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Private detectives 24h

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Price Private Detective in Spain

If you are looking for private detective services and want to know the prices of private detectives in Madrid, please contact us.At Arga Detectives we offer you reliable and affordable solutions. Our team of experts is highly trained to provide you with a wide range of private investigation services with total discretion and professionalism.



How much does a private detective in Spain cost?

We offer a pricing system with total transparency indicated in our fees section. Our detective agency offers the fees stipulated by the Association of Private Detectives of Spain, however, since each case requires a special complexity and dedication for us, we offer special prices according to your situation and your case.

The recommended prices are detailed below, but please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation, personalized quote.


What criteria are taken into account for price private detective?

In order to develop our private investigator fee schedule, we have based ourselves on different elements such as:

Number of private detectives required.

Use of specific means of transportation.

Research time slot.

Specialization in the type of research.

Particular complexities of each investigation.

What is the best price for a private detective?

The best price for a private detective that you can hire will be the one that has a good relationship between quality and price.

It is not a good idea to go to those professionals who have cheap prices or outside the general ranges that the Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain can guide for many reasons. Among the main ones are adequate experience, availability of appropriate technology, necessary training and you may even be hiring a fake detective.

You can have a positive experience by turning to well-trained and experienced professionals such as Grupo Arga Detectives.


What do we always include in the price private detective in Spain?

Request your free online quotation now for Private detective Price in Spain.


Get to know the rates of private detectives for individuals and companies.

If you have any doubts about what price to choose or any other element of the investigation, do not hesitate to contact our private detective agency, either by filling out our form, writing an email to a info@argadetectives.com or calling us directly at +34 608 76 79 79 or +34 913 866 294.

Rates for specialized private investigation in Spain

Corporate research

  1. Pre-labor reports from 800€.
  2. Financial reports starting at 800€.
    1. Solvency reports
    2. Asset Survey
    3. Location of seized assets
  3. Mystery shopping desde 360€
  4. Fraudulent sick leave from 450€.
  5. Unfair competition from 450€.
  6. Management and commercial control from 450€.
  7. Unfair competition from 450€.
  8. Plagiarism of trademarks and patents from 450€.
  9. Fraud and scam investigation from 450€.

Family Investigations

  1. Paternity tests from 360€.
  2. Inheritances from 550€.
  3. Infidelity investigation from 280€.
  4. Verification of doubtful conduct from 280€.
  5. Modification of divorce measures from 360€.
  6. Related to children’s behavior (addictions, bad company, consumption, etc.) from 280€.
  7. Demonstration of lack of suitability or responsibility in custody from 360€.
  8. Alimony or compensatory alimony from 360€.
  9. Modification of the regulatory agreement based on proving the marital cohabitation of the ex-spouse from 360€.

Individual Investigations

  1. Old rental leases from €360
    1. Duplicity of addresses
    2. Subderogations
    3. Assignments and transfers
    4. Dedication of the property
    5. Search and location of people from 220€.
  2. Personal reports from 360€.
  3. Polygraph test from 800€.

Computer Investigations

  1. Analysis of mobile terminals from 590€.
  2. Social media research from 450€.
  3. Computer forensic investigations from 1.100€.
  4. Deleted WhatsApp recovery from 590€.
  5. IP detection from 750€.
  6. IT security audits from 1.500€.

Technological Research

  1. Electronic countermeasures from 1.500€.
  2. Electronic sweeps from 850€.
  3. Hidden camera installation from 650€.
  4. Counterespionage from 1.500€.
  5. Hidden cameras from 360€.

Other Research

  1. Fingerprint analysis from 850€.
    1. Non-uniformed security services on request
  2. Counter surveillance from 280€.
  3. Genetic Analysis from 750€.
  4. Handwriting appraisals from 550€.
  5. International research from 3.000€.

Get fixed prices and no surprises in your private investigation.

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Trust and Confidentiality

We can assure you that all information that comes into our hands is classified only between the client and the detective, unless the client asks us to testify before a judge or jury in order to win a case or win an argument in which a detective and his verbal information is necessary.

Be that as it may, we can say that you can fully trust that any information we find out about a person, we will never divulge any information and best of all, you have our word because we have the detective client code of ethics.

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Legality at the time of acting

Arga detectives has the prices of private detectives in relation quality-price adjusted. We are a totally legitimate agency and we are working in a completely legal way with no need to get into any kind of trouble, since all the information is 100% legitimate.

When we say that it is 100% under the rule, it means that it is under all the regulations imposed by the Ministry of Interior, so you know that we do not break the law at any time and that we are in fact registered to work as detectives.

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Hiring a detective is an investment

According to our clients and users of our services, we have been able to guarantee good results in most cases, if not all, because we have a very low margin of error and by error, we mean running out of clues or at a crossroads that we cannot solve, what we want is to be the best.

In order to achieve our goal, we aim to carry out our work in the best possible way always focused on what are the clues and information collected so that at no time we lose the direction of the investigation and thus achieve not only meet the objectives but with the quality expected by the client at all times.

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Because we want to be the best in the business of private investigation, our detectives are committed not only to support the client with everything they need, but we want to help because it is rewarding to do so, so we are always committed to doing our job.

If what you want is that a detective helps you in the best way and can perform thanks to their skills and knowledge then you will not find any other agency that resembles ours, with the necessary studies and the essential technologies to obtain what the client needs in a short time, we have no comparison.

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Committed to quality work

Because we want to be the best in the business of investigations and detectives, each of our detectives is committed not only to support the client with everything they need but, as we said before, they want to help because it is rewarding to do so, so we are always committed to doing our job.

Quality is what defines each of the detectives, that is why we care about excellent service and we are always committed to do what is necessary to complete the job.

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We achieved our objectives

Our private detectives are the best of the best because they are not only investigators who study once in their life to be able to do their job, the detective is the specialty that is always has to be learning new ways to get the information you need, and that is why we are at the forefront of technology and knowledge.

Choosing our private detectives at any time will give you not only the information or data you need but will also make it possible for you to get it as fast as possible, because we have ways that no other agency has to obtain information thanks to the fact that our detectives keep polishing their skills at all times.

Why choose to hire us ? Personalized Price private detectives

Unlike other agencies, ours has total security and we guarantee that all our detectives are totally legitimate. Exactly, the person who is watched by an illegal detective can always sue him, it is better to avoid all these supposed detectives who charge too cheaply for a service that can be more expensive.

The services we offer in our agency are unparalleled, that is why hiring us not only gives you security against information theft, confidentiality and the experience you need but you are paying very little for the price of a value added with the skills of many investigations, that is, it is a job whose quality is priceless.

Transparency in prices and rates for private detectives in Spain

Given the number of private detective agencies that exist throughout the country, we can say that for years we have stood out for our excellent professionals and the private detective rates we offer. In Arga Detectives group we have earned the trust of our customers thanks to the prices we offer, being the most economically accessible compared to other agencies in the areas in value for money. Once you contact our detectives, you will be given a free quote based on the service you need, our detectives will assist you for free before starting the investigation.

You should also keep in mind that the costs will vary according to the service you need, but there is no need to worry because they will remain affordable for your pocket, with free advice from our detectives.

For these and many other reasons, we have established ourselves as the best agency in terms of private detective rates, so we recommend you to contact us, as our detectives provide multiple services throughout the country.

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