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Looking for a private detective in Tarragona?

Private Detectives in Tarragona, we do not spy, on the contrary we investigate and follow up in order to have evidence and information for our client, so that it serves to demonstrate or prove certain facts or behaviors. For all this, we issue reports to which we attach evidence obtained, all supported by the law of our country, specifically for the city of Tarragona.

We are a Private Detective Agency in Tarragona, legally authorized with the required licenses in Spain.

We are a Detective Agency, responsible and professional that we seek to provide our services, in order to cover certain facts that are requested by our clients, in terms of investigations.

We carry out different types of investigations always with the purpose of satisfying the client’s needs. We offer our clients the utmost confidentiality and professionalism that characterizes us, and that we extend to national and international levels, through our network of Professional Private Detectives and other agencies that collaborate with our work.

The DETECTIVES IN TARRAGONA, work providing a service to: companies, individuals, financial institutions, franchises, public administrations, mutual and insurance companies, law firms and other legal entities, both nationally and abroad. We have values that characterize us as one of the best DETECTIVES AGENCIES IN TARRAGONA

Grupo Arga: Trustworthy Private Investigators in Tarragona

Grupo Arga is a trusted private investigators agency in Tarragona, specialized in solving a wide range of problems through qualified investigations. Our team of experts offers professional and confidential services for clients in Tarragona and surrounding areas. With competitive prices and rates, we strive to provide effective solutions at a reasonable cost. Whether you need to uncover the truth about infidelity, protect your company against fraud or conduct electronic sweeps to maintain security, Arga Group is here to help. Choosing us means choosing the best private investigators in Tarragona, backed by positive feedback from our satisfied clients.

Qualified Investigations to Solve Your Problems in Tarragona

At Grupo Arga, we offer qualified investigations to solve your problems in Tarragona. Our team of highly trained and experienced private investigators is ready to help you get effective answers and solutions. Whether you are dealing with a case of infidelity, need to investigate suspicious sick leave or require electronic sweeps and computer detectives to maintain the security of your company, we can offer you the support you need.

Our private investigators in Tarragona have extensive experience in the field of investigation, which allows us to approach each case in a professional and efficient manner. We use advanced techniques and specialized tools to gather solid evidence and obtain accurate results.

In addition, we understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and respect for our clients’ privacy. We work discreetly and guarantee absolute confidentiality in every investigation we conduct.

In terms of competitive prices and rates, Grupo Arga strives to offer quality services at fair prices. We understand that each case is unique and may require different resources, so we tailor our rates according to the specific needs of each client.

If you are looking for reliable private investigators in Tarragona, do not hesitate to contact us. At Grupo Arga, we are committed to providing you with effective solutions and satisfactory results. Trust our experience and professionalism to solve your problems with total discretion.

Competitive Prices and Rates for Private Investigators in Tarragona

When hiring the services of a private investigator, one of the most common concerns is the cost involved. At Grupo Arga we understand this concern and that is why we offer competitive prices and rates in Tarragona. We ensure that our customers receive quality service at a fair price and according to their needs.

Our rates are adapted to each particular case, depending on the complexity of the case and the time required to carry it out. In addition, we offer a free initial consultation to evaluate the case and to be able to provide a detailed quote tailored to the client’s needs.

It is important to keep in mind that the costs of hiring a private investigator can vary considerably depending on the experience, specialization and reputation of the professional or company hired. At Grupo Arga, we have a highly trained and experienced team in various areas of research, which allows us to offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality of service.


In addition, our clients can rest assured that there will be no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises at the end of the process. We offer transparency in our rates and we make sure to maintain clear and constant communication with our clients to avoid any misunderstanding.

In short, at Grupo Arga we strive to offer competitive prices and rates without sacrificing quality of service. Our clients can rely on us to deliver effective and reliable results at a fair price and according to their particular needs.

Discover the Truth: Tarragona Infidelity Investigation

When it comes to suspected infidelity in Tarragona, Grupo Arga is the reliable choice for uncovering the truth. Our highly skilled private investigators are trained to conduct thorough and discreet investigations to help you get clear and accurate answers. We understand how difficult it can be to face the possibility of infidelity in a relationship, and we are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need during this emotionally challenging process.

At Grupo Arga, we are committed to using the most advanced techniques and tools in our infidelity investigations. Our expert team will gather solid, verifiable evidence that you can use to make informed decisions about your relationship. Whether you need to confirm your suspicions or rule out any doubts, our investigators will work tirelessly to uncover the truth quickly and efficiently.

We value confidentiality and respect for our clients, so you can be confident that all investigations will be conducted in a discreet and professional manner. We understand the importance of keeping your privacy intact and guarantee that all information collected will be kept strictly confidential.

Don’t let suspicions of infidelity torment you. Trust Arga Group to help you discover the truth and move forward in your life. Our trusted private investigators are ready to provide you with the support you need in Tarragona.

Protege Tu Empresa: Investigation of Workplace Dismissals in Tarragona

The investigation of sick leave in Tarragona is a service offered by Grupo Arga to protect companies from possible fraud. This private investigator agency has a highly qualified and experienced team in detecting employees who simulate sick leave to work elsewhere or perform activities incompatible with their illness. This type of labor fraud can seriously affect a company’s productivity and profitability, so it is important to detect it in time.

Grupo Arga uses various investigative techniques, such as discreet surveillance, taking photographs and videos, as well as interviews with co-workers and supervisors of the employee under investigation. They are also in charge of verifying the authenticity of the medical reports submitted by the worker, ensuring that they comply with the legal and labor regulations in force.

In addition, Grupo Arga’s services are completely confidential and guarantee respect for the privacy of the investigated person. The main objective is to help companies make informed decisions and protect their assets and reputation.

In terms of prices and rates, Grupo Arga offers competitive prices that can be adapted to the specific needs of each case. It is important to note that investing in this type of service can result in great economic savings for the company in the long term.

In summary, sick leave investigation is an essential service to protect companies from potential fraud affecting their productivity and profitability. Grupo Arga offers a professional, confidential and competitively priced service in Tarragona to help companies make informed decisions and maintain their job security.


Maintain Security: Electronic Sweeps and Computer Detectives in Tarragona

In the digital era in which we live, IT security has become a necessity for any company or individual. That is why Grupo Arga offers services of electronic sweeps and computer detectives in Tarragona to ensure the privacy and security of its customers. Electronic sweeps are a technique for detecting and eliminating hidden listening devices, spy microphones, hidden cameras and other surveillance devices that can be used to spy on individuals or companies. Our electronic sweep experts use advanced equipment to detect any unauthorized devices and remove them immediately. On the other hand, our computer detectives are trained to detect and prevent cyber attacks, identify possible information leaks and recover lost data. They can also conduct investigations into the misuse of a company’s computer resources or any illegal activity that may be occurring online. At Grupo Arga, we make sure to keep up to date with the latest technologies and trends in computer security to provide our clients with the best possible service. Privacy and security are paramount in today’s society, which is why we offer these services at competitive prices to help protect our clients from any digital threats.

Why Choose Us: Grupo Arga, the Best Private Investigators in Tarragona, Spain.

Grupo Arga is the best choice when it comes to private investigators in Tarragona. We are a team of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the field of private investigation. We specialize in offering investigation services for companies and individuals, from infidelity investigation to sick leave investigation.

What makes us stand out from other private investigators in Tarragona is our work ethic and our commitment to our clients. We work with transparency and honesty, always maintaining confidentiality and respect for the privacy of our clients. In addition, we ensure that we comply with all legal and ethical requirements that govern our profession.

At Grupo Arga, we also stand out for our advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment. We use the most modern and sophisticated tools to carry out our investigations, which allows us to obtain accurate and reliable results.

Another important aspect that distinguishes us from other private investigators in Tarragona is our personalized approach. Each case is unique and we treat each client individually, adapting our strategies and techniques to the specific needs of each situation.

In short, if you are looking for the best private investigators in Tarragona, look no further than Grupo Arga. Our highly trained team, impeccable work ethic, advanced technology and personalized approach make us the best choice to solve your private investigation problems.

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Positive Opinions from our Clients in Tarragona: Grupo Arga

The positive opinions of our clients in Tarragona are an irrefutable proof of the quality and efficiency of the services offered by Grupo Arga as private investigators. Our customers trust us to solve their problems and we are proud of their satisfaction and support. In the reviews and testimonials of our clients, they highlight our professionalism, discretion and commitment in every case we deal with.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced investigators strives to provide a personalized service tailored to each client’s needs. We value the trust placed in us and work hard to meet our clients’ expectations in every investigation we conduct.

Honesty and transparency are fundamental values for us. Our clients appreciate our sincerity in informing them about the progress of their cases and the results obtained. In addition, they value our ability to maintain confidentiality and protect their privacy throughout the process.

These positive opinions motivate us to continue improving and offering an exceptional service in Tarragona. We are committed to our clients’ total satisfaction and strive to exceed their expectations in every investigation we conduct.


If you are looking for reliable private investigators in Tarragona, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga. Our positive feedback is a reflection of the hard and dedicated work we do to help solve our customers’ problems. Trust us for effective and discreet results.

In conclusion, Grupo Arga is a highly qualified and reliable private investigation company in Tarragona. They offer competitively priced investigation services to solve a variety of problems, from infidelity to labor investigations. In addition, they also offer electronic sweeps and computer detective services to ensure the security of their customers. Grupo Arga stands out for its professionalism and excellence in the field of private investigation, as evidenced by the positive opinions of its satisfied clients. However, it is important to remember that hiring a private investigator should be a carefully considered decision and discussed with an attorney or legal counsel before taking any action. What other ethical considerations should be taken into account when hiring a private investigator?

High-level private investigations in Tarragona

These are things that characterize us as a DETECTIVES AGENCY that is up to any situation, giving each client the assurance that when visiting our offices, they will be satisfied with our work. The DETECTIVES IN TARRAGONA, performs all investigations always complying with the principles and values that characterize us, to provide the best of services, always respecting the right of each of the people we investigate, the right to privacy both personal and family and their own image.

It is already known that the search for a detective agency Tarragona goes beyond specific cases for individuals, since in the same situations companies can be affected.

The search for a debtor may also be a reason for hiring a private agent, as well as other factors. Research that is linked to an economic aspect may be another reason. The location of assets falls within the context that affects both parties.

The Tarragona detective agency is a prompt and bold solution that guarantees to obtain answers in relation to any circumstance that requires its involvement.

Having said that, you should know that in order to carry out a complete investigation, whether personal or commercial, Grupo Arga tries to meet your expectations and will guarantee a direct, healthy relationship, so that the high-level image of our agency is maintained and can meet the requirements of our clients. The human and instrumental resources of private services have become the best alternative since, at least in Grupo Arga, we demand ourselves daily to be able to maintain an image of professional excellence.


Officially licensed detective agency in Tarragona

In ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP, we offer you the best complete solution for all your information needs, we offer you the answers in a truthful and faithful way as required by companies, law firms and other individuals. The PRIVATE DETECTIVE of GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES is a professional specialist in verifying, collecting evidence, investigating and clarifying all the doubts that our clients may have.

In the ARGA DETECTIVES GROUPwe know that hiring a Private Detective in SpainIt should be something immediate and well thought out, because while you decide to visit us in the Detective AgencyIn the meantime, a vital and very important period of time may have passed and the people who are suspects may have already erased certain clues or even perfected certain behaviors. For that reason, our Detective Agency in Tarragona is highly committed to respond to your inquiries and budgets within 24 hours.

In ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP, we know how difficult it can be to find a Private Detective service in Spain, because we always look for the best and that is part of the quality of service we seek.

That is why, in Tarragona, you will find the best detectives that will provide professionalism and seriousness and in ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP, we take care of gathering all those concerns that you may have and find them in one place, as it is in our Detective Agency in Tarragona. At GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES Private Detectives , we take care of obtaining and providing information on evidence, behaviors or facts of a private nature that may be affecting economic, commercial, labor, financial, family, social or personal areas.




















Hire specialized detectives in Tarragona

Nowadays, it is advisable to have certain knowledge about some of the most important detective agency Tarragona as we may be part of a situation where a more exhaustive and accurate means of processing is required, the results of which could even be a key step in legal proceedings, or whatever your purpose of interest may be.

Grupo Arga Detectives is a national agency of excellent image that focuses daily on private investigations derived from different fields and whose internal preparation is based on combinations of values and experience in cases related to each of the numerous situations that may arise.

The detective agency in Tarragona Grupo Arga is made up of agents certified by the Ministry of the Interior, who have been working for a long time and it is gratifying to count with numerous successful cases, being able to stand out in the various fields that concern the work of a private agent.

The performance of our professionals in the detective agency Tarragona has become a resource that is oriented to the construction of scenarios in which particular and commercial situations may be involved. Our research efforts will guide the implementation of innovation-based approaches.


Best detectives in Tarragona


When the need arises, it is a pleasure to be able to count on professionals who can assist in counseling and in the application of various strategies that can offer the obtaining of answers directed towards a solution that favors the requesting client, whether it is a private or commercial client, the detective agency Tarragona has the right one at its disposal.

We can even appreciate that it is better to work as a team, highlighting that we are integrated by professionals with related skills that are intertwined with the investigative efforts such as in the areas of psychology, expertise and of course, there are also scientific police technicians, among other collaborators that make up Grupo Arga.

Undoubtedly, the detective agency Tarragona is the complement of every state of investigation, covering the multiple circumstances in which the hiring of detectives should be considered. Grupo Arga Detectives is the impulse with maximum guarantee to solve any private service problem.

We have a wide range of services available. All those actions are a guarantee of quality service and prestige under the supervision and execution of the best private professionals in the city of Tarragona and throughout Spain. From the simplest to the most complex, mentioning the possibility of being part of a judicial file.

Detectives in Tarragona experts in evidence collection

As mentioned above, there are multiple circumstances where precise execution and therefore the integration of a private agent is necessary. Among the services offered in the agency detectives Tarragona we can highlight some that are the most frequent, with a list of activities related to what the client needs.

Among the particulars we can mention the actions directed to the location of people, being this one used not only for reunions, it is also possible when it is an act of filing a lawsuit and the summons must be directed to someone who may not have any information, such as witnesses, for example.

Another factor in particular that concerns the commercial field is related to digital management, which plays a double face due to its progress, therefore it is necessary to be more vigilant in every aspect where related actions can be used, such as filtering your information by disloyalty or competition, for example.

Therefore, it is a relief for Grupo Arga to be able to act in response to them with the application of innovative and correct instruments in order to be able to provide immediate answers. Forensic investigation and stop and search among many services are our forte and the integration of our agents is paramount.

In addition, it is important to know that in extreme cases, the investigations provided by Grupo Arga are valid when a complement is necessary in a judicial case, being the evidence obtained incorporated in a file as part of concrete and solid evidence. Before the law, they are the only ones empowered to obtain evidence.

Win the bet with our Detectives in Tarragona


We conduct investigations of various types such as suspicions of fraudulent sick leave, child custody, partner infidelity, alimony, behavior of children or relatives, compensatory pension, inheritance, investigations before marriage, insolvencies, urban leases, addictions, feigned insolvencies, gambling, tracing of persons in default, search for missing persons, tracing, search for biological parents, surveillance, pre-employment reports, unfair competition, labor intrusion, digital investigations, legal support, quality control, legal support for law firms, fraud (social security or insurance fraud)

The Private Detectives of GRUPO ARGA DETECTIVES, offer services nationwide, using the best and latest technology and the best and most sophisticated investigation techniques.

We like to work on a personalized and individual basis with each client, so that we can assign a Private Detective with whom the client can identify and be in direct and continuous communication. This professional detective will be the one who will keep the client informed of the investigation, although he will be the one who will give the client certain details, since there are cases in which the results can be very serious and affect the client’s mood.


Therefore, he will be the most suitable and professional person to present the results to his client, always trying to maintain the physical, emotional and personal well-being of his client.

As ARGA DETECTIVES GROUP knows your needs, we are pleased that you can communicate with us 24 hours a day on our telephone lines, so that you can clarify any doubts and be in contact with us. It will be a pleasure to serve you.


Detectives in Tarragona 24 hours


Searching for information is a professional task beyond what you think, it requires professional training and experience to obtain legally valid data in an efficient way, all this you can find when you hire our services in Grupo Arga, this is the opportunity to confront an adverse situation you are living in Tarragona.

Finding answers to a slight or strong suspicion of deception or fraud, is a need that we cover through our professional services, from our private investigation agency we assume the responsibility to provide evidence of different formats, once the respective action plan is established for your case.

In Arga Detectives Group we make a remarkable effort to reveal the truth, for this our private detectives are accredited to materialize the functions of a highly efficient service to personal, family, computer, business, commercial circumstances and more.

Through the specialized support of our private detectives, you have the option to combat different problems in the same professional recruitment, the areas of services we have are a sample of the dedication and passion that we have devoted for years to private investigation, to be a reliable resource when you want to find information.

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All private investigations carried out with Grupo Arga are discreet, you can rest assured that the data will not be disclosed, at the same time the technical resources incorporated to the case are established by outlining the respective plan of action for your cause, this helps you to obtain a plan of action tailored to the difficulty of your case.

The professionalism with which a case is conducted through our professional services, is what allows us to overcome the objectives of the case, we conform forensic means of different specialties to get to determine the truth, so it becomes the ideal service to point out what is happening with irrefutable facts.

The conclusive results that you can obtain through our private investigation agency are verified, so that the deception that is being committed does not continue to affect you, for this we get verified information that opens the way to the possibility of bringing legal action, this happens thanks to the knowledge of our specialists.

Thanks to the experience in the private investigation sector, it is much more feasible to incorporate innovative resolution strategies with a wide scope towards the unveiling of the truth, we apply highly modern technological resources under absolute discretion to find the evidence that confirms or disproves your suspicions.

Invest in a professional resolution such as the one offered by Grupo Arga, we estimate the costs behind the procedures included in the action plan of the case, that way you can choose to cover these fees that allow you to search for the evidentiary elements related to the cause, these elements save you multiple headaches in the same action.

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