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Private Detectives for Companies


What is a corporate private detective and how does he/she operate?

Detectives are investigative professionals authorized by the Ministry of the Interior in charge of collecting evidence, which means a support to process a case, or generate a complaint, among other legal actions according to the situation you present.

It is a direct investigation service, in which you can count on a team of specialists, who have the necessary tools and tactical knowledge, to perform various analyses of the situation, generating an information gathering plan, mobilizing totally low profile.

To attack a particular point, such as company investigations. Detectives work under investigation through physical and digital documentations. Tracing possible inconsistencies in the data established within the records in your company or else.

This, with the intention of detecting problems that may jeopardize its assets and the profits it generates. Manipulation or theft of valuable information by competitors can be used against you, in order to misrepresent your position in the market. This generates considerable losses and a decline in the reputation of the company itself.


The intervention of these agents to deal with cases involving information theft, in the hands of “hackers”, or the detection of false documentation such as resumes, submission of medical reports requiring fraudulent sick leave, etc. It represents a considerable support, where you will be able to reestablish normality within your company. Not to mention, the possibility to opt for defense mechanisms to protect all your information. Thus, avoiding the intrusion of spies or cybercriminals, through procedures that include the famous “cyber-surveillance”. electronic scanning. An extensive procedure, where the possible existence of spying equipment such as microphones, cameras, sensors and more is searched for.

Grupo Arga: Experts in Private Investigations for Businesses

Grupo Arga is a leading company in the field of private investigations for companies. We have a team of highly trained detectives specialized in different areas to offer efficient and confidential solutions to our clients. In this article, we will delve into the importance of having experts in private investigations, the specialized investigations we offer for companies, how we unmask corporate fraud, how we protect intellectual and business property, our discreet monitoring and surveillance services, our ability to resolve labor disputes, and the confidential and efficient investigative services we offer. Find out how Grupo Arga can help your company protect itself against any internal or external threat.


The importance of having expert detectives in companies

The importance of having expert detectives lies in the need to guarantee an efficient and reliable private investigation for companies. Expert detectives possess the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct thorough investigations, using specialized techniques and tools that enable them to obtain accurate and relevant information.

In the corporate environment, expert detectives are essential to protect the company’s interests. These professionals are trained to investigate cases of corporate fraud, intellectual property theft, unfair competition and other crimes that may affect the reputation and stability of the company.

In addition, expert detectives can conduct discreet surveillance and monitoring to gather evidence in cases of labor disputes or suspicious situations within the organization. Their experience allows them to act with discretion and confidentiality, avoiding any unnecessary interference or exposure.

Hiring expert detectives is also crucial to effectively resolve labor disputes. These professionals can conduct internal investigations to clarify problematic situations, such as workplace harassment, internal theft or non-compliance with internal regulations. Their findings and reports can be used as solid evidence in legal proceedings or negotiations between the parties involved.

In short, having expert detectives in private investigations for companies provides security and confidence in obtaining accurate and reliable results. Their experience and expertise are essential to protect intellectual and corporate property, resolve labor disputes and unmask corporate fraud.

Specialized research for companies

Specialized research for companies is a crucial service in today’s business world. In an increasingly competitive and complex environment, companies face numerous challenges that require private investigation experts to obtain valuable information and make informed decisions. These investigations focus on specific aspects of the business, such as unfair competition, internal fraud, theft of confidential information or infringement of intellectual property rights. Grupo Arga’s expert detectives are highly trained to carry out these investigations, using advanced techniques and tools to gather solid and verifiable evidence. In addition, they have a deep knowledge of the business and legal environment, which allows them to approach each case in a precise and efficient manner. These investigations not only help protect the company’s interests, but can also prevent future legal or financial problems. By contracting Grupo Arga’s services, companies can be sure that their investigations will be carried out with total confidentiality and professionalism. In summary, specialized investigations for companies are an essential tool to face today’s business challenges and ensure the protection of the company’s assets and reputation.

Unmasking corporate fraud

Unmasking corporate fraud is a crucial task for any company that wants to protect its reputation and finances. In Grupo Arga we have expert detectives in the identification and prevention of this type of fraud. Corporate fraud can be carried out by dishonest employees, suppliers or even customers. Therefore, it is important to have a team of experts who can investigate and uncover the details of the fraud, identify those responsible and gather evidence that can be used in legal proceedings. In addition, our experience allows us to help companies implement preventive measures to avoid future fraud. Among the tools we use are analyzing financial documents, reviewing bank transactions, monitoring electronic communications and interviewing suspicious employees. Our goal is to help companies protect themselves against corporate fraud and ensure their long-term financial success. If a company suspects it is a victim of corporate fraud, it is important to act quickly and rely on private investigation experts such as Grupo Arga to resolve the situation.


Protection of intellectual and business property

The protection of intellectual and business property is a fundamental aspect for the success and continuity of any company. In an increasingly competitive and globalized world, safeguarding an organization’s intangible assets is becoming essential. Grupo Arga has expert detectives in private investigations for companies that offer specialized services in the protection of intellectual and business property.

These experts use various investigative techniques to detect and prevent possible infringements of intellectual property rights, such as plagiarism, unauthorized copying of products or improper disclosure of confidential information. In addition, they perform exhaustive analyses to identify existing vulnerabilities in the company’s protection systems and propose effective solutions.

The protection of intellectual and business property not only involves safeguarding a company’s legal rights, but also preserving its reputation and position in the market. The loss or misuse of intellectual property can have serious economic and legal consequences, as well as affect the confidence of customers and business partners.

In this sense, counting on expert detectives in private investigations for companies such as Grupo Arga guarantees comprehensive and reliable protection. These professionals have extensive experience in the field of corporate investigation and use advanced technology to gather solid evidence to support the necessary legal actions.

In conclusion, the protection of intellectual and business property is essential to ensure the long-term growth and success of a company. The specialized services offered by Grupo Arga allow to identify and prevent possible breaches, providing peace of mind to organizations knowing that their intangible assets are properly protected.


Discreet tracking and surveillance: Expert company detective.

Discreet monitoring and surveillance is one of the most important services offered by Grupo Arga’s private detectives. This technique is used to collect information about a specific person or situation, without being detected. The objective is to obtain accurate evidence and data, to assist companies in their internal investigations or to resolve legal disputes.

Surveillance is carried out with specialized equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Detectives use hidden cameras, microphones and GPS to gather information without being detected. In addition, we carry out follow-ups on foot or in vehicles, always maintaining discretion so as not to arouse suspicion.

This service is especially useful in cases of unfair competition, industrial espionage, labor harassment or situations of risk to corporate security. Detectives can obtain valuable information about illegal or suspicious activities by employees or third parties that may adversely affect the company.

Discreet surveillance can also be used to protect individuals, such as executives or celebrities who may be at risk of harassment or threats. In these cases, detectives can provide additional security and protection by conducting surveillance and identifying potential threats.

In short, discreet monitoring and surveillance is a highly specialized service offered by Grupo Arga. This service is vital to gather accurate and relevant information that can help companies make informed decisions and protect their intellectual and business property. Discretion and professionalism are essential in this type of investigation.

Company Detectives for Labor Dispute Resolution

The resolution of labor disputes is one of the specialized services offered by Grupo Arga in the field of private investigations for companies. Labor conflicts can arise in any organization and their proper management is essential to maintain a harmonious and productive work environment. Grupo Arga’s expert detectives are trained to intervene in conflict situations, whether between employees, between employees and managers, or even between different departments of a company.

Through investigation and analysis techniques, Grupo Arga’s detectives are able to identify the underlying causes of labor conflicts and propose effective solutions. Its objective is to facilitate the peaceful and fair resolution of these conflicts, preventing them from escalating to more serious levels that could damage the company’s image and operation.

In addition, Grupo Arga’s private investigators have mediation and negotiation skills that allow them to act as impartial intermediaries in the conflict resolution process. Thanks to their experience and knowledge of the business environment, they are able to understand the internal dynamics of an organization and propose realistic and effective solutions.

In short, having a team of detectives who are experts in labor dispute resolution can be crucial to prevent internal problems from negatively affecting a company. Grupo Arga offers confidential and efficient services in this field, helping companies to maintain a harmonious and productive work environment.

Confidential and efficient corporate detective investigation services

Confidential and efficient investigation services are essential for companies that need to protect their reputation and assets. At Grupo Arga, we understand the importance of maintaining privacy and discretion in every case presented to us. Our team of highly trained and experienced detectives has a strategic approach to conducting efficient and effective investigations without compromising client confidentiality.

Our confidential and efficient investigative services include corporate fraud investigation, discreet monitoring and surveillance, background checks, missing persons tracing, criminal activity investigation and much more. To ensure that our customers get the best results, we use advanced technology and innovative research techniques.

Furthermore, at Grupo Arga we believe that clear and constant communication with our customers is essential to guarantee their satisfaction. We therefore work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our research services to meet them.


If your company needs confidential and efficient investigation services, Grupo Arga is your best option. We offer a wide range of customized research services tailored to the specific needs of each client. With our strategic approach, advanced technology and highly trained team, we are able to provide accurate and fast results while maintaining the privacy and discretion our clients deserve.

In summary, Grupo Arga stands out as a leading company in private investigations for companies, providing specialized and confidential services. Its team of expert detectives is trained to unmask corporate fraud, protect intellectual and business property, conduct discreet follow-ups and resolve labor disputes. Their efficiency and professionalism make them a reliable option for companies that need answers and solutions to delicate situations. However, as technology advances and new forms of fraud and corporate crime develop, it is important to reflect on how Grupo Arga will continue to adapt and improve its services to meet these evolving challenges. Innovation and constant updating will be key to remain at the forefront in the field of private investigations for companies.


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We promote high-level corporate research

Grupo Arga is a private investigation organization that, throughout its more than 15 years of experience, has been able to consolidate an investigation policy capable of deploying various elements that, ultimately, guarantee the correct obtaining of information.

Providing the best results for our clients is a task deployed by our group of detectives, therefore, through a team with great preparation and experience is deployed in operations where this work is necessary, we perform a useful analysis for it in taking a decision of strategic importance.

The structuring of results in economic research work benefits not only companies, but also the key players in a sector, as well as political decision makers, a subject that will determine a much more agile and dynamic act for those who need it, since it would obtain several benefits through research that it does not obtain through commercial research at the business level.

That is why, from the Arga Group detectives, we have always been responsible for generating an application of these processes based on a standard of obtaining information sufficient for the construction of different cases where it is necessary to know in detail the progress and daily operation of an economic and/or commercial sector.

Our detectives in the economic field are trained to provide the necessary answers and sufficient elements of analysis to decision makers.

In Grupo Arga, our detectives fulfill the commitment, that is why, from the work we do as a private detective agency, we never stop improving and providing a better service. Our detectives are the best!

Why hire a corporate detective?

As mentioned above, the services provided by business detectives can be of great help to a company that is not managing its activities and strategies properly or that requires IT services for its protection. These detectives are in charge of providing multiple services that will guarantee protection and security to a company in its operations, at the same time that it is an accessible investment whose results are noticeable from the first moment.

It is very easy to count on the services of a business detective and you can verify his experience with other clients for greater security. These detectives are responsible for providing more of the benefits mentioned above.

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Safety evaluation

The security company that has probably said that through the detectives is responsible for evaluating its own employees and the proper functioning of the installed equipment. Is it really a good idea for it to continue that way? Do you think they are reporting objectively?

Lack of security is a topic that does not cause benefits, does not increase customer satisfaction rates and is generally not part of the average manager’s training. Therefore, it is sometimes found in the background. It is a problem that is common to think only in the budget calculation and reception, but once contracted, it is extremely beneficial.

Hiring a private detective to assess the security of your business will allow you to have the point of view and experience of a fully trained and independent person.

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When to hire an investigation?

The reality is that no, you do not need to wait for apparent threatening facts to hire the services of a private investigator specialized in the business sector. You may need one simply to achieve the following advise you in these investigations and guide you to prevent threats.

At Grupo Arga Private detectives we have the best experts trained to provide advisory services in the different areas of labor research. We have the ability to guide you to prevent the different levels that may arise in your company.

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The value of the detective's report

The report published by the Arga Group will be taken into account in any application for your company. All the evidence obtained by our detectives will be introduced in this report so that there is no doubt about the fact under investigation.

All of our detective agency’s information applications are completely legal, maintaining legality and results. If you want to configure this problem, look for a professional to guide you.

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Key role in the face of threats

Private detective services for businesses play a role in taking care of critical aspects such as a testing process as well as identifying all the factors surrounding the investigation. The key points of these private detective services are the coordination with the company’s legal team or management to achieve the objectives.

The detective is an advocated resource for the ideal resolution of a labor investigation process. It can only be performed by legally authorized private detectives activated by the Ministry of the Interior.

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How is the research conducted?

The beginning of any investigation is the approach of a client and, sometimes, for your attorney, the need to know or prove any situation that involves a problem or an opportunity. Not only do you need judicial proof, you may need to improve your strategy or competitiveness or simply operational information.

The analysis of the information provided by the client helps us to make our own investigative approach, which usually does not coincide with the client’s because of all we know, legal limitations or limits to obtain certain evidence.

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What are the benefits?

Hiring a private detective office for the investigation is the first step that a company should be able to change the evolution of its activities, thanks to the surveillance of its customers, its suppliers or other companies in which they may work in the future.

May have purified, contrasted and validated information through investigation and performance of certain operations in accordance with those required for private detectives.

The main advantages highlighted within the company is a security system for decision making, which improves its economic strategy and as a significant result with a competitive advantage.

Importance of business services

The business landscape is becoming more competitive, leading many companies to hire the services of private investigators to protect their survival. A specialized agency such as Grupo Arga can be responsible for different types of research, which can be mainly classified into two categories: internal and external.

  • Internal investigation: the main purpose of such cases is to verify or eliminate malpractices of the companies themselves, such as fraud, suspicious medical loss or breach of contract, among others.
  • External research: in this case, the investigation focuses on people outside the company, who may pose a danger. Unfair competition, debts owed to the company, copyrights, use of company patents or trademarks for other companies, etc. All these problems can damage the company in the short or long term, so it is important to keep them under control through specialized professionals. Often, what seems simple to clarify becomes a difficult job that requires special techniques and specific knowledge.

If you suspect irregularities in your business, you are in the right place. We offer commercial research services in the broadest sense of the term. During a no-obligation interview, we will discuss with you the suspicions and facts discussing a series of questions, such as the problems that exist (or suspicions), the purpose of the investigation, legal structures, costs, reporting and, of course, confidentiality.

We are fully aware that we can learn a lot about your business during our research, which is why we like to emphasize our integrity and reliability. We work discreetly and will never share your confidential business information with others. After a first interview, we can provide our action plan. If you agree with the plan, we work!

On our website, you can find a number of specific sections and research situations, but in addition to these forms of fraud, abuse and irregularities, of course, there may be more circumstances. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for an informative conversation. At Arga Group Detectives we try to solve all the questions you have about our agency or methodology. Feel free to contact us and we will help you with the professionalism that characterizes us.

Experience and warranty

One of the greatest gifts of our private detectives specialists in corporate issues, is the experience and knowledge within this plane, as we understand this type of activities, to know everything that is at stake, understand each of the concerns that go through the minds of these customers.

The private investigation deserves a really committed exercise, this is exactly what we do, we try at all times to provide answers as soon as possible, so that no lie can take hold of your company, or affect the productivity of the same, we take care to ensure your peace of mind.

It is not easy to have to face so many circumstances within a company, but we strive in each case to improve, and also to defend this area with a truly professional performance, which characterizes us as your main option, since we treat your concerns as a priority.

We stand out in the private investigation field with a exclusive performance. After each assumed case we look for a practical solution, both in the present and in the future, because these actions serve as a guarantee to leave a precedent against those attempts by your competitors or fraud of your employees, these scenarios end up being a setback for your progress.

Guiding a company to success deserves to be careful in every situation that may happen, because the competition and others involved do not want to achieve a breakthrough, and can attack your privacy to take advantage, you can not remain exposed to this great possibility but respond with our services. Leave everything in Grupo Arga’s hands to show that your company is not alone, you will be able to take that step that will give you peace of mind in your management.

Contact a corporate detective

At Grupo Arga, we have been working for more than 10 years in the field of private investigation. Offering an optimal and high quality service, being recognized by various police and legal entities. We have more than 9,000 cases closed with satisfaction, where the investigation of companies is one of the most requested services by our clients. This is possible thanks to the daily efforts of our corporate detectives to seek justice and protection.

Being pioneers in the advances in investigation, we cover both physical and digital cases; having the support of the best computer experts. They provide real solutions to extensive cases such as the loss of valuable information in the hands of spies or “hackers”, through online channels such as social networks, emails, blogs, among others.

Our mission is to bring to you the evidence that exposes all these situations, which are very common in any company. In order to give him the opportunity to take legal action. At the same time, keep you alert to other possible attacks on your business assets, offering complete advice on security methods and implements.

Running a business is a laborious job that requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail. Occasionally, they can be fleeting; they pose a danger to you and your company’s image. For this reason, you can purchase our The company’s detectives are a brilliant strategy that ensures a real solution to these situations.

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