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Private detectives offering the best private investigation services

Grupo Arga Detectives develops all types of private investigations throughout the national territory in accordance with the current regulations applicable to detectives. It should be noted that the private detective is the only person competent to perform private investigation tasks.

The purpose of our work will be to provide our clients with all the evidence and information they need about a fact that concerns them and later ratify it in court if necessary. Grupo Arga Detectives can be proud to perform all kinds of private investigations with great success, as has been amply demonstrated over the years.

One of the basic pillars of Grupo Arga Detectives is full empathy with our client. From the beginning we strive to understand the concerns of all those who visit us and expose their problems. Aware of how difficult it is for many people to go to a private detective agency in Madrid because they have never done it before, we try at all costs to convey high sensitivity and discretion in order to reassure the person who visits us always with the greatest possible respect.

The best possible treatment is achieved with a great team committed to private investigation and extensively trained, in addition to having extensive experience in problem solving.

Servicios detectives privados
Servicios detectives privados

What clients does our private detective agency have?

The clients of Grupo Arga Detectives are very diverse, coming from different parts of the national territory and the international scene. It is worth mentioning who can be a client of our private detective office in Madrid. Our best guarantee has been, without a doubt, the hundreds of clients that year after year pass through our offices in the center of the city of Madrid , as well as all those who hire us directly by phone or e-mail due to the impossibility of visiting us.

We perform private investigation services for:




Our private detectives can obtain evidence of the truth.

The attachment to the truth is crucial in any field, especially when we live day by day with great deceptions, among which are espionage, fraudulent sick leave, infidelity, etc., a whole series of facts that are becoming more frequent and dangerous.

The answer to each problem is the representation issued by our private detectives who have a high level of professionalism, which is expanded after the resolution of each case as a confirmation of the experience, this is finally invested to issue guarantees to each client and situation.


Our private detectives can obtain evidence of the truth.

Detectives privados especializados

Servicios de detectives privados en investigación privada


Cualquier tipo de empresa, desde la más pequeña hasta la más grande, son un blanco jugoso para cualquier tipo de acto vandálico o ilegal. Nuestro equipo de detectives privados están altamente cualificados para resolver cualquier asunto que intrigue a tu empresa. Actuamos en los siguientes ámbitos:

Investigation of sick leave.
Corporate investigations
Solvency Reports
Patent and Trademark Research
Mystery shopping
Hotel Security
Economic reports
Labor detectives
Non-uniformed surveillance
Follow-up to Commercials.
Information Leakage
Internal thefts

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Private investigations related to a personal or family environment are much more sensitive and we approach them in a more special way. When dealing with close people, whether family members or a group of friends, this type of situation carries an emotional connotation that must be approached with sensitivity. We conduct investigations for:

Modification of regulatory agreement
Demonstration of coexistence
Paternity Tests.
Control of Minors.
Scam investigation
DNA analysis
Addiction Research
Cults and fanaticism
Doubts about domestic service
Fulfillment of housing orders

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Advances in information and technology have offered endless opportunities to this contemporary world, but it has brought with it other types of actions that can be malicious and illegal. Arga Detectives is in charge of solving the following technological problems:

Electronic sweeps.
Analysis of Mobile Phones.
WhatsApp Research
Recovery of deleted messages
Social Network Research.
Computer expertise
Computer audits
Authenticity Certification.
Hacker research
Computer analysis of computers
Spyware detection
Installation of Hidden Cameras.
Forensic Image Analysis.

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We offer certain specialized services to solve special situations that require highly qualified private detectives:

Location of Persons.
Old rental lease
Electronic sweeps
Handwriting appraisals
Fraud investigation
Conduct reports
Surveillance and monitoring
Camera installation
Hidden cameras
Non-uniformed surveillance
Cell phone analysis
Mutual and insurance companies
Whatsapp recovery
Urban Leases.
Conduct Reports.

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Finding a Detective who specializes in providing evidence to trusted lawyers and who will be effective when facing trial can be a difficult task.

In Grupo Arga Private Detectives, we offer the best service of assistance to lawyers, with a high professional capacity, experts in providing judicial evidence and the best advice in the judicial sector.

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Our quality private investigation services reach beyond the Spanish territory, so if you have any problem outside our borders, do not hesitate to count on Arga Detectives, professionals inside and outside Spain. We operate internationally.

No matter what kind of problem or compromising situation you are in, in Arga Detectives we have a group of professional private investigators trained to solve with the utmost confidentiality and discretion any private matter. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer services in most countries, such as USA, Portugal, Andorra, France, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, etc.

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¿Quieres razones para elegir y contratar a nuestros servicios de detectives privados?

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Private detective agency with proven experience

Grupo Arga Detectives is able to offer a whole series of guarantees when using its private investigation services, contrasted over the years. The guarantees of good performance are an essential requirement when hiring the private investigation services of any private detective firm. Do not hire without these minimum guarantees.

It is extremely important that a private investigator company can offer you a minimum of guarantees clearly evidenced over the years. Only through credentials can you really know which professionals you are hiring and what you can expect from them in relation to your demanded private investigation service.

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Discreet and precise

Accuracy is crushed by precision when it comes to expressing all the results of the private investigation carried out by our private detectives. The element of accuracy is extremely essential to capture reality as it occurs without doubt by interpretations or subjective elements. The greatest accuracy can only be achieved through the use of state-of-the-art technology and the best team of private investigation professionals. In all private investigations carried out by our team of detectives everything is reflected in a detailed and accurate way in a report that is accompanied by photographs and videos.

The solvency of a private detective firm can be appreciated by its infrastructure, as well as by the technology at the service of the client and the quality of the private detectives used to carry out all its private investigations. Grupo Arga Detectives has a consolidated infrastructure over the years thanks to the use of the most modern technology available to its customers as well as the training of a great team that makes up its organization.

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Private detective agency under the strictest legality

Grupo Arga Detectives is able to offer a 24 hour investigation service. This service is achieved thanks to the possession of a team of private investigators in Madrid who are always on call. All private investigation services offered by our private detective agency in Madrid have this feature at the time of hiring.

Immediate action is only possible with a large team of Private Detectives in Madrid that rotate their services so that detectives are always available. If you need the services of private detectives in Madrid urgently and immediately, do not hesitate and contact us, we are able to respond in seconds.

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Expert detectives in surveillance and tracking

In Grupo Arga Detectives we are experts in surveillance and monitoring of all kinds, either on foot, by motorcycle or car anywhere in the Spanish territory. Surveillance and tracking is configured as a basic service of any private detective agency and therefore the key element for its success is the experimentation of the private detective.

Hiring detectives in Madrid Arga Detectives Group you can ensure the results in all surveillance and monitoring carried out. Discretion is a key element when investigating.

Grupo Arga Detectives holds this premise as something sacred and does not neglect it at any time. We know how important Discretion is at all times to safeguard the interests of our clients during the course of the investigation. Discretion is an element that is achieved with a high level of experimentation on the part of the professional who carries out the private investigation.

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Positive feedback to our private detective agency

Grupo Arga Detectives Madrid ratifies all its private investigations before the Courts of Justice, thus making clear the evidentiary element of the same and providing them with full virtuality. Through the Judicial Ratification, the Judge can raise to the Private Detective all those doubts that he considers appropriate to be clarified by the Private Investigator and acquire force.

When hiring a private detective, it is of utmost importance to hire the services of legally authorized detectives so that they can later ratify the private action taken in court. Thus, for example, a sick leave normally must be ratified later to give it value.

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Highly qualified detectives

The theoretical and practical preparation of a private detective when hiring his services is considered a key element to take into account before using his services. Grupo Arga Detectives is only formed by the best investigation professionals who have an extraordinary theoretical and practical preparation in each of the different areas of private investigation.

With proper theoretical and practical preparation we can go where others cannot. Through a complete and correct training, the private detective can face any challenge and achieve the desired results. This preparation is achieved through continuous academic training and constant recycling of science that evolves day by day and takes different forms in its presentation.



Agencia de detectives privados especializada

The specialization in each of the different areas of private investigation is configured as an essential element today by the detective to adequately perform their work. Grupo Arga Detectives is formed by specialists in each of the different areas of private investigation.

Specialization in each of the technical areas of private investigation is key to offer guarantees for the full achievement of results. Without the specialization of the personnel, it would not be possible to provide adequate service guarantees.

Servicios de investigación privada con gran valor.

An essential requirement for every detective is to perform his work with enthusiasm and joy. Grupo Arga Detectives is born with a great illusion and a great desire to contribute through its actions to people and companies what they deserve and pursue, achieving the Truth for them.

Our private detectives in Madrid perform all their tasks with great dedication and consistency that allows them to ensure excellent results. The illusion for the work of private investigation is, therefore, an extremely essential element for our Detective Agency in Madrid to be able to investigate properly.


Autorización legal de servicios de detectives

In order to work as a private detective, it is essential to obtain legal authorization from the private detective. How do you know if the private detective you want to hire is authorized? The only way to verify the authorization of the private detective is to ask the client for the detective’s personal identification card.

In this card you will be able to see the Private Detective license number that enables you to investigate within the Spanish territory, which is unique and non-transferable. Another way to be sure of hiring a legally authorized private detective firm is to check if they are members of different Associations or Colleges of Private Detectives.

Servicios de Detectives privados en el Tribunal de Justicia

All the personnel that make up our private investigation office have extensive experience in each of the sectors of private investigation. The high level of experience in the field of private investigation makes that Grupo Arga Detectives becomes a safe bet when hiring a private detective in Madridanywhere in the national and international territory.

This great experience in the field of investigation has been reflected throughout the many years of private investigation and in the hundreds of private investigations carried out not only in Madrid but throughout the national territory.
The private detective’s experience is considered key when hiring the services of a private detective agency that fits your interests.


Private detective agency with prices and rates adjusted to all budgets.

The real power of a private detective in Madrid of our team is that in Grupo Arga we ensure that each of our specialists are kept under the best possible collection of evidence, which are always assisted by the expert in that area, for this reason we seek to give attention to every corner of Spain. The coverage of private investigation by our detectives is first class, as has been ratified through various awards for excellence that prove it, this only motivates us to continue improving to be at the forefront of any problem or situation that arises. Present, from any field.

For these reasons, more and more are the functions of a private investigator, who connects with the cause of each client, to treat it in the best way, this is what differentiates us, making everyone who requests our services feel safe, counting on the certainty of finding an effective response. There is no doubt that with the ease provided by technology, and globalization in general to lie, has made all the facts are questionable, this can not be transferred to your personal life, because it would be all chaotic, instead, you need to have facts that have been verified.

Agencia de detectives privados legalmente calificada en vanguardia.

Simplify your problems thanks to our services, in Grupo Arga resides the proportion of professionals in all areas, each of our private detectives in Madrid is responsible for getting to the bottom of the truth, analyzing even the smallest detail that is related to the case. in question. Through our specialists you will have the peace of mind that nothing is overlooked, in addition to not gain more problems by invading the privacy of the person or the fact investigated, because it is a profession in which you must be thorough, and above all have extensive knowledge about the ways to proceed.

To stop worrying completely about your problems, you need our experts to study the situation and respond accordingly, this requires a high level of experience, in this sense you can rest assured that our experts are trained and updated in their area of service. There is nothing that escapes the hands of these detectives, with their objectivity they manage to impose a very outstanding margin of success above the rest, this is what differentiates our professional service from someone else who only seeks to scam you, that’s why always. It is important to note that we are licensed to operate.


Servicios de Agencia de detectives privados con gran eficiencia.

Hiring private detectives in Madrid is something that can solve the headaches of more than one person, as they do not have the tools that may require the resolution of a particular problem, in Grupo Arga detectives we have the best agents capable of solving such problems. issue in the shortest possible time.

Grupo Arga, thinking in the vocation of service to its customers, is mainly placed in the opportunity to promote the best service for all those who need to acquire the investigative activities of our private detectives in Madrid, which undoubtedly makes it possible to articulate all the elements that are necessary to run the development of a successful operation.

Do not hesitate, your best alternative is Grupo Arga Detectives.

Regarding the seriousness, privacy and results provided by Grupo Arga Detectives, we end up being the best alternative when it comes to investigate all kinds of facts, we have a variety ofprivate detectives in Madrid who are trained to deal with everything that arises from customers.

Never before has private investigation been carried out with so much commitment and distinction, this is the central idea, marking a before and after in this field, we seek to consolidate ourselves within the Spanish and international territory, being a reliable answer, studying each problem. in retrospect until a solution is found.

We do the best follow up to your causes, as professionals of private investigation, following every little detail, because the final result is not just another proof, but we understand what it is about, it ends up being a sustenance to get rid of it. the problems or decrease its size.

The benefits become clear, when you notice as a client the distinctive treatment that we make to your cause, without having to deal with overpricing, or with a place where your causes are made small, this does not happen like that, but on the contrary. We analyze the details in an impartial way, this generates the feeling of being supported at all times.

The unconditionality that our services offer you is one of our high points, from beginning to end we always work to find every nuance of the truth, forming evidence that will help you, especially because they are a key piece of a whole puzzle that has some illegal incidence as some fraud.

A direct path to the truth ends up being the action of a private investigator, without excuses, without continuing to give ground to those who intend to continue in denial of what happened, therefore, with evidence, they will only have to assume the consequences of their actions, even if they have a legal impact.

Contacto con detectives privados

In Grupo Arga detectives we do our best to give the best sense of response to all those who require the execution of a private investigation activity in the short, medium and long term. The articulation of activities by our agency always makes us think about how we can structure to all our customers and interested in hiring us a high quality service.

In Grupo Arga detectives, the management of our investigative processes is aimed at the optimal development of various elements that can give a key answer to all those who need to determine hypotheses, as well as to know what is really happening in a particular situation. .

For the agents of the Arga Group, being a bridge of great opportunities implies generating the development of various elements that can promote the structuring of an operation that involves the articulation of elements such as their investigative skills and the deployment of various organizational resources to solve a case in the shortest possible time.

Currently, in Grupo Arga we understand the urgency that can have the management of an investigation case, for that reason, from our agency, through our detectivesprivate In Madrid, we make every effort to innovate in our processes, modernize and without doubt to make a short response time feasible, since this is one of the main attributes of our effectiveness in the execution of our value proposition.

That is why from our agency we structure the best investigation processes for all those who want to establish the best sense of resolution at the level of documentation and mastery of data on a given situation. The daily activity of the private detective provides a great sense of execution and management of situations for anyone who needs to know what is really going on.

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