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Paternity Tests


Expert Detectives in Paternity Test Investigations

Paternity testing is well known for its media repercussions on television through celebrity news. These types of paternity testing services are more common than they appear, and occur among all types of people. DNA analysis is performed by independent laboratories specialized in the analysis of genetic material, which have been working with us continuously for many years.

Our private detectives in Madrid are in charge of collecting all the samples in accordance with the legal system. We will professionally collect any item that may contain traces of genetic material of the investigated person.

We will package it in an aseptic container and send it to the laboratories. Our protocol strictly adheres to all regulations regarding the collection of DNA evidence. We take care at all times not to contaminate the element containing the genetic material in any way.

There are many reasons to hire one of our private detectives in Madrid to investigate a DNA collection case. From finding out the real father or mother to other types of family relationships. This type of private investigations are of a very sensitive level and therefore a genuine legitimacy must exist and be clearly stated in the professional engagement form.


Paternity testing investigation is a highly sought after service performed by private detectives throughout the country. It is usually performed by parents who are searching for their baby for adoption or those who have doubts about their children. These paternity test investigations are done quickly and easily, making it a quick investment for people to make. Today it is possible to find different detectives performing this investigation all over the country.

Paternity Testing: The Importance of Hiring the Best Private Investigators

Paternity testing is a topic of great importance and relevance in today’s society. In this article, we will explore what these tests are and why they are so important in different situations. In addition, we will focus on the Arga Group, a company specialized in paternity test investigations with the best private detectives in the market. With an impeccable track record, this group stands out for offering discreet and confidential investigations, competitive prices and personalized services. We will also discuss the importance of ethics and professionalism in private paternity testing investigations. In addition, we will mention the additional services offered by Grupo Arga, such as infidelity investigations and people search.

What are Paternity Tests and why are they important?

Paternity testing is a procedure used to determine the biological relationship between an alleged father and his child. These tests are important because they provide accurate and reliable information about paternity, which can be crucial in legal, medical or personal situations. For example, in custody dispute cases, paternity testing can help establish the identity of the biological father and thus influence the court’s decision. In medical situations, paternity testing can be useful to identify possible hereditary diseases that could affect the child. In addition, paternity testing can also have an emotional impact on the people involved, as it can provide a sense of certainty and reassurance in situations where there are doubts about paternity. In summary, paternity tests are important because they can provide valuable information about paternity that may be needed to make important decisions in legal, medical or personal situations.


Grupo Arga: Experts in Paternity Test Investigations

When it comes to paternity testing, it is essential to have experts in the field. In this sense, Grupo Arga stands out as a leading company in private investigations of paternity tests. With more than 10 years of experience in the market, its team of private detectives has the education and training necessary to carry out reliable and accurate investigations.

The Arga Group uses advanced technology to perform paternity tests, which guarantees accurate and reliable results. In addition, they offer customized services and competitive prices to suit the needs and budgets of their clients.

Discretion and confidentiality are two fundamental values for Grupo Arga. Their investigations are conducted in a discreet and professional manner, which ensures the privacy of those involved in the process. In addition, the private detectives who are part of the team have extensive experience in sensitive and delicate investigations, which allows them to carry out paternity tests with ethics and professionalism.

It is important to note that the Arga Group not only focuses on paternity testing, but also offers additional services such as infidelity investigations and people searches. This demonstrates their extensive experience in the field of private investigations and their commitment to client satisfaction.

In conclusion, if you are looking for reliable and professional paternity testing research experts, Grupo Arga is an excellent choice. Their highly trained and committed team will provide you with accurate and reliable results, personalized service and competitive prices.

The Best Private Detectives for Paternity Tests

When it comes to paternity testing, it is crucial to have the best private detectives. These experts not only have the experience necessary to conduct accurate and confidential investigations, but also possess the technical skills and equipment necessary to obtain accurate results. The best private detectives for paternity testing are highly trained in sample collection techniques, DNA analysis and data processing. In addition, they have a solid understanding of the local laws and regulations governing these investigations.

By hiring the best private detectives, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism. These experts are able to conduct discreet and confidential investigations, ensuring that your privacy and that of your family is protected. In addition, the best private detectives offer customized services to suit your individual needs and ensure you get the accurate results you need.

It is important to remember that not all private detective agencies are the same. When looking for a paternity testing investigator, it is critical to do your homework and select a reliable and respected company. Reputation is key in this field, so look for an agency with a proven track record of conducting successful and accurate research.


In short, when it comes to paternity testing, it is essential to have the best private detectives available. These experts offer specialized technical skills, research expertise and customized services to ensure accurate and discreet results. By choosing a respected and reliable agency, you can be assured that your case will be handled ethically and professionally.


Discreet and Confidential Paternity Testing Investigations

When it comes to paternity testing, discreet and confidential investigations are crucial to ensure the privacy and safety of all parties involved. At Grupo Arga, we understand the importance of protecting personal and sensitive information related to these tests. Our expert private investigators are highly trained to conduct investigations in a discreet manner, ensuring that the privacy rights of all involved are respected.

Our investigators use specialized methods and techniques to collect the necessary evidence without raising suspicion or compromising the integrity of the investigation. We maintain strict control over the information collected, ensuring that it is only shared with parties directly involved and with their consent.

Confidentiality is a fundamental value in our paternity testing investigations. We are committed to keeping all information strictly confidential, giving our clients the peace of mind that their situation will be handled with total discretion. Our goal is to provide a safe and reliable environment for individuals to get accurate answers about their paternity without worrying about potential leaks or privacy violations.

At Grupo Arga, we are proud to offer paternity testing investigation services that meet the highest professional standards. Our team of highly trained and ethical private detectives is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable results while maintaining confidentiality and respect for our clients’ privacy. If you are looking for a discreet and confidential paternity testing investigation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Competitive Pricing and Personalized Paternity Testing Research Services

When it comes to paternity testing, it is crucial to find a reliable and professional service that offers competitive prices and personalized services. Grupo Arga stands out in this aspect, providing its customers with a perfect combination of quality and affordability. With competitive rates in the market, Grupo Arga ensures that its clients get accurate results without having to spend a fortune. In addition, they understand that each case is unique and requires a customized approach. Therefore, they tailor their services to the specific needs of each client, making sure to offer efficient and complete solutions.

By contracting Grupo Arga’s paternity testing investigation services, clients can rest assured that they will receive individualized treatment and personalized attention at all times. Its team of experts is highly trained and has vast experience in this field. They are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring absolute confidentiality of all case-related details.

In addition to offering competitive prices and personalized services, Grupo Arga also stands out for its speed and efficiency in delivering results. They understand the importance of getting quick answers in such sensitive cases as paternity testing and strive to provide accurate results in the shortest possible time.

In short, by choosing Grupo Arga for paternity testing, clients can expect competitive prices, personalized services and fast, accurate results. This unique combination makes Grupo Arga the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and professional service in the field of paternity testing investigations.

Additional Services to Paternity Testing: Infidelity Investigations, Person Search and more

The additional services offered by the best private investigators in the field of paternity testing go beyond the simple determination of biological parentage. These professionals also specialize in conducting infidelity investigations and people searches, among other services.

When a possible infidelity is suspected, the help of a private detective can be essential to obtain reliable evidence. Expert investigators in this field use discreet and confidential methods to gather relevant information about the movements and behaviors of the person being investigated, allowing their clients to make informed decisions about their relationship.

In addition, private investigators also search for missing or lost persons. Whether it is to find a missing loved one or to locate someone to resolve legal matters, private detectives have access to specialized resources and techniques that allow them to track and locate people anywhere in the country.


These additional services offered by the best private investigators are of great value to those seeking answers and solutions in sensitive and personal situations. Discretion and confidentiality are paramount in these investigations, as they protect the privacy and emotional well-being of all parties involved.

In summary, additional services provided by private investigators include infidelity investigations, people searches and other customized services. Having ethical and professional professionals in these areas can make all the difference in obtaining accurate and reliable results.

The Importance of Ethics and Professionalism in Private Paternity Testing Investigations

Ethics and professionalism are fundamental in any type of private investigation, especially in paternity testing investigations. In these cases, it is a personal and sensitive issue that can have a great impact on the lives of the people involved. Therefore, it is important that private investigators maintain high ethical and professional standards to ensure the integrity of paternity test results.

Private investigators must follow a rigorous code of ethics that includes confidentiality, impartiality and objectivity. They should ensure that they obtain all relevant data and verify its authenticity before submitting any results. In addition, they must maintain a respectful and empathetic attitude towards all parties involved.

Professionalism is also crucial in paternity testing investigations. Private investigators must have the proper training and experience necessary to conduct these investigations effectively and efficiently. They must also have access to advanced technology and up-to-date methods to ensure accurate results.

In summary, ethics and professionalism are paramount in private paternity testing investigations. Private investigators must follow a rigorous code of ethics and maintain high professional standards to ensure accurate and impartial results. When hiring a private investigator for a paternity test, it is important to make sure they are ethical and professional to avoid potential legal or emotional problems in the future.

In summary, paternity testing is an important issue that requires the hiring of highly trained and ethical private investigators to conduct confidential and discreet investigations. Grupo Arga is a leading company in the field of paternity testing, offering personalized and competitive services with special attention to ethics and professionalism. They also offer additional services such as infidelity investigations and people searches. It is essential that those who need to perform a paternity test seek out the best professionals to ensure accurate and reliable results.

An important reflection to keep in mind is the importance of care and respect for the privacy of all parties involved in these investigations. The information obtained can have a significant impact on people’s lives and should be handled with extreme caution. In this regard, it is crucial that private investigators are aware of their ethical and professional responsibility when conducting this type of investigation.


Introduction to Paternity Testing

Our detectives have the necessary experience to carry out this work and provide other types of services related to the investigation. However, we have been the main choice for this one thanks to the professionalism of our group. You can contact us easily through a message and we will gladly give you all the attention possible to address your situation. Don’t forget that we have the best rates and a genetic laboratory with which we work hand in hand.


In order to carry out this paternity testing investigation, the first step will be the interview with the client. In this way, he or she will be able to explain the situation and provide as much information as possible to initiate the situation. Once this process is completed, the detective will know how to initiate this investigation. The next step will be to follow up with the person from whom you hope to obtain a paternity test.

Contrary to what many people think, this can be a late process, as the detective will have to start monitoring and surveillance, waiting for the right moment to collect the evidence to be used. Once obtained, the customer will be contacted to keep him/her updated. The laboratory will send it directly to the laboratory for a study to determine the truth; when the result is positive, the laboratory will send it directly to the laboratory for a study to determine the truth.

How is paternity evidence collected?

The investigation of paternity tests is a highly requested service throughout Spain, mainly by parents looking for their biological child, for inheritance problems, and even for judicial processes to request a permit or order.

Therefore, it is important to have an agency that can provide a confidential and professional DNA collection service and its subsequent analysis, in order to have transparent and real results for any situation. In view of this, we emphasize that in Arga Detectives Group we have provided the best attention in terms of paternity test investigation in different provinces throughout the national territory.


Contrary to what many people think, this can be a late process, as the detective will have to start monitoring and surveillance, waiting for the right time to collect the evidence to be used. Once obtained, the customer will be contacted to keep him/her updated. The laboratory will send it directly to the laboratory for a study to determine the truth; when the result is positive, the laboratory will send it directly to the laboratory for a study to determine the truth.


Request a free estimate for paternity testing research

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Professional paternity testing investigations

It is important to note that during this investigation the detective will be in charge of making a log and recordings of the relevant moments in the investigation, in order to have evidence in case the client prosecutes legally.

Finally, the detective will meet with the client to determine the next step, because when it comes to legal matters, the detective can be helpful. This is because the evidence collected by it has judicial validity.

It is important that during the investigation of paternity tests, the process is carried out by a person with experience in the area, as this is sensitive material that must be treated with specific criteria. Once the detective is able to obtain a test to determine the paternity of an individual, it is placed in a sealed plastic container, or inside a clean plastic bag, which will be signed by the detective when it is taken to the laboratory.

Then the client’s data will be placed on it so that the laboratory can carry out its work, which once ready, will be immediately delivered to the client so that he/she can know the truth of the situation he/she has decided to investigate. Although this process of identifying evidence may seem quick, it can sometimes take time, just as evidence collection can be a time-consuming process, so it is important that you maintain patience at all times.


What is the price of a Paternity Testing service?

Thanks to the demand for these services, it is possible to find a global rate of what is paternity testing research within the entire country, so you can opt for a quote. In Arga Detectives Group we will provide you with a free estimate for any type of investigation you need, whether it is paternity, infidelity, computer, among others; always looking for your comfort.

As for the specific rates of what it costs to carry out this research, we can locate the rate between 1,100 and 2,00 euros. This will vary according to the level of difficulty of the research to be initiated.

Sometimes, research can be simple when the person to be investigated frequents social places, so that the collection of evidence for the studies is much easier to obtain.

Afterwards, you will receive a dossier with all the information gathered following a timeline and the conclusions reached. Arga Detectives Group wants to offer all the possibilities offered by private investigation to be able to respond to all the diversity of existing situations catalog, susceptible to be investigated.

The investigation services that are put into practice end up being of high strategic relevance by ensuring the best evidence determination process, which focuses on providing specialized information based on stealth and operational efficiency parameters, it also represents the opportunity for our client to look forward to the process of gathering all the necessary information to then make the best possible decision.

On the other hand, it may be the case that this person does not frequent any of these places, so the detective will have to look for an ideal situation to obtain this evidence and carry out the studies. The complexity of this will determine the final price, adding the effort of the rest of the people involved in the paternity test results. Therefore, it is important that you request your free quote for this research.

Valid evidence in court on paternity tests

Our Arga Group detectives are those who act with precision on the determination of paternity tests.This type of work is of the utmost precision and is available to anyone who requires the execution of an investigation process that has the capacity to provide the best sense of resolution for a case in which there is a doubt of this kind.

The paternity tests are tools that can accurately remove doubts for someone who requires this type of procedure, the execution of this type of investigation is extremely accurate and provides the best possible resolution for anyone who needs to clarify if someone is in fact his or her real father.


Sometimes, there are many people who take into account that the execution of this type of operation is undoubtedly extremely delicate, which is why this type of situation is accompanied by a series of conflicts in civil and legal matters for some, since trying to clarify this fact implies that there must be a consensus between the parties or, in the most extreme case, a legal mandate.

Many people who are looking to get out of doubts regarding this type of situation should know that these situations lead us to determine with great precision all the aspects that come into play with the management of this type of test, first of all, the person who is the subject of the test at first feels a little exposed and pointed out, therefore, this matter should be managed in the hands of professionals.


For Grupo Arga, the fact that we can manage this type of events makes us feel extremely useful and responsible to a society that demands and requires to know all the answers to various problems that may have related to their daily lives, it is therefore important to start with the fact that our agents are the right solution.

Arguing or trying to make someone reason, without a doubt, is something that is not recommended since through these processes almost 70% of the times it is also at stake the obtaining of economic capitals that may have a later impact in a process of inheritance, distribution of assets or also everything that may have a link with the economic patrimony of the person.

In the discussion of the paternity of a person, many things can be at stake, the most important from our experience as a research agency is everything related to the structuring of elements that are proper to economic assets and also the emotional well-being of the people involved. This is the main reason for our interest in providing the best method to make it feasible to perform as many paternity tests as possible under optimal standards, a matter that undoubtedly promotes the performance of tests with a high degree of reliability.


Win the bet with expert detectives in Paternity Tests


From Grupo Arga detectives, we do our best to provide the best sense of resolution for anyone who has the opportunity to establish the hiring of these types of procedures to get out of doubt in the least amount of time possible. That is why through the processes that we execute daily we do everything possible so that our tests can make the correct reading in a given situation, taking into account that the management of these processes must undoubtedly lead to a highly reliable generation of these results.

For this purpose, our tests have a fourth generation reliability level being superior to a sigma 3 event, which means that our tests are 99.85% accurate, leaving a very low probability of 0.15% that this data can be refuted.

This is an extremely advantageous aspect, knowing that the probability of this type of event before the year 2000 was 5 or 7%, an issue that undoubtedly continued to generate gaps in the use of this type of test for confirmation purposes.

That is why from our agency we not only take care to have the best methods and processes, but we also seek to employ our expert agents in paternity testing, doing this accurately in pursuit of experts who have over 12 years of experience in this field.

DNA analysis

I’m sure you have wondered what a DNA test consists of, haven’t you? Let us answer you on this matter. The paternity test consists of finding out the biological father of a person. While motherhood is simple to figure out, parenthood presents some drawbacks. By means of a DNA analysis our private detectives will check and match two genetic profiles. These results are completely unquestionable and definitive.

In the DNA analysis, a study is made of the cells of both parties and a comparison between them, which will allow us to establish or not a biological union by genetic coincidence.


From the analysis we can either deny this relationship or establish it positively. This genetic profile that characterizes every individual does not change throughout his or her life, therefore this technique is valid at any time in the life of a subject.


Paternity testing by private detectives has become widespread in recent years. This has been brought about by advances in genetic, molecular and biological analysis. Any person can request this type of private investigation service as long as there is a legitimacy to that effect reflected in a professional order form. This type of DNA analysis is so to speak fast and completely effective using the appropriate genetic marker technique. We need some element that contains some organic element of the subject, such as saliva.

Contact expert detectives in paternity tests

For people, there is nothing more important than family. In this case, the search to know those individuals who connect with our DNA is an increasingly recurrent situation nowadays. The laboratories in charge of this type of analysis are strongly linked to research entities, which function as a means of orientation towards the search for the truth. These are responsible for providing the methods in which a person, who wishes to know who his or her parent is, has the possibility of finding a solution.

We are talking about private detectives. Expert agents in various fields of private investigation. Providing their services, with the objective of investigating cases in which evidence support is required; these experts are the most qualified for the collection of information in various aspects. Among the multiple services they provide, these detectives, experts in paternity testing, give you the opportunity you are looking for. Therefore, choosing a detective agency that meets your expectations can be very complicated. This is an issue of sensitivity, where you need all the support you can get. We, Grupo Arga Detectives, are the expert paternity testing detective agency you need.

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