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Who is our private detective agency in Spain?

Private Detectives Grupo Arga, we are a private investigation company with a professional trajectory of more than 15 years with Official License 2464 and national registration number 10,797, member of the Association of Private Detectives of Spain 782 and General Director of Security 1259.

We are a private detective agency expert in business intelligence and investigation for individuals and lawyers. We are preceded by a long professional trajectory of more than 15 years with more than 6,000 cases with a 90% success rate. Our presence in the courts of justice is key to winning litigation.

Our agency is formed by highly trained and experienced professionals, as well as specialized in each of the different areas of private investigation. The Grupo Arga private detective team works under confidentiality, legality and professional secrecy, reaching our goals thanks to the use of new technologies.

We offer a free estimate, create an effective action plan and provide quality and personalized advice for the effective resolution of any situation.

Our high success rate in all our cases is due to the fact that our team of private investigators have been trained by the best private detectives, being aware of the problems that involve our clients. Always with the truth first, we report all the details obtained with maximum speed and guaranteed results.

Our private detective office in Spain has made spectacular achievements

Professional, legal and ethical values of our private detectives in Spain.

Our services are not only available nationally, but also internationally. For this purpose, we have experienced collaborators capable of dealing with any case with seriousness and professionalism. All interventions of our detectives are subject to the strictest legality, under the principles of confidentiality, discretion and efficiency.

That is why our values are distinguished by being highly sincere, honest and professional:


The best results are obtained through trust between detective and client, that is why we want to be transparent with you and offer you the best possible service, either in person or online.


All our interventions are carried out by highly trained and experienced private investigators. This allows us to offer the maximum guarantee that your case will be resolved.


We act in compliance with the law, without jeopardizing our client’s dignity. We work on the basis of proportionality, rigor, equanimity, efficiency and discretion.


From the first contact, we are one hundred percent committed to meeting all requirements. The best way to do this is to create an effective action plan to solve the problem quickly.

Private investigators in Spain with Reason for being in favor of our customers

Our work drives us in such a way that we adopt their goals as our own, with a firm purpose: to achieve them.

When it comes to private detectives, it is not enough to conduct a simple investigation. It is essential to understand the client, have empathy and meet their needs through a highly professional and effective private investigation. Obtaining unquestionable proof of the truth is the only way to achieve the proposed objectives.

This is how our detective firm came into being, based on a philosophy of constant improvement and deep understanding. We have managed to stand out at the national level and we will do so at the international level as well.


happy customers after the intervention of our Private Detectives in Spain 

Precision and exigency are our best qualities and this translates into: happy customers. By doing our job to the best of our ability, all those who came to us with a problem left without it. The data speak for themselves and so do our customers’ comments. We are rated as a great team of professionals with successful results.

For Arga Detectives, the client will always be the most important thing. Therefore, we provide an exquisite treatment, completely confidential and personal. Our detectives bring a maximum degree of empathy, responsiveness and, above all, awareness of the sensitivity of the matter at hand.

  • Professionalism
  • Customer satisfaction

Private detective in Spain with passion for good work

To ensure a successful experience, rely only on leading experts. In Grupo Arga Private Detectives, our extensive experience accumulated over these 15 years, enables us to solve each case of private investigation in an efficient and professional manner.

We strictly comply with the established regulations. We have certifications in all the private investigation areas we deal with. As private detectives in the Spanish territory, we are subject to strict control by the Ministry of the Interior, which regularly and systematically supervises our performance.

By choosing the best professionals, you will obtain a successful result. It is essential to point out that intrusion in the private detective profession is a widespread problem. Therefore, we recommend that you always demand credentials before hiring a detective.

Our professionals are prepared for all the delicate situations that may arise. The points of action are:

National and International Coverage

We operate in Spain and abroad.

Discretion and Efficiency

We always emphasize that all the detectives in our team are endowed with professionalism and stealth.

Detective 24h

We are available every day of the year at any time of the day.

Evidence valid in court

We seek the only truth that exists and we present it before the Court, complying with the strictest legality.

Private investigators in Spain Achieving customer objectives in record time

It is the most compelling reason that drives us to do what we do: to find the truth. Many clients go with the fear that they can be swindled or get their money in a very undignified way. In Grupo Arga Private Detectives you can have the confidence and security that we only seek to help you and find what you cannot see. Achieving our clients’ objectives is our purpose and our raison d’être.

You can be sure that we will put at your disposal all our professionals who make up the Arga Detectives team to solve any problem you tell us about. And always hand in hand with confidentiality and privacy, as well as tact and sensitivity to the matter at hand.

Do you have doubts about an employee, do you think you have been swindled, do you not trust your partner? The team of Arga Group Private Detectives is at your complete disposal to answer these and more questions that may be arising in your head. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you a free estimate.


Why choose Grupo Arga as your trusted Private detective agency in Spain?

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient private investigation agency, look no further than Grupo Arga Detectives. With years of experience in the field and a highly trained and professional team, at Grupo Arga Detectives we offer investigative services tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to confidentiality and ethics in all investigations has earned us a solid reputation in the market. In addition, our state-of-the-art technology and personalized attention guarantee accurate and reliable results for informed decision making. Discover below the reasons to consider Grupo Arga Detectives as your ideal detective agency.

Experience and professionalism of Private detectives Spain - Grupo Arga

Arga Detectives Group’s experience is reflected in its ability to tackle complex cases and resolve sensitive situations effectively. We have worked in a wide range of investigations, from marital infidelity cases to corporate fraud, always maintaining high ethical and legal standards.

In addition to our experience, professionalism is another fundamental pillar of Grupo Arga Detectives. Each member of the team is highly trained and committed to excellence in their work. Following a strict code of conduct, our detectives are dedicated to meeting client expectations and maintaining confidentiality at all times.


Confidentiality as a fundamental pillar From our private detective company in Spain

Confidentiality is one of the fundamental pillars in the investigation services we offer at Grupo Arga Detectives. Our agency understands that privacy and secrecy are essential aspects for many people and companies, so we guarantee the respect and protection of the information obtained during the investigations. In this sense, Grupo Arga Detectives is committed to maintain the confidentiality of the data obtained and not to disclose them to third parties without prior authorization from the client or when required by law.

Legal and ethical support for each research project

Grupo Arga Detectives is governed by a strict ethical and legal code, ensuring that each investigation is carried out within the legal framework and with total transparency.

We have a team of lawyers specialized in civil, criminal and labor law, among other areas, who advise the detectives at all times and ensure compliance with the applicable legal regulations. In this way, we ensure that all evidence collected during the investigation is obtained in a lawful manner and can be presented in court without any problems.

Accurate and reliable results by contacting our private detectives in Spain

The accuracy and reliability of the results obtained by Grupo Arga Detectives are essential for informed and strategic decision making, whether in business or personal cases. That is why, through rigorous investigation techniques, we gather solid proof and evidence to support each case.

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