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Looking for a private detective in Bilbao?

From our detectives in Bilbao 24 hoursWe make research processes viable for all those who require the construction of a private research process that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of resolution to all the needs of our clients, efficiently establishing everything that has to do with the healthy praxis of a quality research process.

From Arga Detectives Group, our detectives in Bilbao 24 hours, exercise the investigative function with the aim of finding all the answers to all those questions that our customers have at a given time, doing research has always been our passion.

A private detective agency is made up of one or more professionals dedicated to private investigation. Where they offer their clients a specialized service, being discretion and trust the main bastion of their work.

The city of Bilbao has to its credit various nuances that facilitate the fact of the investigative action, this is possible by the generation of various aspects that are highly reliable towards the achievement of a first class research service, with the aim of being as accurate as possible in their efforts to obtain the best information.

From our detectives in Bilbao 24 hours, we make viable the investigation processes for all those who require the construction of a private investigation process that undoubtedly promotes the best sense of resolution to all the needs of our customers, efficiently establishing everything that has to do with the healthy praxis of a quality investigative process.

From Arga Detectives Group, our detectives in Bilbao 24 hours, exercise the investigative function with the aim of finding all the answers to all those questions that our customers have at a given time, doing research has always been our passion.

Grupo Arga Bilbao: Private Detectives Experts in Investigation and Expertise

Grupo Arga Bilbao is a private detective agency with extensive experience in investigation and expertise. In this article, we delve into the world of private detectives and how they can help you in different situations. From the investigation of infidelity to the detection of fraud in sick leave, including digital security and contract prices and rates. Meet our team of experts and find out how we can answer your questions and help you solve your problems. Contact Grupo Arga Bilbao for more information about our specialized services.

What does a private detective in Bilbao do?

A private detective is a professional highly trained in the investigation and collection of evidence to solve cases of various kinds. Its main objective is to obtain accurate and reliable information for its clients, whether individuals or companies, in order to make informed decisions.

The work of a private detective covers a wide range of areas, such as investigating infidelities, tracking and monitoring people, obtaining evidence in divorce or child custody cases, locating missing persons, investigating fraud and scams, among others.

To carry out his or her work, a private detective uses specialized investigative techniques, such as document analysis, tracking online activities, covert surveillance, interrogation and testimony gathering.

It is important to note that a private detective operates within the legal framework established by each country. Its work is based on the legitimate gathering of evidence and proof, respecting the rights and privacy of the persons involved.

In short, a private detective plays a key role in solving complex cases. His ability to investigate, gather evidence and obtain confidential information makes him a valuable resource for those who need to resolve sensitive situations and get clear answers.

Infidelity Investigation in Bilbao: How to detect a betrayal?

Infidelity investigation is one of the most demanded services in the field of private investigation. When we suspect that our partner is being unfaithful, it is natural to want to obtain concrete evidence to confirm our suspicions. In Grupo Arga Bilbao, we have a team of private detectives experts in this type of investigations, who use specialized techniques and tools to discover a possible betrayal.

When it comes to detecting infidelity, our detectives rely on a series of clues and suspicious behaviors that may indicate the existence of an extramarital affair. These may include sudden changes in daily routine, evasive attitudes or secretiveness in the use of the telephone or social networks, decreased interest or intimacy in the relationship, among others.

Our team uses different research methods to obtain solid and verifiable evidence. This can include discreet surveillance, electronic surveillance, obtaining telephone or computer records, and even collaboration with computer experts to analyze possible messages or digital evidence.


It is important to emphasize that the investigation of infidelity should be carried out by trained professionals with experience in this type of cases. At Grupo Arga Bilbao, we have a highly qualified team that guarantees confidentiality and professionalism at every stage of the investigative process.

If you have suspicions of a possible infidelity and need to obtain concrete evidence, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga Bilbao. Our team will be happy to help you answer your questions and provide you with the necessary support throughout the research process.

Investigation of Labor Dismissals in Bilbao: Is your company a victim of fraud?

The investigation of sick leave is a fundamental task for companies that want to protect themselves against fraud. On many occasions, employees simulate illness in order to avoid going to work and collect their salary without fulfilling their obligations. This type of behavior can generate significant economic losses for the company and affect the productivity and performance of other employees. Therefore, having a private detective specialized in labor investigations can be of great help in detecting this type of fraud.

Private detectives use a variety of techniques and tools to gather information about the suspected worker’s sick leave, such as monitoring and direct observation, reviewing medical documents, and checking their activity on social media and other digital platforms. In addition, they may conduct interviews with co-workers or neighbors of the employee in question to obtain more information about his or her situation.

At Grupo Arga Bilbao we have a team of private detectives who are experts in labor investigations. Our professionals have extensive experience in this field and have the necessary tools to carry out this type of investigation discreetly and efficiently. In addition, we provide detailed reports with documentary evidence that can be used in a trial if necessary.

If you suspect that your company is being victim of fraud by any of your employees, do not hesitate to contact us. Grupo Arga Bilbao will be happy to answer all your questions and help you protect your business.

Computer experts in Bilbao: Find out how we can help you with digital security issues.

Nowadays, digital security is a crucial issue for companies and individuals. Data protection and the prevention of cyber-attacks are fundamental aspects to avoid economic and reputational losses. That is why having computer experts can be of great help in these matters. Computer experts are technology and digital security experts who can help you detect vulnerabilities in your computer system and implement preventive measures to avoid future problems. In addition, in the event of an attack, computer experts can conduct a forensic investigation to determine the source of the problem and gather evidence for legal action if necessary. In Grupo Arga Bilbao we have a team of highly trained computer experts specialized in different areas of technology. We can help you in the identification of vulnerabilities in your systems, forensic analysis of electronic devices, investigation of computer fraud, among other services related to digital security. Our goal is to offer customized and effective solutions to our customers to ensure their peace of mind and protection against any possible digital threat. If you need help in digital security issues, do not hesitate to contact us to receive advice and solve your doubts.


Prices and Rates of Detectives in Bilbao: How much does it cost to hire a private detective?

When it comes to hiring a private detective, it is important to consider the prices and rates offered by detective agencies in Bilbao. Prices may vary depending on the type of investigation needed, the complexity of the case, the duration of the investigation and the resources required to carry it out.

In general, private detectives in Bilbao usually charge an hourly rate that can range from 50 to 150 euros per hour, depending on the factors mentioned above.

It is important to keep in mind that lower prices do not always guarantee a good quality of service and, in some cases, may be indicative of a lack of experience or resources on the part of the private detective. On the other hand, higher prices do not always guarantee better quality of service or faster results.

It is advisable to request a detailed quote before hiring a private detective in Bilbao. This will allow the client to know in advance the costs involved in the investigation and avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the process.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the detective agency is licensed and registered with the Ministry of the Interior to ensure that the work is carried out within the legal framework.

In summary, prices and rates of private detectives in Bilbao can vary widely depending on the type of investigation and the complexity of the case. It is advisable to request a detailed quotation and make sure that the agency is licensed and registered with the Ministry of the Interior to guarantee a professional and legal work.

Grupo Arga Bilbao: Our team of experts and our experience at your service

In Grupo Arga Bilbao, we have a team of experts in the field of investigation and expertise that are at your service. Our company is distinguished by its highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the private investigation sector.

Our team is formed by private detectives specialized in different areas, such as infidelity investigation, fraudulent sick leave and digital security. Each of our experts has the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct thorough investigations and obtain accurate results.

In addition, at Grupo Arga Bilbao we keep up to date with the latest techniques and tools used in the field of research, which allows us to offer an efficient and quality service to our clients. We are committed to providing customized solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each case.

Our experience in the field of private investigation has allowed us to develop a solid and effective work methodology. We are familiar with the legal and ethical procedures that must be followed in this type of activities, which allows us to guarantee the confidentiality and legality of our research.

At Grupo Arga Bilbao, we are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to offer a transparent and professional service. If you are looking for a team of experts in investigation and expertise, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and put our services at your disposal.

Request a free quote from a detective in Bilbao

Contact Grupo Arga Bilbao: Solve your doubts and request our services.

If you are looking for private detective services in Bilbao, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga Bilbao. Our team of experts is at your disposal to answer all your questions and offer you the best investigation and expertise services. Whether you need to investigate an infidelity, suspect a labor fraud in your company or require help in digital security issues, our private detectives and computer experts are highly trained to provide you with effective solutions.

At Grupo Arga Bilbao we understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion in every case entrusted to us. We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the utmost professionalism at every stage of the investigation. Our goal is to get the results you need in an efficient and transparent manner.

To contact us, you can visit our website and fill out the contact form. You can also call us directly or send us an email. We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a customized quote for your specific needs.

Don’t wait any longer, if you need private detective services in Bilbao, Grupo Arga Bilbao is your best option. Trust in our experience and trajectory in the field of investigation and expertise. We are here to help you solve your problems and provide you with the information you need.


In summary, Grupo Arga Bilbao is a private detective agency that offers a wide range of investigative and expert services in different areas. From infidelity investigation to digital security, their team of experts is highly trained to help solve any problem. In addition, their pricing policy and fair rates make them an accessible and reliable option for any person or company in need of their services. While it is true that hiring a private detective can be a sensitive issue for some people, Grupo Arga Bilbao stands out for its professionalism and experience in the field. As a final reflection, it is important to highlight the importance of the ethical and transparent work of private detectives, and how they can contribute to the resolution of legal and personal conflicts in our society.

The best detectives to carry out an investigation in Bilbao

Detectives in Bilbao, Who are we? Grupo Arga Detectives, is a private detective agency dedicated to the field of investigation services and private detectives, which also has its own staff of private detectives in Madrid, and collaborators throughout the national territory. We have been working throughout Spain for more than 40 years.

Our main qualities are discretion and confidentiality, we offer as an additional guarantee the experience we have in the world of private investigation. The quality of our services, as well as the maximum discretion are completely guaranteed. The possibility of contracting an efficient research service is focused on giving us the opportunity to ensure the success of our operations, and this is possible through Contact Detective in Bilbao.

This service is offered to individuals or companies and in some cases to both. In order for a detective agency in Bilbao to operate, it must be approved by the Ministry of the Interior. In other words, agencies may be constituted as legal entities or by detectives with the corresponding legal accreditations, as established by law.


Experienced detective agency in Bilbao

Grupo Arga detectives through the service it deploys with its detectives in Bilbao 24 hours a day. allows to establish under a criterion of high expertise everything related to the work of high-level research, this leads to the construction of a scenario that is able to provide the answers that the customer is needing at a low cost, which implies the generation of a scenario of optimal efficiency towards the customer.

The construction of investigation processes that can respond immediately to all the elements that have been traced at the level of the investigation, allow to accurately establish various aspects at the level of private investigation that represent the best solution to the client based on scenarios of high effectiveness, which is why our detectives in Bilbao guarantee an optimal deployment of conditions with which an investigative process should be governed.

The generation of a high level investigative criteria towards the resolution of any type of case is possible through the hiring of an expert agent, that is why when a person wants to establish the search for the most qualified personnel, he/she must undoubtedly establish the best criteria towards the hiring of an organization that has the capacity to develop first level operatives through not only the best detectives but also the best assistance at an organizational level, a matter that before various autonomous and improvised ones is impossible to achieve.

In Grupo Arga detectives we are in the construction of a value proposition towards the investigative field, preserving our modernizing and innovative, proof of this is the process of transformation that we have had over 10 years in the Spanish market where our services have changed in favor of providing the customer with the best in the level of private investigation. Grupo Arga has the best detectives at the best price in Bilbao!




















Doing the best research style in Bilbao

Our detectives in Bilbao 24 hours a day, are resources that are oriented towards the achievement of its objectives, being these established by a meticulous sum of elements that allow them to be operated under a look of great expertise and investigative efficiency, a matter that undoubtedly has the ability to generate the best results for all customers who want to hire this type of services in the city.

The city of Bilbao, is an urban environment with diverse cultural and social contrasts, that is why through the performance of our agents we allow us to execute based on the criterion of excellence all the operations of expertise that are related to the strategic performance at an investigative level, able to support under an optimal sense of operations all the elements that may arise through a scheme that is able to provide a framework of appropriate responses not only at the level of individuals but also at the level of companies.

In Bilbao, private investigation not only has the capacity to establish itself at a particular level but also in a business spectrum, since it mainly provides the possibility of establishing a high level investigation service to anyone interested in obtaining the contracting of such a service.


That is why from Grupo Arga detectives we have deployed all the investigations that are proper for an investigation framework in individuals, a matter that undoubtedly ends up benefiting all those who request an investigation for infidelities, as well as an investigation in the personal field related to the loss of valuables, as well as all research work that can be executed to know in depth other aspects such as the authenticity of documents, the loss of pets and the expertise of fingerprints or DNA studies.

On the other hand, at the level of a corporate investigation from Grupo Arga detectives, we can execute tasks that are related to the generation of an accumulation of services that are useful to companies, this is how from our humble efforts we have managed to offer business environments in Spain services that are related to the investigation of sick leave, as well as the implementation of the technique of Mystery Shopping, with the aim of ensuring a scenario of decision-making with a high sense of strategy to the client.

The construction of research processes that have the capacity to meet any requirement at the corporate level can also be represented in the implementation of tasks related to economic intelligence, an issue that highlights the execution of processes that can represent a high-impact solution to the policies and growth strategies that an entity can implement in the short, medium and long term.

These are services that are available throughout Spain and also in the city of Bilbao, since they offer the possibility of executing investigation mechanisms that can provide our clients with an accumulation of evidence and facts capable of determining responsibilities and events that can maximize decision-making criteria over time.

An investigation process executed by our group of agents will not only be supporting the client through field actions, but will also seek to generate a sense of strategic support in the resolution of each case through the deployment of technological tools that are able to ensure optimal development of the agent in the investigation and additionally that can generate the greatest possible delimitation of the evidence and elements obtained from the investigative context.


Quality private investigation services in Bilbao


No matter how you look at it we are one of the best agencies that you can currently find in Spain, not because we focus specifically on one area of Spain or anything like that but because we have the largest variety of jobs, in other words we specialize in doing jobs in different categories.

In order to have this variety we decided to hire the best detectives we can find, in this way we not only have a variety of jobs but we can guarantee excellent work at an affordable price and that anyone with the need for these services can afford.


When we say that we have the most varied amount of jobs is because we want you to know that we have the most focused jobs that can be found, we do this so that you can choose the job you need and only pay for what is necessary, it is one of the reasons why we have the most varied amount of jobs. why choose our private detectives in Bilbao.

We want you to be able to choose the specific job so that firstly you don’t have to pay for a more expensive job than you should and secondly to make our work less complicated, this way we focus more than anything on making tasks doable in the shortest time possible without problems and delivering it to the clients in the best way.

Why hire Detectives in Bibao Grupo Arga ?

No matter what city in the world you are in, in all cases it is always necessary to have and require information from a person or someone around you for some reason, that’s when we come in. why choose our private detectives in Bilbao or anywhere else in the world will solve these problems for you.

Now let’s focus on this small region for the moment I want to tell you what you should know if you need to hire research services in this area, the truth is that it may seem like a small town or municipality but as in all areas people require information and research to discover them.

You may be wondering what this has to do with you or why I should hire a private detective, because I need one, you may not have realized yet but private detectives are very capable people with knowledge that help people solve problems or get out of any kind of doubts.

It is not always possible to count on a good team or to have knowledge that not only saves you money by investing in a professional but also some time because we know that not everyone has the time to investigate something about someone or to recover information that was thought to be lost, in these cases we come in to help you.

Win the bet with Detectives Bilbao


An experienced detective knows that the fundamental aspect regarding the generation of a good service to the interested parties is about the possibilities of a good attention, this indicates that it is necessary to determine with a sufficiently efficient criterion what is necessary for the client to express a degree of approval towards the work we are doing.

A client who is served in the middle of a research service request is considered by us as an ambassador of our brand and our services.

The main reasons why our detectives in Bilbao act in relation to the client’s requirements is to establish as much clarity as possible of all these elements are related and linked to the investigation and the success of all efforts to be deployed. These aspects deal with the optimal delivery of services that are capable of marking a before and after in obtaining specialized information of value, which is useful for decision making. A correct investigation generates a state of needs that both previously manifested our consumer segment, being these embodied at the time that comes to our facilities to demand our services.


Accurate private investigators in Bilbao


In Grupo Arga detectives we are committed to provide the best results for our clients, this implies that we are high value resources capable of generating the best answers at the right time with the shortest possible time.

In Grupo Arga detectives, our sense of customer orientation is the most valuable pillar that we have deployed in the organization, this with the aim of structuring a solid research policy in the generation of various elements that are capable of generating a sum of added value to anyone who may be interested in acting from the intelligence and with a sense of pinpoint accuracy.

The generation of an investigation of importance is achieved through a chain of events that can guarantee an optimal achievement of results, the construction of positive elements towards the development of an investigation leads us to the point of generating a great sense of comparison towards what can be achieved for the client, since the same must feel that in effect with us can progress around their needs.

From Grupo Arga detectives, this is a central aspect in the development of our value proposition, since, if the client does not feel that he is making progress in the development of their work, our services have no reason to exist, in this sense, we always provide the best possible result to all applicants for such services.

Grupo Arga detectives, is an investigation agency with more than 10 years of experience throughout Spain, she aims to give the best of the best to all its customers, this is achieved through an investigation that is able to ensure the best results to different customers, with the aim of not stopping in order to provide the most modern services to the entire community and thus become the leaders in our industry.

Contact our detectives in Bilbao

The work of a serious and responsible detective agency lies in the ability to offer multiple services. With the purpose of collecting information that allows the client to solve or support the decision making process that is most favorable to him. Detective agencies must be able to organize and guide an investigation effectively.

In the Arga Detectives Bilbao group, you have a modern agency, with offices all over Spain. Where a team of professionals with excellent work experience is available to advise both individuals and companies. We have a group of specialists, who supported with the best techniques and tools, will help you in your case.

In Grupo Arga, we have 24-hour services, where our job is to support clients such as law firms, companies, individuals, among others. We are accredited by law and are active members of the Spanish Professional Association of Private Detectives (APDPE).

We are known for developing a planned, serious, objective, discreet and confidential investigation. All of this has allowed us to obtain the trust and credibility of our clients. That, for more than 10 years we have strengthened our image and our close relationship with the community and customers.

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