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Looking for a private detective in Andalusia?

Our private detectives in Andalusia, develop their activities both in the field of business investigation and personal investigation. In the field of business, labor or industrial investigation, we work for you, preventing costly business problems and providing solutions to the case that is presented to us.

The training and daily experience of our multidisciplinary group of specialists has positioned us today as the most reliable complementary team of professionals that managers need for the best development of their business plans.

In the field of personal investigation, we offer you professional advice, personalized estimate and follow-up of the cases until their complete resolution. Consult us free of charge with the utmost confidence and confidentiality.


Multipurpose detective agency in Andalusia

Our private detective agency in Andalusia is one of the most prestigious agencies of private investigation LEGALLY AUTHORIZED with Official License granted by the Ministry of Interior through the General Directorate of Police and with membership in numerous colleges of Detectives, with special mention to ADA / ADAE association of Detectives of Andalusia and Association of Self-Employed Detectives of Spain,

Our agency is made up of a group of highly qualified professionals, duly authorized and with extensive experience in the sector, such as: private detectives, criminologists, personnel specialized in counter-espionage and high security, information analysts, handwriting experts, graphologists, etc. All of them are at your disposal to assist you, advise you and solve your problems with the utmost confidence and confidentiality.


At a technical level, the training and the material we use are the key and fundamental tool to obtain the information and evidence that you as a client require, which is why we have the necessary technical means, from vehicles to image and sound capture equipment, electronic scanning and countermeasures equipment, etc. State-of-the-art resources and the highest technology available.

Grupo Arga: Private Detectives in Andalucía for your Investigation Needs

Grupo Arga is a private detective agency in Andalusia dedicated to offering effective and professional solutions for your investigative needs. At Grupo Arga, we have a team of highly qualified experts in different areas of investigation, such as infidelities, fraudulent sick leave, computer forensics and much more. Our agency is characterized by offering competitive prices and rates without compromising the quality of our services. In addition, we guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. If you are looking for accurate and reliable results, contact Grupo Arga Andalucía to solve your doubts and start your research.


Competitive Prices and Rates: Get the Best Value for Money Detective Andalucia

At Grupo Arga Andalucía we understand the importance of offering competitive prices and rates to our clients, without sacrificing the quality of our services. We know that each case is unique and requires personalized attention, so we make sure to offer quotes tailored to the specific needs of each client. In addition, our transparency policy allows us to explain in detail the costs involved in each investigation, with no surprises or hidden charges at the end of the process.

Our goal is to offer the best value for money in the market of private detectives in Andalusia, and to achieve this, we have a highly trained team and the latest technology. We work efficiently and quickly to maximize the time invested in each investigation and thus reduce costs for our clients.

We also offer special discounts on complex or long-term cases, and our post-investigation service includes free advice to ensure complete resolution of the case.

In short, at Grupo Arga Andalucía we are committed to offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of our services. We are focused on providing personalized and transparent attention to each client, with the objective of obtaining their total satisfaction. If you are looking for reliable private detectives in Andalusia at a fair price, do not hesitate to contact us.

Infidelity in Andalusia: Discover the Truth with Our Experts

If you suspect infidelity in your relationship in Andalusia, you can count on the investigative experts at Grupo Arga to uncover the truth. Our highly trained and professional team has extensive experience in the field of infidelity investigations, and is committed to providing you with accurate and reliable results. We understand how painful it can be to face the possibility of betrayal, so we are dedicated to handling each case with sensitivity and discretion. Using advanced surveillance and tracking techniques, our private detectives gather solid evidence to confirm or refute your suspicions. Whether you need to obtain evidence to confront your partner or simply want peace of mind, we are here to help. We ensure that all information collected is kept strictly confidential, guaranteeing your privacy. In addition, our team is available to provide you with support and advice throughout the research process. At Grupo Arga we understand the importance of uncovering the truth in situations of infidelity and we are committed to providing you with the resources you need to make informed decisions about your relationship. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need our infidelity investigation services in Andalusia.

Investigation of sick leave in Andalusia: Protect your Company from Fraud

The investigation of sick leave is a fundamental tool to protect companies from possible fraud and abuse by their employees. Grupo Arga, as experts in private investigations in Andalusia, offers effective solutions to detect and prevent this type of situation. Our team of private detectives has extensive experience in conducting thorough investigations, including the collection of solid evidence and proof to support suspicions of employment leave fraud. With competitive rates and excellent value for money, Grupo Arga becomes the perfect ally to protect your company’s interests. Our highly trained professionals use advanced investigative techniques to obtain accurate and truthful information about the employee’s activities during his or her period of leave. In addition, we guarantee total confidentiality throughout the entire process, ensuring that your company’s reputation and the privacy of everyone involved is protected. If you suspect that any of your employees are abusing their sick leave or submitting false medical reports, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga Andalucía. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and begin an investigation that will allow you to make informed decisions to protect your company’s interests.

Computer Experts in Andalusia: Technological Solutions within Your Reach


In the digital era in which we live, having experts in technology has become essential to solve any problem related to the IT field. Grupo Arga, as private detectives in Andalusia, offers a service of highly qualified computer experts that provide technological solutions at your fingertips.

Grupo Arga’s computer forensic experts in Andalucía have extensive experience and expertise in the area of computer forensics. They are prepared to investigate any type of incident related to the misuse of technology, such as electronic fraud, cyber-attacks or theft of confidential information.

In addition, these experts use the latest tools and techniques to carry out their investigations efficiently and accurately. From the analysis of electronic devices to the recovery of deleted data, Grupo Arga’s computer experts provide solid and reliable evidence in the event of legal or business disputes.


The importance of having professional IT experts lies in their ability to detect potential vulnerabilities and offer effective solutions to protect your systems and data. Their experience and expertise allows them to assess the security of your IT systems, detect potential threats and advise you on best practices to prevent future incidents.

In short, Grupo Arga’s computer experts in Andalusia are the answer to your technological needs. With their professionalism and experience, they will provide you with effective solutions to solve any technology-related problem. Trust them to protect your systems and keep your data secure.

Experience and Professionalism: Trust Grupo Arga for your Investigations in Andalusia.


In the field of private investigations, experience and professionalism are two fundamental aspects that guarantee reliable and quality results. In Grupo Arga, we have a team of highly trained private detectives with extensive experience in the field of investigation.

Our experts have carried out numerous successful cases in different areas, such as infidelity investigation, labor fraud detection and computer expertise. Thanks to their vast experience, they know how to approach each case efficiently and effectively, using the most advanced techniques and tools available in the market.

In addition to our extensive experience, Grupo Arga is characterized by our high level of professionalism. We work with total ethics and discretion, always respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Our main objective is to provide a quality service that meets the expectations of those who rely on us for their investigations.

Our reputation is based on the satisfaction of our clients and the positive results obtained over the years. We know how important it is for you to get clear and truthful answers, so we are committed to provide you with a transparent and honest service.

If you are looking for a team of experienced and professional private investigators in Andalusia, do not hesitate to trust Grupo Arga. We will be happy to help you solve your doubts and start your research.


Confidentiality Guaranteed in Andalusia: Your Privacy is Our Priority

At Grupo Arga, confidentiality is one of our main concerns. We know that many people turn to our services to resolve sensitive and personal problems, and we understand the importance of maintaining our clients’ privacy at all times. Therefore, we guarantee that all information provided to us will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Our private detectives in Andalucía are subject to strict ethical and professional standards, and are committed to maintaining the privacy of our clients at all times. All reports and results of our investigations are delivered directly to the client, with no intermediaries or third parties involved.

In addition, we have additional security measures in place to protect our customers’ information. We use advanced technology to store and process data securely, and our facilities are protected by physical and electronic security systems.

At Grupo Arga, we understand that trust is fundamental in our relationship with our customers. That is why we strive to create a work environment based on respect, honesty and transparency. Our customers can rest assured that their privacy is our number one priority.

If you are looking for a private detective service in Andalusia that guarantees absolute confidentiality, do not hesitate to contact Grupo Arga. We will be happy to help you solve your problems with total discretion and professionalism.

Contact Grupo Arga Andalucía: Solve your doubts and start your research.

If you have any doubts about the private investigation services that Grupo Arga offers in Andalusia, do not hesitate to contact them. Their team of experts is at your disposal to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can contact them through their website, email or phone, and you will receive a prompt and professional response.

In addition, if you decide to hire their services, you will be assured of having a highly trained and experienced team in the resolution of complex cases. From infidelities to labor investigations, Grupo Arga has the experience and professionalism necessary to offer you effective solutions.

Grupo Arga values the confidentiality and privacy of its clients, so they guarantee a discreet and reliable treatment at all times. Your personal information and the details of your case will be handled with the utmost care and respect.

Don’t wait any longer to solve your doubts and start your research. Contact Grupo Arga Andalucía today and get the help you need to find answers to your problems.

In short, Grupo Arga is a private detective agency in Andalusia that offers a wide range of investigative services to meet the needs of its clients. With competitive prices and rates, experience and professionalism, and guaranteed confidentiality, Grupo Arga is a reliable option for those who need to solve legal or personal problems. Whether investigating infidelity, employment or technology fraud, or simply getting answers to difficult questions, Grupo Arga’s experts are available to help. However, we must reflect on the use of private detectives in today’s society and their impact on privacy and ethics. Is it ethical to hire someone to spy on someone else? Should we rely on information obtained by a private detective? These are important questions that should be considered before making the decision to hire the services of a private detective agency such as Grupo Arga.


Discreet detectives in Andalucía

Due to the experience accumulated in all our years as a private detective agency, we have been able to offer, with guaranteed professionalism, discretion, efficiency and thoroughness, investigation of labor, economic, commercial, private, surveillance and handwriting and criminology expert reports. Electronic sweeps, technological and computer investigations, and an endless number of solutions, according to the needs of each client. Once you order the job we will ask you for all the documentation and information about the object of the investigation, so that our private detectives can start investigating.

Once the investigation has been initiated, you will be informed of the progress of the investigation as long as the investigation, the circumstances and the case allow us to do so.

Once the investigation is finished, we will proceed to make the report, with full legal validity, we will give you a copy and you will be able to visualize everything we have recorded in our office, or in the privacy of your home. Consult us, your case. We will advise you, guide you and give you an estimate without obligation.

Specialized private detectives

Private detective services in private investigation


Any type of company, from the smallest to the largest, is a juicy target for any type of vandalism or illegal act. Our team of private detectives are highly qualified to solve any issue that intrigues your company. We act in the following areas:

Investigation of sick leave.
Corporate investigations
Solvency Reports
Patent and Trademark Research
Mystery shopping
Hotel Security
Economic reports
Labor detectives
Non-uniformed surveillance
Follow-up to Commercials.
Information Leakage
Internal thefts

More information


Private investigations related to a personal or family environment are much more sensitive and we approach them in a more special way. When dealing with close people, whether family members or a group of friends, this type of situation carries an emotional connotation that must be approached with sensitivity. We conduct investigations for:

Modification of regulatory agreement
Demonstration of coexistence
Paternity Tests.
Control of Minors.
Scam investigation
DNA analysis
Addiction Research
Cults and fanaticism
Doubts about domestic service
Fulfillment of housing orders

More information


Advances in information and technology have offered endless opportunities to this contemporary world, but it has brought with it other types of actions that can be malicious and illegal. Arga Detectives is in charge of solving the following technological problems:

Electronic sweeps.
Analysis of Mobile Phones.
WhatsApp Research
Recovery of deleted messages
Social Network Research.
Computer expertise
Computer audits
Authenticity Certification.
Hacker research
Computer analysis of computers
Spyware detection
Installation of Hidden Cameras.
Forensic Image Analysis.

More information


We offer certain specialized services to solve special situations that require highly qualified private detectives:

Location of Persons.
Old rental lease
Electronic sweeps
Handwriting appraisals
Fraud investigation
Conduct reports
Surveillance and monitoring
Camera installation
Hidden cameras
Non-uniformed surveillance
Cell phone analysis
Mutual and insurance companies
Whatsapp recovery
Urban Leases.
Conduct Reports.

More information


Finding a Detective who specializes in providing evidence to trusted lawyers and who will be effective when facing trial can be a difficult task.

In Grupo Arga Private Detectives, we offer the best service of assistance to lawyers, with a high professional capacity, experts in providing judicial evidence and the best advice in the judicial sector.

More information


Our quality private investigation services reach beyond the Spanish territory, so if you have any problem outside our borders, do not hesitate to count on Arga Detectives, professionals inside and outside Spain. We operate internationally.

No matter what kind of problem or compromising situation you are in, at Arga Detectives we have a group of professional private investigators trained to solve with the utmost confidentiality and discretion any private matter. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer services in most countries, such as USA, Portugal, Andorra, France, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, etc.

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Detectives in Andalusia 24 Hours

There are many circumstances that require the services of a private detective in Andalusia. The management of information allows to maintain adequate control of the personal, family and work environment. When you are upset by circumstances that affect your peace of mind and you do not know all the facts, the best thing to do is to go to someone who can help. The best option to clarify doubts or to obtain evidence of an uncomfortable situation are private detectives. Their investigative capacity and the information they provide are the ideal allies to focus and study the best alternatives. In addition to being professionals who are available 24 hours a day.

Hiring private detectives can be a difficult task if we are not clear about how a private investigation professional works: SPEED, DISCRETION AND CONFIDENTIALITY. Our main strengths. Our professionalism is guaranteed by our discretion, confidentiality, speed and resolution capacity. It is clear to us that if a client comes to our agency, it is because he is in a hurry to solve it, and in this sense, we give 100% of ourselves, so that the result is optimal and in accordance with what the client requests.

EFFECTIVE RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. EDepending on the investigation to be carried out and the information and/or evidence to be obtained, we plan an action protocol that will allow us to achieve the planned objective.


Detective Agency in Andalusia as a solution to your problems

In Andalusia, as well as throughout Spain, there are a large number of private detective agencies. The services offered by each of them depend on their capacity and experience. Therefore. At the moment of requesting their services, it is important that you consider the confidence and experience they have in the market. When the need arises to clarify doubts or situations that merit the services of a private investigator. The most sensible thing to do. It is to seek help from a professional, who can offer advice and strategies that are most effective to achieve a solution that best suits you.


In Arga detectives group, we focus on excellence as a fundamental value towards the generation of stimuli that are able to support all the demands of the client, for this our agents have managed to establish a rigorous process of training and continuous growth issue that ends up generating the greatest possible results around the realization of various elements that are characteristic of a strategic deployment of operations.

The agent of Grupo Arga detectives who prides himself in the exercise of detective work is above all a resource that allows him to update the development of his skills in the short, medium and long term, this leads to the success of field operations, as well as all the elements that are linked to obtaining successful results. In this way, the Arga Group’s detective knows that the greatest guarantee of success lies in its eagerness to keep improving and updating itself in order to establish an optimal service to the customer.

The possibility of improving on a daily basis through our work means the possibility of continuing to be the best in the field of research, this has generated the opportunity to innovate and bet on continuous improvement processes for our customer. From Grupo Arga detectives always bet on the renewal of our logical schemes of operations issue that ends up generating the appropriate weight towards the construction of a case that can establish based on high performance parameters and service to third parties.

The execution of the tasks that Grupo Arga detectives plans to carry out is focused as a high priority resource for the consolidation of Guía detectives Andalucía. The importance of acting in this community represents for our organization a great opportunity to improve our services throughout Spain, since this is a very demanding community in terms of the quality of our services.

The most important thing is that we have established in Grupo Arga Detectives the possibility of acting under various parameters that make possible the optimal management of our processes, a matter that is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers. The detective of our organization will always use different tools to attack the different levels of complexity that arise in a case, which allows him to be a high-value resource capable of providing the necessary answers at the right time. Additionally, the search and concretion of diverse elements of the excellence of our operations has been a characteristic factor of the success and approval of our clients towards our work. At Grupo Arga Detectives, doing a good investigation is not our job, it is our passion!

Qualities of our detectives in Andalucía


The Private Detective, currently in society, has an important role in the field of private investigation. Paper, which has been very well represented by the professionals that make up the Arga Group. Given that his brilliant career in Spain has dignified the profession. Arga Group’s private detectives understand the needs of our clients, in knowing and understanding all the aspects that surround them. That is why when they come to our agency for support and advice, we do not hesitate to provide it. Every service we provide is backed by a first-class professional who provides solutions.

Our experience, capacity and investigation techniques allow us to obtain information, proofs and evidences that favor the clarification of cases. In a clear, objective manner, which is treated with the utmost discretion, to help us in making decisions, whether for legal action or not. In Grupo Arga, we have the largest amount of services offered by a detective agency, in order to provide the most specialized advice you can find in the market. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best options, in one place, in order to promote solutions.


Win the bet with our detectives in Andalusia


The human resources with which Arga Detectives Group is constituted, are the most qualified and experienced professionals in the market. For this reason, we are considered the most prestigious detective agency with the most complete services in Spain. In Andalusia, the number of private detective services has increased in recent times. For this reason, our Arga Group has dedicated itself to strengthening the work and training of the work team. Strengthening research techniques and developing new methods that are increasingly effective.

In addition, we have specialized in each of the areas of field research, in order to give the best every day, in each case.

In addition, we have state-of-the-art technological tools, which have helped us in the resolution of each case. We have achieved a human, technological and organizational resource in favor of our customers. In Grupo Arga you will find the best detective agency, trained with principles, ethics and work mystique. Which is endorsed by all our customers, since we have their trust and support. We offer the highest standards of research and legitimacy, such as:

  • We have the homologation to accreditation of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • All our detectives and experts are university professionals, with accreditations issued by the General Directorate of Police. known as Professional Identification Cards, which is indispensable to practice the profession of private detectives in Spain.
  • All our services have an agreement, which is made by means of a contract, where the conditions of the same are established under mutual agreement. Additionally, we work with a closed budget, which is approved by the client and is respected between the parties.
  • We guarantee our clients that, if necessary, we are qualified by law to ratify any information before the required judicial venue.

For all of the above, we are an agency that works according to the needs of our clients. for this and much more, do not hesitate to contact us, we are available 24 hours a day and all year round.

Best private detectives in Andalusia

The best research service we can offer our clients is the possibility of making available to them the Andalusia Detective Guide. with the objective of making known the different services that our research company deploys with the client in mind. This is possible through the different strategies that make possible the generation of diverse elements of expansion of a solid value proposal in research services.

The structuring of a high level investigation service comes hand in hand with the satisfaction and continuous recognition of the client, this has given us the opportunity to test our market and know the reality that exists around the generation of a set of strategies that we have deployed from Arga Detectives Group.

Through the structuring of specialized services, Grupo Arga detectives has proposed to be a pillar around the execution of different investigation services, this has generated the possibility of being a reference around the execution of diverse strategies that are able to establish the satisfaction of the needs of our clients at the right time.

During 2019, using the testing of our Guide Detectives AndalusiaThe Arga Group conducted an opinion survey in the locality, in order to know the approval of our services, the sample taken was about 2,800 people and telephone polls of our customer database were used for such consultation.


Contact our detectives in Andalusia

Being able to contact an agency that has detectives in Andalusia is important. Our team of private investigators will assist you and inform you in detail about everything you ask them. Think that we have been dedicated to the private investigation sector for more than a decade, and we have private investigator services in Andalusia, and in the rest of the national territory.

If you need to contact Andalucía Detectives, please call us at 913866294 or send us an email to Our first consultation is free of charge and the estimate is without obligation. Learn more about our private detectives.

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