of international criminal investigation. Its detectives specialized in this field are highly qualified to carry out investigations anywhere in the world, thanks to their knowledge and understanding of international laws and the legal procedures that apply in each country.

Grupo Arga’s international criminal investigation experts use advanced techniques to gather information, including the use of state-of-the-art technology and conducting exhaustive research on background, financial records and other aspects relevant to each case. In addition, they have a wide network of contacts in different countries, which allows them to obtain valuable information from local sources and to collaborate with other research agencies around the world.

Grupo Arga’s experience and professionalism are key in the resolution of complex cases of international crimes such as money laundering, drug trafficking or human trafficking. Its multidisciplinary team is made up of detectives, lawyers and security experts, which allows them to offer a comprehensive service to their clients.

In summary, Grupo Arga is a reliable and effective option for those in need of international criminal investigations. Its highly trained team and experience in this field guarantee successful results in the resolution of complex cases. In addition, its commitment to confidentiality and discretion makes it an ideal choice for those who need to maintain privacy throughout the process.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Grupo Arga's support for International Research

Grupo Arga is a detective agency that stands out for its cutting-edge technology in international investigations. The company has modern and advanced tools that allow them to carry out investigations efficiently and accurately. One of the most prominent tools is surveillance technology, which allows them to monitor investigative targets in real time and obtain conclusive evidence. In addition, they have specialized software for data analysis and pattern identification, enabling them to solve complex cases more quickly and efficiently.

Another tool that allows Grupo Arga to be leaders in technology is the use of drones in research. These devices are especially useful in cases where images or videos need to be obtained from high angles or places inaccessible to investigators. They also have hidden cameras and spy microphones that allow them to obtain valuable information without arousing suspicion.

In addition, the company uses advanced security systems to ensure the protection of sensitive information obtained during investigations. This includes encryption and authentication measures to ensure that only authorized persons can access the data.


In conclusion, Grupo Arga is a company committed to offering high quality international research services through the use of state-of-the-art technology. The combination of modern tools and highly trained professionals allows them to solve complex cases quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Confidentiality and Discretion: Values that distinguish Grupo Arga Internacional

One of the fundamental values that distinguish Grupo Arga in the field of international investigations is its absolute commitment to confidentiality and discretion. Understanding the importance of protecting the privacy of its clients, this detective agency is committed to safeguarding all confidential information obtained during its investigations.

Grupo Arga has a strict code of professional ethics that guarantees the confidentiality of each case. Their expert detectives adhere to the highest ethical and legal standards to ensure that all information collected is held in complete confidence.

In addition, Grupo Arga understands that international investigations may involve sensitive and delicate matters. Therefore, they strive to carry out their tasks as discreetly as possible, avoiding any unnecessary exposure or violation of their clients’ privacy.

Confidentiality and discretion are fundamental values for Grupo Arga, as they understand that the success of an international investigation depends to a great extent on maintaining the integrity and security of the information collected. Their commitment to these values is evident in every case they undertake, giving their clients peace of mind knowing that their privacy is protected at all times.

In summary, Grupo Arga stands out for its firm commitment to confidentiality and discretion in all its international investigations. These core values are an integral part of their professional ethics and allow them to offer a quality service, based on trust and respect for their clients.


Hire the Best International Detectives with Grupo Arga

Hire the Best International Detectives with Grupo Arga. If you need to investigate a matter abroad, look no further than Grupo Arga. This international criminal investigation agency has a team of highly trained detectives experienced in conducting complex international investigations. Grupo Arga detectives have a thorough knowledge of local laws and regulations, as well as extensive experience in working with foreign authorities. In addition, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and advanced research tools to assist them in their work.

Grupo Arga’s international detectives can help you investigate matters ranging from corporate fraud to industrial espionage cases, from tracing missing persons to locating assets hidden abroad. They can also provide you with detailed reports and solid evidence to support your legal claims.

At Grupo Arga, confidentiality and discretion are fundamental values. You can rest assured that all information you share with them will be kept strictly confidential. In addition, his team works diligently to ensure that all investigations are conducted in a legal and ethical manner.

In short, if you need to investigate something abroad, do not hesitate to hire the best international detectives with Grupo Arga. Its highly trained team, experience and professionalism, advanced technology and core values make it the best choice for complex international investigations.

In summary, Grupo Arga is positioned as the best option for international investigations due to its experience, professionalism and wide range of services. Its international criminal investigation experts, backed by state-of-the-art technology, guarantee accurate and reliable results. In addition, confidentiality and discretion are fundamental values that distinguish this group of international detectives. However, reflection on the ethical and moral impact of international research remains open. What is the boundary between obtaining crucial information and violating people’s privacy? How can we ensure that these investigations are conducted in a fair and equitable manner? Grupo Arga shows its expertise and professionalism, but it is important to question how individual rights can be protected while conducting an effective international investigation.

Expert detectives in international investigations

Arga Detectives Group is a member of different international and international associations that give it a solid character in the international private investigations panorama.

It is worth noting: Being a member of all these associations allows us to be constantly in communication with members belonging to all countries. In addition, the collaboration with other major international detective agencies allows us to be more efficient in the investigation and lower the cost of carrying it out.

Grupo Arga Detectives is formed by private detectives with high qualifications and experience that makes us different from the rest of Madrid Detective Agency. We will provide you with a versatile law firm capable of succeeding in any international private investigation carried out.

Our professionals are fluent in languages, communicating in English with high comprehension skills. Our international clients range from individuals to companies of all types.

Grupo Arga Detectives acts quickly and decisively, achieving the best results under any scenario. If you want an optimal answer, don’t look any further and contact us.


International Detectives with solidity and solvency

The practice and representation of private investigation, leads to constant innovation in both the offer and the performance of each private detective, because in the end in their functions is the reputation of the detective agency.

In our case, as Grupo Arga, from day one we have sought to offer each person the best, under our own review, the continuous evaluation of our own functions, is what has led us to extend our horizons, geographically speaking, as well as intellectually, both go hand in hand.

At Grupo Arga we are specialists in international research. We have conducted successful international research in more than 20 countries. Knowledge of local regulations, environment and contacts is essential in the research process outside the national level.

Our team of private detectives has fantastic experience in this regard, obtaining the information desired by the client with the utmost discretion and absolute efficiency.

We collaborate with members of the leading global private detective associations and have direct contact with employees in all countries. Our experience sets us apart from other private investigation agencies and allows us to obtain the best results.

Specialized private detectives

Private detective services in private investigation


Any type of company, from the smallest to the largest, is a juicy target for any type of vandalism or illegal act. Our team of private detectives are highly qualified to solve any issue that intrigues your company. We act in the following areas:

Investigation of sick leave.
Corporate investigations
Solvency Reports
Patent and Trademark Research
Mystery shopping
Hotel Security
Economic reports
Labor detectives
Non-uniformed surveillance
Follow-up to Commercials.
Information Leakage
Internal thefts

More information


Private investigations related to a personal or family environment are much more sensitive and we approach them in a more special way. When dealing with close people, whether family members or a group of friends, this type of situation carries an emotional connotation that must be approached with sensitivity. We conduct investigations for:

Modification of regulatory agreement
Demonstration of coexistence
Paternity Tests.
Control of Minors.
Scam investigation
DNA analysis
Addiction Research
Cults and fanaticism
Doubts about domestic service
Fulfillment of housing orders

More information


Advances in information and technology have offered endless opportunities to this contemporary world, but it has brought with it other types of actions that can be malicious and illegal. Arga Detectives is in charge of solving the following technological problems:

Electronic sweeps.
Analysis of Mobile Phones.
WhatsApp Research
Recovery of deleted messages
Social Network Research.
Computer expertise
Computer audits
Authenticity Certification.
Hacker research
Computer analysis of computers
Spyware detection
Installation of Hidden Cameras.
Forensic Image Analysis.

More information


We offer certain specialized services to solve special situations that require highly qualified private detectives:

Location of Persons.
Old rental lease
Electronic sweeps
Handwriting appraisals
Fraud investigation
Conduct reports
Surveillance and monitoring
Camera installation
Hidden cameras
Non-uniformed surveillance
Cell phone analysis
Mutual and insurance companies
Whatsapp recovery
Urban Leases.
Conduct Reports.

More information


Finding a Detective who specializes in providing evidence to trusted lawyers and who will be effective when facing trial can be a difficult task.

In Grupo Arga Private Detectives, we offer the best service of assistance to lawyers, with a high professional capacity, experts in providing judicial evidence and the best advice in the judicial sector.

More information


Our quality private investigation services reach beyond the Spanish territory, so if you have any problem outside our borders, do not hesitate to count on Arga Detectives, professionals inside and outside Spain. We operate internationally.

No matter what kind of problem or compromising situation you are in, at Arga Detectives we have a group of professional private investigators trained to solve with the utmost confidentiality and discretion any private matter. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer services in most countries, such as USA, Portugal, Andorra, France, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, etc.

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Specialized international research

Private detective services required by companies or individuals do not always have a clearly delimited place. Many stories move from city to city, even from one country to another, and many others take place directly outside our borders. At Grupo Arga, we have a large network of private investigators with the possibility of offering national and international coverage, according to the client’s needs.

We also have agreements with industry professionals abroad, which allows the site to never be at a disadvantage in resolving any case. During the last year alone, we focused our efforts on more than 550 international investigations, most of them of the nature of work.

Actions similar to the above are those carried out by our team of private investigators abroad or international detectives, who concentrate their efforts on cases that exceed our borders or are developed directly. Today, our network of professionals covers a large part of the European continent and offers services practically all over the world.

Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, United States are just some of the areas we have offered our expertise in the past year. In all cases, regardless of the place where the investigators, private detectives comply with the corresponding legality, both in the exercise of our functions and in accordance with the standards.

Experienced international private detective agency

Between the first doubt and the unbearable doubt, opportunities to collect evidence will be lost. Hiring a private detective is a very thoughtful act and usually by the time the client decides to make the first visit to an agency, a very important moment has taken place and the suspects have perfected their behavior. Hiring private detectives for cheap international investigations is the same as doing nothing.

For this reason, it is our agency’s commitment to respond to quotation requests within 24 hours. The commitment that we will always respect the proposed case is legitimate. Even in the services included in the express service, the detective’s reaction time to start an investigation is established in the same period.


At Arga Detectives, we collaborate with companies to detect this type of toxic practices in companies. When the problem is part of the company, between certain employees and management. Specialized office personnel are generally infiltrated.

To get information about what is actually happening at the facility. Therefore, if a company has work problems, it is more effective to contact Grupo Arga’s international investigations private detectives. We can then guide the actions to be taken.

International quality research

Reliable and verifiable information is essential for all types of legal decisions and disputes. International investigations private detectives act as a contract service that can provide important information about events and processes of interest to your life or business. In this publication, we share some of the main services of a private detective.

If you need the advice of an international investigations detective agency, which has private investigators for companies, lawyers, individuals and insurance corridors, you can say the deep experience of Arga Group detectives.

The main services of a private detective cover almost any legal investigation we can imagine. Depending on the skills and legal possibilities of the investigator, we may request customized services that appeared in the investigation of massive commercial fraud for inappropriate behavior in adolescents.

Private investigations have no boundaries. Grupo Arga Detectives operates worldwide for all types of private investigations. Grupo Arga Detectives has extensive experience in international investigations having developed over the years its own method of work in surveillance and tracking operations.


Win the bet with our international private detectives

The professional development of our private detectives , deserves to be taken to every corner of Spain, this claim is fulfilled with the passage of time, obtaining a wide coverage of the national territory, as well as all areas of need that arise in each client who requests to know the truth.

The vocation to serve, each time increases as the years go by, we just want to leave high the scope of private investigation, being a great effective tool to change anyone’s life, it is a very significant element, because it gives each client the firm certainty of knowing the reality after each test.

This growth could not be stopped, but continued up to the international level, since we have linked different alliances to exchange collaborations in case, as well as specialization, which helps us to conform a service without frontiers, and at the same time being able to have more experience in this work.

As a distinction is drawn in this field, this moves us much more to be available wherever it is needed, to extend the vision and development of this profession, which requires commitment from beginning to end, this is what we have had from the first moment in which this company was launched.

To form a national and international service is a strong signal that we leave of the passion that exists on these functions, because philosophically the truth does not understand distances, but at the level of service, it has no reason to be so, but on the contrary, the line of attention is being strengthened.

This type of expansion ends up being a help for those of us who issue it, as well as for each client, since it increases the level of confidence in what we do, but we also have support to cover any incident that takes place outside Spain, or that requires a particular specialty.

Hire an experienced international detective

The main objective when hiring a private investigator is to know a truth that escapes us and whose ability to manage is impossible for us. In Grupo Arga, we take into account the different needs presented by our clients and we attend and budget each case according to the needs and pretensions of each client.

When hiring a private detective, it is necessary to take into account that it is very possible that he/she may require the assistance of a third person to solve the situation, this circumstance is more common when surveillance or follow-ups are made, which will make the value vary indisputably.

The private investigator will always contribute, not only to achieve the result that the client needs, but also to improve and expand the information that he can provide to the client.

Through Grupo Arga, you will always find private detectives ready to give the best, even in special cases, we have the support of different allied media for this, the international scale is not an impediment to this, but rather an additional coverage of your problems.

Within our offer we have investigations in which we support from Spain, and we also obtain information about any incident that takes place in another destination beyond the border, when it comes to providing a quality service, we eliminate the inconvenience by solutions.

As a detective agency with extensive experience in the exercise of these functions, we have the firm belief in leaving a mark, a good image, starting with greater preparation to respond to each client, and that this is then reflected in the results obtained, in that margin of success that represents us.

Contact our International Private Detectives

We manage to bridge any existing gap with the truth, no matter what it takes, we focus on providing a clear answer, a proof of validity, over the years we only further refine the methods of obtaining such information, which ends up being key to the client’s peace of mind.

When looking for a responsible detective agency, which meets your needs, we are undoubtedly in that designation, because for this we have prepared and established a wide variety of specialization, even with international scale, demonstrating that we have plenty of ingenuity to serve you. The passion for private investigation is a feeling that identifies us, we really stand up for each case, in the same way these values are extended by each private detective, who represent this profession with an outstanding performance, really end up being the executors of each initial objective imposed.

What should emerge within each detective agency is precisely a high level of specialty, which we cover in Grupo Arga after a great number of years practicing, but also as lovers of private investigation, always seeking to take this mission to a more useful direction. Expanding the function of private investigation, lies precisely in providing a broad offering, where no one can resist, this kind of feeling we have expressed after an open book of attention, because in the end the client can find everything he needs by contacting us and asking for information about it.

Behind every problem, we plan a fair resolution, that is to say we react to its analysis, as well as to find the best expert we have to take charge, regardless of the turns or the needs of the case, we respond with an outstanding performance that has characterized us. Undoubtedly, as Grupo Arga we have always left a firm intention of wanting to help people, to place the private investigation always as a means of solution on a large number of problems, which today is confirmed after every day that we operate and every new alternative.

List of countries in which our international private detectives investigate.

1. Afghanistan
2. Albania
3. Germany
4. Andorra
5. Angola
6. Antigua and
7. Saudi Arabia
8. Algeria
9. Argentina
10. Armenia
11. Australia
12. Austria
13. Azerbaijan
14. Bahamas
15. Bangladesh
16. Barbados
17. Bahrain
18. Belgium
19. Belize
22. Burma
23. Bolivia
Bosnia and
25. Botswana
27. Brunei
28. Bulgaria
29. Burkina Faso
30. Burundi
31. Bhutan
32. Cape Verde
33. Cambodia
34. Cameroon
35. Canada
36. Qatar
37. Chad
38. Chile
39. China
40. Cyprus
41. City of
42. Colombia
43. Comoros
44. North Korea
45. South Korea
46. Ivory Coast
47. Costa Rica
48. Croatia
49. Cuba
51. Dominica
52. Ecuador
53. Egypt
54. El Salvador
55. United Arab Emirates
56. Eritrea
57. Slovakia
58. Slovenia
59. Spain
60. United States
61. Estonia
62. Ethiopia
63. Philippines
64. Finland
65. Fiji
66. France
67. Gabon
68. Gambia
69. Georgia
70. Ghana
71. Grenada
72. Greece
73. Guatemala
74. Guyana
75. Guinea
76. Guinea
77. Guinea-Bissau
78. Haiti
79. Honduras
80. Hungary
81. India
82. Indonesia
83. Iraq
84. Iran
85. Ireland
86. Iceland
87. Marshall Islands
88. Solomon Islands
89. Israel
90. Italy
91. Jamaica
92. Japan
93. Jordan
94. Kazakhstan
95. Kenya
96. Kyrgyzstan
97. Kiribati
98. Kuwait
99. Laos
100. Lesotho
101. Latvia
102. Lebanon
103. Liberia
104. Libya
105. Liechtenstein
106. Lithuania
107. Luxembourg
108. Madagascar
109. Malaysia
110. Malawi
111. Maldives
112. Mali
113. Malta
114. Morocco
115. Mauricio
116. Mauritania
117. Mexico
118. Micronesia
119. Moldova
120. Monaco

121. Mongolia
122. Montenegro
123. Mozambique
124. Namibia
125. Nauru
126. Nepal
127. Nicaragua
128. Niger
129. Nigeria
130. Norway
131. New Zealand
132. Oman
133. Netherlands
134. Pakistan
135. Palau
136. Panama
137. Papua New Guinea
138. Paraguay
139. Peru
140. Poland
141. Portugal
142. United Kingdom
143. Republic
Central African
144. Republic
145. Republic of
146. Republic of
148. Republic
149. Republic
South African
150. Rwanda
151. Romania
152. Russia
153. Samoa
154. San Cristobal
155. San Marino

156. St. Vincent and
the Grenadines
157. St. Lucia
158. Sao Tome and
159. Senegal
160. Serbia
161. Seychelles
162. Sierra Leone
163. Singapore
164. Syria
165. Somalia
166. Sri Lanka
167. Swaziland
168. Sudan
169. South Sudan
170. Sweden
171. Switzerland
172. Suriname
173. Thailand
174. Tanzania
175. Tajikistan
176. East Timor
177. Togo
178. Tonga
179. Trinidad and
180. Tunisia
181. Turkmenistan
182. Turkey
183. Tuvalu
184. Ukraine
185. Uganda
186. Uruguay
187. Uzbekistan
188. Vanuatu
189. Venezuela
190. Vietnam
191. Yemen
192. Djibouti
193. Zambia
194. Zimbabwe



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