Private Detectives for Law Firm


The usefulness of a detective for lawyers

When looking for and needing a detective expert in providing judicial evidence, do not hesitate to consult the proposal we have in Grupo Arga Detectives. We offer you not only an important margin of security, but also the best advice in any area of a lawyer’s practice, be it labor, civil or any other type of law. You can count on our services for all kinds of situations with total confidence. We are a company committed to your needs to focus on research completely, we have the best experts for lawyers where a high level of quality research is maintained. In the middle of a judicial investigation, it becomes complicated to have reliable evidence to face this type of situation, for this reason.

professional intervention is vital with a different vision to play an active role, to support a more knowledgeable search to meet the objectives of the case. Having a detective in the middle of a legal process is a huge advantage because we are able to get you the evidence you need. Our work stands out for the constant effort to perform each action within the investigation with the utmost care, because the field of private investigation within a judicial resolution requires professionalism and attention to the smallest details. Therein lies the trick to deploying quality work together.


The cost of hiring a private attorney detective for legal cases

The cost of hiring a private detective for legal cases is an important aspect to consider for those lawyers who wish to use the services of these professionals in their investigations. Private detective fees may vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the case, the length of the investigation and the detective’s experience and reputation. In general, private detectives charge by the hour or may offer fixed-fee packages for specific cases. It is advisable for lawyers to request detailed estimates before hiring a private detective, in order to have a clear idea of the costs involved in the process. However, it is important to remember that hiring a private detective is not only a monetary expense, but also an investment in the successful resolution of the case. The experience and skills of a private detective can be instrumental in obtaining solid and relevant evidence in support of legal strategy. Therefore, although it may represent a significant financial outlay, the cost of hiring a private detective can be justified by the benefits obtained in terms of efficiency and positive results in legal cases.


The ethical and legal limits of joint work between lawyers and private detectives

The joint work between lawyers and private detectives can be very beneficial in legal cases, but it also has its ethical and legal limits. First, private detectives may not engage in activities that violate the law or the rights of individuals, such as illegally accessing information or installing surveillance devices without consent. In addition, attorneys must ensure that all information obtained by the private detective is legal and has not been obtained fraudulently or illegally. Attorneys should also be careful not to use illegally obtained information in court, as this can have negative consequences for your case and your career. Another ethical constraint is respect for the privacy of the people involved in the case, including witnesses and victims. Private detectives and attorneys must ensure that any investigation is conducted without violating the privacy or rights of these individuals. In summary, it is important that both lawyers and private detectives work within ethical and legal boundaries to ensure that all information obtained is legal and does not harm any of the parties involved in the case.

Success stories: legal cases solved through collaboration between lawyers and private detectives

The collaboration between lawyers and private detectives has been key in the resolution of many legal cases. One such case involved a company that was being sued by a former employee for wrongful termination. The lawyer in charge of the case knew that something did not fit with the former employee’s version and decided to hire a private detective to investigate further. Through the detective’s investigation, it was discovered that the former employee was working for a competitor and had resigned voluntarily. With this information, the lawyer was able to present strong evidence in court and win the case.

Another successful case involved a woman who was fighting for custody of her son. The lawyer knew that the child’s father had a drug problem, but did not have enough evidence to prove it. He decided to hire a private detective to follow the father for a weekend. The detective was able to obtain photographic and video evidence of the father using drugs and endangering the child. With this evidence, the attorney was able to present his case in court and obtain full custody for his client.

These stories demonstrate how collaboration between lawyers and private detectives can be essential in resolving legal cases. However, it is important to remember that there is an ethical and legal limit to this type of joint work. It is crucial that both the attorney and the detective respect these limits to avoid negative consequences in the legal process.

In short, collaboration between lawyers and private detectives can be an effective strategy for resolving complex legal cases. Private detectives provide specialized skills and knowledge that complement the work of lawyers, enabling them to obtain solid proof and evidence to support legal arguments. However, it is important to take into account the ethical and legal limits of this collaboration, ensuring that the rights of the people involved are respected. Finding the best private detective for your case and considering the cost of hiring his services are also important aspects to take into account. Ultimately, the collaboration between lawyers and private detectives raises the question of the importance of thorough and ethical investigation in the legal system, and how it can contribute to the achievement of justice.

Expert detectives in investigations for lawyers


We provide evidence

The services of expert private investigators are increasingly demanded in different areas, for this reason in Grupo Arga Detectives we have a range of important specialized services so that each client can find in us the best solution through the quality work we strive to perform.

The usefulness of our work has positively influenced the administration of justice, that is why we have detectives for lawyers, since we are focused on modernizing each of our specialties to achieve results that allow us to respond to different solutions.

Intelligent solutions

If you request the services of a detective for lawyers from Grupo Arga, you will not have to worry about obtaining the necessary evidence. If you have no idea where to start, don’t despair or lose your mind, as this is much more normal than you might imagine. Our detectives will be able to help you clarify any doubts you may have.

Thanks to the constant work of our team, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions in all fields of private investigation. With a methodology developed over the years, we have positioned ourselves as a detective agency that provides top quality services and a full guarantee of results.

Efficiency and professionalism

Our detectives stand out for their professionalism with high efficiency in the resolution of the conflicts we face. We collaborate actively and fluently for companies, law firms, mutual insurance companies, insurance companies, legal associations or private individuals, conducting factual research to provide clarity. Grupo Arga Detective Agency is your best option in this matter. As investigators we must be prepared, ready and perform the appropriate parameters, in order to be able to effectively provide reports that, if necessary, can be presented as evidence in court. nes.

We are qualified detectives for lawyers

How to choose a good lawyer private detective?

Thanks to the enormous experience we have in private investigation we can have an impact on a reduction of errors, an increase in professional quality and an added value in the process of obtaining evidence, since only an experienced and well-trained detective knows the legal parameters in which it must be protected when performing any private investigation.

As previously mentioned, there are many detective agencies, but the difference in quality from one to another can be very visible. Grupo Arga Detectives has experts in the field of investigation for lawyers.
Through commitment and dedication we do the most outstanding work possible. We have obtained a sequence of recognitions for our distribution in the area of research and the contribution of our evidence and final investigation reports.


We are a safe bet for lawyers

There are many detective agencies, some excellent, others perhaps considered mediocre and that could waste your money and even worse your time.

Now we expose a sequence of reasons (although we would be able to offer you many more to help you decide for us) why we recommend hiring a detective for lawyer of Grupo Arga Detectives:

  • We are an agency certified by the Ministry of the Interior, we work within the legal parameters and according to your client’s requirements.
  • We cover both the national territory and abroad thanks to highly experienced collaborators.
  • Satisfied customers after our intervention.
  • We offer the best proposals and guarantees that are reflected in the fact that the results will be objective and truthful.
  • We offer a contract where all the data of the investigation are stated as a guarantee and evidence in case of having to present them in court.
  • With more than 15 years in the area of private investigation, we know how to operate in the best way in different occasions.

The services of private investigators for lawyers are in high demand. Our area of activity is very versatile. In that case, to the question: what kind of professional do you need if you need to make discreet and quality inquiries? You need a private detective, that is, a smart, qualified and subtle professional. You can find it at Arga Detectives Group.

We build the best alliance with lawyers

Our private investigators are agile professionals who become an alternative plan for the resolution of any case, we act in accordance with lawyers to support them in any need to present evidence, in addition we introduce ourselves in the judicial process as a crucial witness and an expert in the area.

Each of our professionals is competent to ratify a testimony before the court, where we provide information that is usually more valuable than that of a conventional witness, since there is no emotional weight and we are endowed with an important proportion of impartiality.

This is because our detectives receive professional training to exercise an active observation within any legal process, we focus on resolving any point in controversy within the situation discussed, especially because we are trained to exercise criteria with more property in court.

Through Grupo Arga Detectives we understand the leading role that a detective has taken, so we take care of having professionals who meet these requirements, regardless of the subject of the legal issue that the lawyer is working on.

Whether on a personal, business or commercial level, we respond with a professional performance. We take care to prepare ourselves for this type of situation and there is an evolution of the figure of a detective.


Key intervention in courts of law with our tests for lawyers

The detectives for lawyers can provide additional assistance, because we act in a timely manner respecting the powers of the competent authorities, i.e. we do not hinder the investigation because we have the necessary knowledge to intervene with expertise. At the legal level, the intervention of detectives is crucial not only to try to reach an agreement with the counterpart, but also to reach the resolution of the legal process, because this alliance makes a big difference in the controversial fact, since it can be obtained

decisive evidence to save time and money at the same time, so the easiest way is to count on the services of Grupo Arga Detectives.

The investigation carried out by a private investigation professional can be a satisfactory solution to conclude the case in the shortest possible time and with the maximum guarantees. More and more people are opting for this alternative, therefore we comply with the effort to be formed by professionals trained to practice in the midst of this kind of situations and thus complement the lawyers that require additional evidence to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

We guarantee to carry out a meticulous investigation process in order to be successful in your case. Thus, by opting for our detective agency you get the best attention because we comply with all the training standards to intervene in this type of situation with the maximum guarantee and compliance with the legal framework.

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Reports valid in the Courts of Justice

Detectives for lawyers play a basic role in the enforcement process under the synchronization of expert witness activities. We are responsible for the evidence gathering process and determine all factors and other vital aspects surrounding the content of the research.

Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize that Grupo Arga’s detective team members are highly proactive and correctly identify all fact patterns. The possibility of connecting hypotheses should not be seen as a simple coincidence, in this sense, a series of facts and events must be skillfully intertwined.

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Guarantee of results

Grupo Arga Detectives is guided by three essential pillars for and with clients: legality, honesty and discretion. Our firm has a long history in private investigation.

With over 15 years in the private sector, we have a multidisciplinary team and, by hiring the services that our office private detectives gives, you will get the evidence you require in this way as a resounding triumph in the execution of its proposed purposes. We are a private investigation agency with adaptable prices, but without losing quality and experience for the value.

Grupo Arga Detectives is undoubtedly a safe and reliable investment to solve the problems that you or your company requires, and thus achieve the objectives set.

Contact with real professional lawyers

The detective for lawyers of Grupo Arga knows that they must establish a strict procedure when implementing all the elements involved in the investigation, establishing unique parameters for each case, in order to obtain evidence. The process of collecting evidence is key to send it to the analysis and evaluation stage.

Innovation, creativity and improvement in our processes are the key factors for effective research. We know that experience and comprehensive training are sufficient guarantees to be able to handle any matter.

Our detectives for lawyers are those who will be able to face various obstacles and finally be able to solve each element of an investigation with great dedication and determination, and thus solve and provide the necessary answers.

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